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Tyranny on Display – DC Police Shut Down The Wharf’s Fish Market After Pics of Crowds Go Viral

GatewayPundit - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 19:38

The DC police shut down The Wharf’s Fish Market on Sunday after photos of crowds there went viral.

Washington, D.C., recently issued a very strict shelter-in-place order in response to the Coronavirus panic.

Residents may only leave their homes to go to the grocery store or to seek medical aid.

All non-essential businesses were closed as well.

On Sunday morning, DC police shut down The Wharf’s Fish Market after pictures of a crowds from yesterday went viral online.

Apparently food is no longer essential in DC?


D.C. police shut down The Wharf’s Fish Market after photos of crowds there yesterday went viral.

— Ryan J. Reilly (@ryanjreilly) April 5, 2020

“Incredible abuse of power by DC government,” Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton said.

Incredible abuse of power by DC government.

— Tom Fitton (@TomFitton) April 5, 2020

Other examples of tyranny on display have shocked Americans.

Last week Vermont issued regulations banning big box retailers from in-person selling of “non-essential” items as part of the state’s efforts to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus.

Included in the list are clothing, books, movies, music and seeds and plants for gardens. Customers will be allowed to order restricted items for pick-up. Browsing for them will be prohibited – reported TGP’s Kristinn Taylor.

Had enough yet, America?

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Doug Collins: All Pelosi And Schiff Have Ever Done Is Investigate Trump

RealClear - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 19:28
Rep. Doug Collins said on FNC's "Sunday Morning Futures" with Maria Bartiromo that House Democrats calling for investigations into how President Trump handled the early days of the coronavirus crisis. "Why don't we focus on helping the American people? Do like the president has asked. Let's get the money to where it needs to go. Let's help our health care officials. Let's help our hospitals. Let's help businesses get back to work," he said. MARIA BARTIROMO: Was it too little too late in terms of a stay-in-place order in Georgia, just Friday? REP. DOUG COLLINS: No. Yes, no, I don't think so. I think it was coming. Remember, we had a lot of our local counties, municipalities that had already been taking this lead. And the governor had been watching that. And I think now it just -- it confirms it all over the state. And we are -- Georgians are tough. And we're making headway. And it's still very active in certain areas. But I'm confident our hospitals, our local officials will continue to -- and state officials will keep doing their job. BARTIROMO: So, Congressman, you have been really showing such leadership on your committee, Judiciary, and, of course, have been dealing with a lot of back and forth with your colleagues on the left. Now the speaker, Nancy Pelosi, says she wants to investigate President Trump again. This time, she's going to create a commission to investigate the administration's COVID 19 response. Adam Schiff is proposing a separate 9/11-style commission with subpoena power. They want more subpoena power here on these commissions. Your reaction? Is this what's going on now in terms of your committees? COLLINS: You know, if there was a possibility -- that's why I keep my hair short in Congress, Maria, is not pull it out, because every time we turn around, the speaker, Pelosi, Adam Schiff, all they want to do is take any environment they can and turn it to attack the president. The president is doing a good job. The president is working hard. He's on TV every day. He's talking to the American people every day. He's got his -- Vice President Pence leading the task force, all these leaders leading. And what do we hear from Speaker Pelosi and now Adam Schiff, is that they want to investigate -- to have these commissions or these 9/11 commissions to investigate the president. That's all they have ever done. It's sort of amazing. I heard a quote yesterday from Speaker Pelosi. I think she said about this commission that wherever there's money is, there's mischief. I mean, that's pretty rich coming from basically the speaker who is the pied piper of pork, who tried to put everything into this bill, and was worried about where it's going now. Why don't we focus on helping the American people? Do like the president has asked. Let's get the money to where it needs to go. Let's help our health care officials. Let's help our hospitals. Let's help businesses get back to work. Just like you have been talking about on the show this morning, this is something we have got to get through and then recover from. And just to simply do this out, to attack, and basically say, we're going to follow this president, is just -- it's just randomly of what we have seen in the last year-and-a-half. And it's basically -- and, frankly, it's just painful.

Biden Falsely Claims: 45 Nations Blocked Chinese Nationals From Entering U.S. Before Trump Did

Daily Wire - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 19:27

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden made a series of confusing and contradictory remarks on Sunday during an interview on ABC News about the coronavirus outbreak.

Appearing on ABC News’ “This Week,” Biden attacked President Trump after Biden reversed course last week and said that he agreed with Trump’s travel restrictions on China after initially appearing to suggest that Trump was xenophobic for banning travel from China.

“He indicated that I complimented him on – on dealing with China,” Biden said. “Well, you know, 45 nations had already moved to keep – block China’s personnel from being able to come to the United States before the president moved.”

Biden’s statement is completely false. 45 other nations did not “block China’s personnel from being able to come to the United States before the president moved.”

Joe Biden lives in a alternate reality.

Over 2 months ago, when Trump announced travel restrictions with China, Joe Biden was criticizing Trump for “xenophobia.”

Today, Biden criticized Trump for the speed he enacted the travel ban.

Biden didn't support the ban until April 3.

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) April 5, 2020

Later in the interview, Biden reversed course and claimed that shutting down borders was not an effective way of preventing the spread of the disease.

“You know, these viruses as you know, George, they have no borders, you can’t build a wall, you can’t put up – you can’t have, you know, people at the border trying to stop it, it’s beyond that capacity,” Biden said. “You have to know what’s coming, where it’s coming from, and how to deal with.”

Biden made the remark while adding that Trump should “listen to the experts” and “listen to the Faucis of the world.”

However, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said that Trump’s decision to shut off travel from China “saved us really a lot of hurt.”

Despite Dr. Anthony Fauci’s support for travel restrictions, Joe Biden suggests they don’t work.

Biden tells @realDonaldTrump to listen to Dr. Fauci yet Biden himself doesn’t listen to Dr. Fauci.

— Steve Guest (@SteveGuest) April 5, 2020


STEPHANOPOULOS: And former Vice President Joe Biden joins us right now.

Good morning, Mr. Vice President. Thank you for joining us.

JOE BIDEN: Oh, thank you for having me on your show. I appreciate it.

And I wish you well.


We just heard President Trump there talking about you at his press conference yesterday. But his team also said — he also said this week that he would be open to taking a phone call from you. Has that phone call happened? And, if it does, what’s the most important thing you want to tell him to do right now?

BIDEN: Well, it hasn’t happened. I’m happy to talk to him.

And I would just tell them what we found is important to do when we went through, not as bad, but a similar crisis. And that is to — you have to move swiftly. And we have to move more rapidly. You have to implement the Defense Production Act, empower a supply commander, create a Defense Production Act for banks that get out small business loans, ramp up testing, a whole range of things.

You got to go faster than slower. And we started off awfully slow.

He indicated that I complimented him on — on dealing with China. Well, you know, 45 nations had already moved to keep — block China’s personnel from being able to come to the United States before the president moved.

So, it’s just — it’s about pace. It’s about — it’s about the urgency. And I don’t think there’s been enough of it, urgency.

STEPHANOPOULOS: The president has said many times now he’s worried that the cure is going to be worse than the disease.

Does that — does that concern you at all? And isn’t there a point there that, if this lockdown goes on for too long, the public health concerns could be — could be grave?

BIDEN: Well, the public health concerns can be grave.

And you saw what’s happening in Singapore. They moved very rapidly to bring down the coronavirus down to zero, and then they began to open up. They had very, very tight restrictions in terms of social distancing, et cetera, staying in place.

Now it’s coming back. And so, you know, we have got to — what we need most of all, and it’s not the president’s fault at all, but we need most of all a vaccine. But in the meantime, we have to take all the efforts we can to make sure we prevent the spread, lower that curve as they talk about, and move from there.

And that’s why I think, George, we’re going to need not only the last — CARES Act that the congress passed, which did a great deal, we’re going to need at least two more iterations of that I believe to help the economy.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And what we’ve seen also these new guidelines from the CDC saying that they believe the public now should wear masks in public. President Trump said he doesn’t want to do it. He’s not going to do it, but several other leading politicians are. When you go in public going forward, will you be wearing a mask?

BIDEN: Yes. Look, I think it’s important to follow the science, listen to the experts, do what they tell you. It’s, you know, you may not look — he may not like how he looks in a mask, but the truth of the matter is that follow the science, that’s what they’re telling us.

So, if I go out in public, and I have not gone to commercial places of late. I haven’t gone to my local church, et cetera, there are no services actually, but my generic point is that you should follow the science.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And your campaign videos have been quite tough on the president. You say his failures, his incompetence are going to cost lives. Is that what’s happening now?

BIDEN: Well, look, what I have been saying is that he’s moving too slow. The virus is not his fault, but the response is his responsibility.

Look, there are a few things he can do — he can immediately and fully implement the Defense Production Act, which I and many others called for a long time ago. And he’s just getting underway with it. There’s still no Defense supply act — Production Act for gloves, masks, all the things first responders need.

We should create a bank Defense Production Act. We have got to get those small business loans out. You saw what American Express did — I mean, excuse me, Bank of America did. They came out and said unless you already have loans with us, unless you already have worked with us, unless you have a credit card with us we’re not going to — even though they’re government-guaranteed loans, we’re not going to process those loans.

We have got to save jobs. We’ve got to save people’s businesses. And they have to exponentially ramp up testing. We have been talking about 4 million tests are going to be available. Look where is all this — where is it? What’s being done?

You’ve got to open up enrollment for Obamacare. A lot of people don’t have insurance. This president is trying to take away Obamacare across the board, which will leave people naked to this problem that we’re facing. And we have to finally get some data how this Coronavirus is really hurting African-Americans and minority communities.

These are things that should be done now, but you need a supply commander in charge of it all. And right out of the White House, right out — in direct response to the president so we know where to get what we have to get and get it quickly.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Back in 2014, President Obama’s Department of Homeland Security warned that a devastating pandemic was the highest homeland security risk from a natural cause. Should your administration have done more to prepare?

BIDEN: Well, we did a lot to prepare. As you know, George, we set up an office within — a pandemic office within the White House. We expanded CDC in other countries, so we could be, in fact, observe, see when things were coming, how things were moving. We put people in China. I mean, we did a whole lot of things and they got a very detailed breakdown on this by a briefing, the Trump administration, when we transitioned out of office.

But the president dismantled almost all of that. And he drastically cut the budgets for the CDC. He drastically cut the budget for the — anyway, so he didn’t follow through on any of what we suggested was a real problem.

Now, it’s going to continue to be a problem. We’ve got to learn lessons from this. We can do much better than being done now. And we can eventually get to the place where we can — you know, these viruses as you know, George, they have no borders, you can’t build a wall, you can’t put up — you can’t have, you know, people at the border trying to stop it, it’s beyond that capacity. You have to know what’s coming, where it’s coming from and how to deal with.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Let’s deal with the situation with Captain Brett Crozier from the USS Theodore Roosevelt. As you know, he was fired earlier this week. The president said yesterday he 100 percent supports that decision. Your response?

BIDEN: I think it’s — I think it’s close to criminal the way they’re dealing with this guy. Not his conduct. The idea that this man stood up and said what had to be said, got it out that his troops, his — his Navy personnel were in danger — in danger.

Look at how many have the virus. I think the guy should be — he should be — have a commendation whether than be fired.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Finally, sir, let — I want to turn to some politics before we go.

As you know, Wisconsin now having its primary on Tuesday, your opponent Sanders said that should be put off and the governor now joining that chorus as well. But it looks like it’s going to happen.

Is that wise?

BIDEN: Well, look, I think they should follow the science, I — and, you know, what I’ve been hearing, I have been following it like you have, like everybody has, watching the court action, it’s still in court now. And — but I think whatever — whatever the science says is what we should do.

STEPHANOPOULOS: And does that hold for the convention as well? If — are you open to the idea that — it just may not be possible to do the convention in August?

BIDEN: Well, we’re going to have to do a convention, may have to do a virtual convention. I know — I think we should be thinking about that right now. The idea of holding a convention is going to be necessary, but we may not be able to put 10,000, 20,000, 30,000 people in one place and that’s very possible. Again, let’s see where it is.

What we do between now and then is going to dictate a lot of that as well. But my point is that I think you just got to follow the science. Listen to the experts. Listen to the Faucis of the world. And if that’s the case, it’s the case.

But we cannot let this — we’ve never allowed any crisis from a Civil War straight through to a pandemic in ‘17, all the way around, in ’16, we have never, never let our democracy take second fiddle, we can both have a democracy and elections and at the same time protect the public health.

But I think it’s time we start thinking about how we’re going to hold elections, whether we’re going to have to spend a lot of time figuring whether we do — is it going to mostly be by mail, which is not the preferred route for everyone — how are we going to do that? How are we going to make it available to everybody?

And I think that has to be —


STEPHANOPOULOS: I know you talked to Bernie —

BIDEN: — smart people thinking about now.

STEPHANOPOULOS: I know you talked to Bernie Sanders about your vice presidential pick, and tell us a little bit about how that’s going. Is he ready to unify behind your candidacy? And has he given you any recommendations?

BIDEN: Well, look, what I’ve said about the vice presidency, I said — I was apologizing because it was a bit presumptuous for me to be setting up a committee to go through the process of — and you’ve been through it before in your other life, of deciding, doing the background checks on potential nominees. And, I was apologizing to him by saying, Bernie, I don’t want to in any way and not in any way to demean your effort, but if we don’t start now, we’re not going to be able to get there. And he was very gracious, he said he understood.

It wasn’t about asking him for recommendations of who he or I would pick were we the nominee for vice president. It was about saying to him, Bernie, I feel somewhat foolish since although it’s likely — I’m the overwhelming likelihood to get the nomination that, in fact, it’s not officially done yet and I’m moving forward with a committee for vice presidential selection and to be able to set up a circumstance where the background checks can be done. As you know, they take a lot of time, and if we don’t start now or shortly in the month of April, it’s going to be hard to get it done.

So, I was basically apologizing and making it clear that I wasn’t trying to be presumptuous, in any way push him. And he said he appreciated that. That was the extent of our discussion about the vice presidency.

STEPHANOPOULOS: Mr. Vice President, thanks for your time this morning.

BIDEN: Thank you. Thank you, George. Good luck to you, man.

Jesse Watters: Not Long Ago, Democrats Were Calling China Travel Ban "Racist"

RealClear - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 19:18
FOX News host Jesse Waters pushed back against the narrative that President Trump and his favorite news network downplayed the severity of the coronavirus outbreak in its early days. Watters noted that the president mentioned it in his State of the Union address in February; "the address that [Nancy Pelosi] ripped up." "Not too long ago, Cuomo was saying go eat out in New York City. [Bill] de Blasio had all of the schools open. Nancy Pelosi said bring your friends to Chinatown and go to the bars. Joe Biden said the travel ban was racist" Watters said.

Gov. Cuomo: New York Coronavirus Deaths Drop For First Time

Daily Wire - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 19:13

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Sunday that deaths from the coronavirus have dropped for the first time in New York, but said the state’s health care system is still under extraordinary pressure.

The state had 594 deaths over the last 24 hours, down from 630 in the previous 24-hour period. But Cuomo warned the drop could just be a “blip.” A total of 4,159 New Yorkers have now died of SARS-CoV-2  out of 122,031 confirmed cases, said Cuomo, who said “the coronavirus is truly vicious and effective.”

“It’s an effective killer,” he said.

Still, the governor suggested that New York might be hitting the virus’s peak, which could mean a leveling off.

“The apex could be a plateau and we could be on that plateau now,” he said, adding the trajectory would become more clear in the coming days.

In another bit of good news, the number of new hospitalizations dropped by nearly half on Sunday to a level not seen in more than a week. A total of 574 new hospitalizations were reported Sunday, compared to 1,095 on Saturday. The Sunday number was just more than a third of admissions for the virus from Friday, when 1,427 were hospitalized.

The last time fewer than 600 people were hospitalized was March 22.

“That’s partially a function of more people being discharged,” Cuomo said. “And that’s great news.” Cuomo said 74% of those hospitalized have been discharged.

The governor also said hospitals need to come together and work as a single network, establishing a “rolling deployment” of medical resources around the country.

“This is war time,” he says. “This is a war.”

At his daily briefing, Cuomo also said it’s time for “the family of New York to come together.”

“We talk about the family of New York, right?” the governor said. “I must have said that one million times: family of New York. What does family of New York mean? Mutuality, cooperation, sharing benefits and burdens. This is the time the family needs to come together, not just out of spirit and love, but out of necessity. You cannot handle this without your brothers and sisters. You can’t.”

Cuomo also announced the federal government “is deploying approximately 1,000 personnel to New York State, including doctors, nurses, respiratory technicians and therapists, to help the state’s overwhelmed hospital systems. The first 325 personnel will be deployed to the New York City hospital system today,” his office said in a statement.

And the governor was asked about President Trump’s hope that the NFL could open on time in September.

“I would love to see sports back,” Cuomo said. “It would help with cabin fever. But this is not about hopes and dreams and aspirations and what you would like to see. None of us like being here. Follow the data, follow the science. Let the doctors and health-care professionals tell you when it’s safe to reopen and that’s when you reopen.”

Cuomo said in order for sports to return, officials should “Follow the data. Follow the science. Let the … health-care professionals tell you when it’s safe to re-open, and that’s when you re-open.”

Co-Conspirator Michael Atkinson should have been fired long ago

Geller Report - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 19:00

“Michael Atkinson is a key anti-Trump conspirator who played a central role in transforming the ‘whistleblower’ complaint into the current impeachment proceedings.” His testimony was behind closed doors and Adam Schiff refuses to release this testimony to the public.

"That man is a total disgrace to IGs," Trump says, adding he had absolute right to fire intel community Inspector General Michael Atkinson, the one who told Congress about whistleblower complaint that led to the president's impeachment.

"Somebody ought to sue his ass off."

— Jennifer Jacobs (@JenniferJJacobs) April 4, 2020

Paul Sperry meticulously documents the whole thing here.

Justice Department never agreed with Atkinson's view that Trump-Zelensky call fell 'within the responsibility and authority' of Director of National Intelligence. It did not, of course, but Hill Democrats' insistence that it did was key to impeachment going forward.

— Byron York (@ByronYork) April 4, 2020

"Michael Atkinson is a key anti-Trump conspirator who played a central role in transforming the ‘whistleblower' complaint into the current impeachment proceedings.”

— Paul Sperry (@paulsperry_) April 4, 2020

 Eric Ciaramella, right. He and a colleague, Sean Misko, below — both now central to impeachment — were Obama administration holdovers (

Whistleblower Was Overheard in ’17 Discussing With Ally How to Remove Trump

By: Paul Sperry, Real Clear Investigations, January 20, 2020:

Barely two weeks after Donald Trump took office, Eric Ciaramella – the CIA analyst whose name was recently linked in a tweet by the president and mentioned by lawmakers as the anonymous “whistleblower” who touched off Trump’s impeachment – was overheard in the White House discussing with another staffer how to remove the newly elected president from office, according to former colleagues.

Sean Misko: He spoke with Ciaramella about the need to “take out,” or remove, President Trump. Later he went to work for Rep. Adam Schiff’s committee.

Remember Schiff and Atkinson’s staff are the ONLY people who met with the anonymous Whistleblower.

The Whistlblower:

– Who had no firsthand knowledge
– Was biased against the President
– Worked for Joe Biden

— Rep. Jim Jordan (@Jim_Jordan) April 4, 2020

Sources told RealClearInvestigations the staffer with whom Ciaramella was speaking was Sean Misko. Both were Obama administration holdovers working in the Trump White House on foreign policy and national security issues. And both expressed anger over Trump’s new “America First” foreign policy, a sea change from President Obama’s approach to international affairs.

“Just days after he was sworn in they were already talking about trying to get rid of him,” said a White House colleague who overheard their conversation.

“They weren’t just bent on subverting his agenda,” the former official added. “They were plotting to actually have him removed from office.”

Misko left the White House last summer to join House impeachment manager Adam Schiff’s committee, where sources say he offered “guidance” to the whistleblower, who has been officially identified only as an intelligence officer in a complaint against Trump filed under whistleblower laws. Misko then helped run the impeachment inquiry based on that complaint as a top investigator for congressional Democrats.

The probe culminated in Trump’s impeachment last month on a party-line vote in the House of Representatives. Schiff and other House Democrats last week delivered the articles of impeachment to the Senate, and are now pressing the case for his removal during the trial, which began Tuesday.

The coordination between the official believed to be the whistleblower and a key Democratic staffer, details of which are disclosed here for the first time, undercuts the narrative that impeachment developed spontaneously out of what Trump’s Democratic antagonists call the “patriotism” of an “apolitical civil servant.”

Two former co-workers said they overheard Ciaramella and Misko, close friends and Democrats, discussing how to “take out,” or remove, the new president from office within days of Trump’s inauguration. These co-workers said the president’s controversial Ukraine phone call in July 2019 provided the pretext they and their Democratic allies had been looking for.

“They didn’t like his policies,” another former White House official said. “They had a political vendetta against him from Day One.”

Impeachment manager Adam Schiff speaks during the impeachment trial of President Trump in the Senate on Tuesday.

Their efforts were part of a larger pattern of coordination to build a case for impeachment, involving Democratic leaders as well as anti-Trump figures both inside and outside of government.

All unnamed sources for this article spoke only on condition that they not be further identified or described. Although strong evidence points to Ciaramella as the government employee who lodged the whistleblower complaint, he has not been officially identified as such. As a result, this article makes a distinction between public information released about the unnamed whistleblower/CIA analyst and specific information about Ciaramella.

Democrats based their impeachment case on the whistleblower complaint, which alleges that President Trump sought to help his re-election campaign by demanding that Ukraine’s leader investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter in exchange for military aid. Yet Schiff, who heads the House Intelligence Committee, and other Democrats have insisted on keeping the identity of the whistleblower secret, citing concern for his safety, while arguing that his testimony no longer matters because other witnesses and documents have “corroborated” what he alleged in his complaint about the Ukraine call.

Hunter and Joe Biden: Subjects of the Ukraine phone call at the center of Trump’s impeachment.

Republicans have fought unsuccessfully to call him as a witness, arguing that his motivations and associations are relevant – and that the president has the same due-process right to confront his accuser as any other American.

The whistleblower’s candor is also being called into question.  It turns out that the CIA operative failed to report his contacts with Schiff’s office to the intelligence community’s inspector general who fielded his whistleblower complaint. He withheld the information both in interviews with the inspector general, Michael Atkinson, and in writing, according to impeachment committee investigators. The whistleblower form he filled out required him to disclose whether he had “contacted other entities” — including “members of Congress.” But he left that section blank on the disclosure form he signed.

The investigators say that details about how the whistleblower consulted with Schiff’s staff and perhaps misled Atkinson about those interactions are contained in the transcript of a closed-door briefing Atkinson gave to the House Intelligence Committee last October. However, Schiff has sealed the transcript from public view. It is the only impeachment witness transcript out of 18 that he has not released.

Schiff has classified the document “Secret,” preventing Republicans who attended the Atkinson briefing from quoting from it. Even impeachment investigators cannot view it outside a highly secured room, known as a “SCIF,” in the basement of the Capitol. Members must first get permission from Schiff, and they are forbidden from bringing phones into the SCIF or from taking notes from the document.

Sen. Rand Paul: Among the few lawmakers who have publicly demanded that Ciaramella testify regarding the whistleblower’s complaint.

While the identity of the whistleblower remains unconfirmed, at least officially, Trump recently retweeted a message naming Ciaramella, while Republican Sen. Rand Paul and Rep. Louie Gohmert of the House Judiciary Committee have publicly demanded that Ciaramella testify about his role in the whistleblower complaint.

During last year’s closed-door House depositions of impeachment witnesses, Ciaramella’s name was invoked in heated discussions about the whistleblower, as RealClearInvestigations first reported Oct. 30, and has appeared in at least one testimony transcript. Congressional Republicans complain Schiff and his staff counsel have redacted his name from other documents.

Lawyers representing the whistleblower have neither confirmed nor denied that Ciaramella is their client. In November, after Donald Trump Jr. named Ciaramella and cited RCI’s story in a series of tweets, however, they sent a “cease and desist” letter to the White House demanding Trump and his “surrogates” stop “attacking” him. And just as the whistleblower complaint was made public in September, Ciaramella’s social media postings and profiles were scrubbed from the Internet.

Take Out’ the President

Ciaramella in early 2017 expressed hostility toward the newly elected president during White House meetings, his co-workers said in interviews with RealClearInvestigations. They added that Ciaramella sought to have Trump removed from office long before the filing of the whistleblower complaint.

Michael Flynn: Ciaramella and Misko were alarmed by Trump’s “America First” foreign policy, outlined by the president’s first national security adviser.

At the time, the CIA operative worked on loan to the White House as a top Ukrainian analyst in the National Security Council, where he had previously served as an adviser on Ukraine to Vice President Biden. The whistleblower complaint cites Biden, alleging that Trump demanded Ukraine’s newly elected leader investigate him and his son “to help the president’s 2020 reelection bid.”

Two NSC co-workers told RCI that they overheard Ciaramella and Misko – who was also working at the NSC as an analyst – making anti-Trump remarks to each other while attending a staff-wide NSC meeting called by then-National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, where they sat together in the south auditorium of the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, part of the White House complex.

The “all hands” meeting, held about two weeks into the new administration, was attended by hundreds of NSC employees.

“They were popping off about how they were going to remove Trump from office. No joke,” said one ex-colleague, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss sensitive matters.

A military staffer detailed to the NSC, who was seated directly in front of Ciaramella and Misko during the meeting, confirmed hearing them talk about toppling Trump during their private conversation, which the source said lasted about one minute. The crowd was preparing to get up to leave the room at the time.

“After Flynn briefed [the staff] about what ‘America First’ foreign policy means, Ciaramella turned to Misko and commented, ‘We need to take him out,’ ” the staffer recalled. “And Misko replied, ‘Yeah, we need to do everything we can to take out the president.’ “

Added the military detailee, who spoke on condition of anonymity: “By ‘taking him out,’ they meant removing him from office by any means necessary. They were triggered by Trump’s and Flynn’s vision for the world. This was the first ‘all hands’ [staff meeting] where they got to see Trump’s national security team, and they were huffing and puffing throughout the briefing any time Flynn said something they didn’t like about ‘America First.’ ”

He said he also overheard Ciaramella telling Misko, referring to Trump, “We can’t let him enact this foreign policy.”

Alarmed by their conversation, the military staffer immediately reported what he heard to his superiors.

“It was so shocking that they were so blatant and outspoken about their opinion,” he recalled. “They weren’t shouting it, but they didn’t seem to feel the need to hide it.”

The co-workers didn’t think much more about the incident.

“We just thought they were wacky,” the first source said. “Little did we know.”

Neither Ciaramella nor Misko could be reached for comment.

Alexander Vindman: The National Security Council aide leaked to Ciaramella details of the July 25 Trump-Ukraine phone call. Like Ciaramella, Vindman expressed disdain for Trump, co-workers said.

A CIA alumnus, Misko had previously assisted Biden’s top national security aide Jake Sullivan. Former NSC staffers said Misko was Ciaramella’s closest and most trusted ally in the Trump White House.

“Eric and Sean were very tight and spent nearly two years together at the NSC,” said a former supervisor who requested anonymity. “Both of them were paranoid about Trump.”

“They were thick as thieves,” added the first NSC source. “They sat next to each other and complained about Trump all the time. They were buddies. They weren’t just colleagues. They were buddies outside the White House.”

The February 2017 incident wasn’t the only time the pair exhibited open hostility toward the president. During the following months, both were accused internally of leaking negative information about Trump to the media.

But Trump’s controversial call to the new president of Ukraine this past summer — in which he asked the foreign leader for help with domestic investigations involving the Obama administration, including Biden — gave them the opening they were looking for.

A mutual ally in the National Security Council who was one of the White House officials authorized to listen in on Trump’s July 25 conversation with Ukraine’s president leaked it to Ciaramella the next day — July 26 —  according to former NSC co-workers and congressional sources. The friend, Ukraine-born Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, held Ciaramella’s old position at the NSC as director for Ukraine. Although Ciaramella had left the White House to return to the CIA in mid-2017, the two officials continued to collaborate through interagency meetings.

Vindman leaked what he’d heard to Ciaramella by phone that afternoon, the sources said. In their conversation, which lasted a few minutes, he described Trump’s call as “crazy,” and speculated he had “committed a criminal act.” Neither reviewed the transcript of the call before the White House released it months later.

NSC co-workers said that Vindman, like Ciaramella, openly expressed his disdain for Trump, whose foreign policy was often at odds with the recommendations of “the interagency” — a network of agency working groups comprised of intelligence bureaucrats, experts and diplomats who regularly meet to craft and coordinate policy positions inside the federal government.

Before he was detailed to the White House, Vindman served in the U.S. Army, where he once received a reprimand from a superior officer for badmouthing and ridiculing America in front of Russian soldiers his unit was training with during a joint 2012 exercise in Germany.

His commanding officer, Army Lt. Col. Jim Hickman, complained that Vindman, then a major, “was apologetic of American culture, laughed about Americans not being educated or worldly and really talked up Obama and globalism to the point of [it being] uncomfortable.”

“Vindman was a partisan Democrat at least as far back as 2012,” Hickman, now retired, asserted. “Do not let the uniform fool you. He is a political activist in uniform.”

Attempts to reach Vindman through his lawyer were unsuccessful.

Fred Fleitz: Former chief of staff to John Bolton says it was obvious the whistleblower was coached in writing his complaint.

July 26 was also the day that Schiff hired Misko to head up the investigation of Trump, congressional employment records show. Misko, in turn, secretly huddled with the whistleblower prior to filing his Aug. 12 complaint, according to multiple congressional sources, and shared what he told him with Schiff, who initially denied the contacts before press accounts revealed them.

Schiff’s office has also denied helping the whistleblower prepare his complaint, while rejecting a Republican subpoena for documents relating to it. But Capitol Hill veterans and federal whistleblower experts are suspicious of that account.

Fred Fleitz, who fielded a number of whistleblower complaints from the intelligence community as a former senior House Intelligence Committee staff member, said it was obvious that the CIA analyst had received coaching in writing the nine-page whistleblower report.

“From my experience, such an extremely polished whistleblowing complaint is unheard of,” Fleitz, also a former CIA analyst, said. “He appears to have collaborated in drafting his complaint with partisan House Intelligence Committee members and staff.”

Fleitz, who recently served as chief of staff to former National Security Adviser John Bolton, said the complaint appears to have been tailored to buttress an impeachment charge of soliciting the “interference” of a foreign government in the election.

And the whistleblower’s unsupported allegation became the foundation for Democrats’ first article of impeachment against the president. It even adopts the language used by the CIA analyst in his complaint, which Fleitz said reads more like “a political document.”

Outside Help

After providing the outlines of his complaint to Schiff’s staff, the CIA analyst was referred to whistleblower attorney Andrew Bakaj by a mutual friend “who is an attorney and expert in national security law,” according to the Washington Post, which did not identify the go-between.

Andrew Bakaj: Whistleblower lawyer worked with Ciaramella at the CIA.

A former CIA officer, Bakaj had worked with Ciaramella at the spy agency. They have even more in common: like the 33-year-old Ciaramella, the 37-year-old Bakaj is a Connecticut native who has spent time in Ukraine. He’s also contributed money to Biden’s presidential campaign and once worked for former Sen. Hillary Clinton. He’s also briefed the intelligence panel Schiff chairs.

Bakaj brought in another whistleblower lawyer, Mark Zaid, to help on the case. A Democratic donor and a politically active anti-Trump  advocate, Zaid was willing to help represent the CIA analyst. On Jan. 30, 2017, around the same time former colleagues say they overheard Ciaramella and Misko conspiring to take Trump out, Zaid tweeted that a “coup has started” and that “impeachment will follow ultimately.”

Neither Bakaj nor Zaid responded to requests for an interview.

Mark Zaid: This whistleblower lawyer tweeted that a “coup has started” around the same time former colleagues say they overheard Ciaramella and Misko conspiring to remove Trump.

It’s not clear who the mutual friend and national security attorney was whom the analyst turned to for additional help after meeting with Schiff’s staff. But people familiar with the matter say that former Justice Department national security lawyer David Laufman involved himself early on in the whistleblower case.

Also a former CIA officer, Laufman was promoted by the Obama administration to run counterintelligence cases, including the high-profile investigations of Clinton’s classified emails and the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia. Laufman sat in on Clinton’s July 2016 FBI interview. He also signed off on the wiretapping of a Trump campaign adviser, which the Department of Justice inspector general determined was conducted under false pretenses involving doctored emails, suppression of exculpatory evidence, and other malfeasance. Laufman’s office was implicated in the inspector general’s report detailing the surveillance misconduct.

Laufman could not be reached for comment.

Laufman and Zaid are old friends who have worked together on legal matters in the past. “I would not hesitate to join forces with him on complicated cases,” Zaid said of Laufman in a recommendation posted on his LinkedIn page.

David Laufman: Fellow lawyer defended Mark Zaid on Twitter against attacks by President Trump.

Laufman recently defended Zaid on Twitter after Trump blasted Zaid for advocating a “coup” against him. “These attacks on Mark Zaid’s patriotism are baseless, irresponsible and dangerous,” Laufman tweeted. “Mark is an ardent advocate for his clients.”

After the CIA analyst was coached on how to file a complaint under Intelligence Community whistleblower protections, he was steered to another Obama holdover — former Justice Department attorney-turned-inspector general Michael Atkinson, who facilitated the processing of his complaint, despite numerous red flags raised by career Justice Department lawyers who reviewed it.

The department’s Office of Legal Counsel ruled that the complaint involved “foreign diplomacy,” not intelligence, contained “hearsay” evidence based on “secondhand” information, and did not meet the definition of an “urgent concern” that needed to be reported to Congress. Still, Atkinson worked closely with Schiff to pressure the White House to make the complaint public.

Fleitz said cloaking the CIA analyst in the whistleblower statute provided him cover from public scrutiny. By making him anonymous, he was able to hide his background and motives. Filing the complaint with the IC inspector general, moreover, gave him added protections against reprisals, while letting him disclose classified information. If he had filed directly with Congress, it could not have made the complaint public due to concerns about disclosing classified information. But a complaint referred by the IG to Congress gave it more latitude over what it could make public.

Omitted Contacts With Schiff

The whistleblower complaint was publicly released Sept. 26 after a barrage of letters and a subpoena from Schiff, along with a flood of leaks to the media.

Michael Atkinson: Was the intelligence community inspector general misled by the whistleblower? And was Atkinson “evasive” to congressional investigators?

However, the whistleblower did not disclose to Atkinson that he had briefed Schiff’s office about his complaint before filing it with the inspector general. He was required on forms to list any other agencies he had contacted, including Congress. But he omitted those contacts and other material facts from his disclosure. He also appears to have misled Atkinson on Aug. 12, when on a separate form he stated: “I reserve the option to exercise my legal right to contact the committees directly,” when he had already contacted Schiff’s committee weeks prior to making the statement.

“The whistleblower made statements to the inspector general under the penalty of perjury that were not true or correct,” said Rep. John Ratcliffe, a Republican member of the House Intelligence Committee.

Ratcliffe said Atkinson appeared unconcerned after the New York Times revealed in early October that Schiff’s office had privately consulted with the CIA analyst before he filed his complaint, contradicting Schiff’s initial denials. Ratcliffe told RealClearInvestigations that in closed door testimony on Oct. 4, “I asked IG Atkinson about his ‘investigation’ into the contacts between Schiff’s staff and the person who later became the whistleblower.”  But he said Atkinson claimed that he had not investigated them because he had only just learned about them in the media.

On Oct. 8, after more media reports revealed the whistleblower and Schiff’s staff had concealed their contacts with each other, the whistleblower called Atkinson’s office to try to explain why he made false statements in writing and verbally, transgressions that could be punishable with a fine of up to $10,000, imprisonment for up five years, or both, according to the federal form he signed under penalty of perjury.

In his clarification to the inspector general, the whistleblower acknowledged for the first time reaching out to Schiff’s staff before filing the complaint, according to an investigative report filed later that month by Atkinson.

“The whistleblower got caught,” Ratcliffe said. “The whistleblower made false statements. The whistleblower got caught with Chairman Schiff.”

He says the truth about what happened is documented on pages 53-73 of the transcript of Atkinson’s eight-hour testimony. Except that Schiff refuses to release it.

“The transcript is classified ‘Secret’ so Schiff can prevent you from seeing the answers to my questions,” Ratcliffe told RCI.

Atkinson replaced Charles McCullough as the intelligence community’s IG. McCullough is now a partner in the same law firm for which Bakaj and Zaid work. McCullough formerly reported directly to Obama’s National Intelligence Director, James Clapper, one of Trump’s biggest critics in the intelligence community and a regular agitator for his impeachment on CNN.

Hidden Political Agenda?

Atkinson also repeatedly refused to answer Senate Intelligence Committee questions about the political bias of the whistleblower. Republican members of the panel called his Sept. 26 testimony “evasive.” Senate investigators say they are seeking all records generated from Atkinson’s “preliminary review” of the whistleblower’s complaint, including evidence and “indicia” of the whistleblower’s “political bias” in favor of Biden.

Mary McCord: The Justice Department official worked with inspector general Atkinson during the Trump-Russia probe and now works with Democrats on the impeachment case.

Republicans point out that Atkinson was the top national security lawyer in the Obama Justice Department when it was investigating Trump campaign aides and Trump himself in 2016 and 2017. He worked closely with Laufman, the department’s former counterintelligence section chief who’s now aligned with the whistleblower’s attorneys. Also, Atkinson served as senior counsel to Mary McCord, the senior Justice official appointed by Obama who helped oversee the FBI’s Russia “collusion” probe, and who personally pressured the White House to fire then National Security Adviser Flynn. She and Atkinson worked together on the Russia case. Closing the circle tighter, McCord was Laufman’s boss at Justice.

As it happens, all three are now involved in the whistleblower case or the impeachment process.

After leaving the department, McCord joined the stable of attorneys Democrats recruited last year to help impeach Trump. She is listed as a top outside counsel for the House in key legal battles tied to impeachment, including trying to convince federal judges to unblock White House witnesses and documents.

“Michael Atkinson is a key anti-Trump conspirator who played a central role in transforming the ‘whistleblower’ complaint into the current impeachment proceedings,” said Bill Marshall, a senior investigator for Judicial Watch, the conservative government watchdog group that is suing the Justice Department for Atkinson’s internal communications regarding impeachment.

Atkinson’s office declined comment.

Another ‘Co-Conspirator’?

During closed-door depositions taken in the impeachment inquiry, Ciaramella’s confederate Misko was observed handing notes to Schiff’s lead counsel for the impeachment inquiry, Daniel Goldman – another Obama Justice attorney and a major Democratic donor – as he asked questions of Trump administration witnesses, officials with direct knowledge of the proceedings told RealClearInvestigations. Misko also was observed sitting on the dais behind Democratic members during last month’s publicly broadcast joint impeachment committee hearings.

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Publicly singled out Sean Misko and Abby Grace as Ciaramella’s “co-conspirators.”

Another Schiff recruit believed to be part of the clandestine political operation against Trump is Abby Grace, who also worked closely with Ciaramella at the NSC, both before and after Trump was elected. During the Obama administration, Grace was an assistant to Obama national security aide Ben Rhodes.

Last February, Schiff recruited this other White House friend of the whistleblower to work as an impeachment investigator. Grace is listed alongside Sean Misko as senior staffers in the House Intelligence Committee’s “The Trump-Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry Report” published last month.

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert, who served on one of the House impeachment panels, singled out Grace and Misko as Ciaramella’s “co-conspirators” in a recent House floor speech arguing for their testimony.

“These people are at the heart of everything about this whole Ukrainian hoax,” Gohmert said. “We need to be able to talk to these people.”

A Schiff spokesman dismissed Gohmert’s allegation.

“These allegations about our dedicated and professional staff members are patently false and are based off false smears from a congressional staffer with a personal vendetta from a previous job,” said Patrick Boland, spokesman for the House Intelligence Committee. “It’s shocking that members of Congress would repeat them and other false conspiracy theories, rather than focusing on the facts of the president’s misconduct.”

Boland declined to identify “the congressional staffer with a personal vendetta.”

Schiff has maintained in open hearings and interviews that he did not personally speak with the whistleblower and still does not even know his identity, which would mean the intelligence panel’s senior staff has withheld his name from their chairman for almost six months. Still, he insists that he knows that the CIA analyst has “acted in good faith,” as well as “appropriately and lawfully.”

The CIA declined comment. But the agency reportedly has taken security measures to protect the analyst, who has continued to work on issues relating to Russia and Ukraine and participate in interagency meetings.

“Allahu Akbar” Muslim Terrorist Was Found ‘Praying In Arabic’ on Street After Knife Rampage in France

Geller Report - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 18:30

Brace yourself for the chorus of, “this has nothing to do with Islam.’ it’s like saying Corona is not a virus.‘Allahu Akbar’ Muslim Migrant Knifeman Kills Two, Wounds Seven in France

Suspected Terrorist Found ‘Praying In Arabic’ on Street After Knife Rampage

By: Breitbart London, April 5, 2020:

Romans-sur-Isère (France) (AFP) — A Sudanese refugee went on a knife rampage in a town in southeastern France on Saturday, killing two people in what is being treated as a terrorist attack.

The attack in broad daylight, which President Emmanuel Macron called “an odious act”, took place with the country on lockdown in a bid to stem the spread of the deadly coronavirus.

Counter-terrorism prosecutors have launched an investigation into “murder linked to a terrorist enterprise” after the rampage in a string of shops in Romans-sur-Isere, a riverside town with a population of about 35,000.

The assailant, identified only as Abdallah A.-O., a refugee in his thirties from Sudan who lives in the town, was arrested without a fight by police.

“He was found on his knees on the pavement praying in Arabic,” the prosecutor’s office said.

According to witnesses cited by local radio station France Bleu Drome Ardeche, he shouted “Allah Akbar!” (God is Greatest) as he stabbed his victims.

“Anyone who had the misfortune to find themselves in his way were attacked,” town mayor Marie-Helene Thoraval told AFP.

David Olivier Reverdy, from the National Police Alliance union, said the assailant had called on police to kill him when they came to arrest him.

‘Jumped over the counter’

The suspect first went into a tobacco shop where he attacked the owner and his wife, Thoraval said.

He then went into a butcher’s shop where he seized another knife before heading to the town centre and attacking people in the street outside a bakery.

“He took a knife, jumped over the counter, and stabbed a customer, then ran away,” the butcher’s shop owner Ludovic Breyton told AFP.

“My wife tried to help the victim but in vain.”

Interior Minister Christophe Castaner, who visited the scene, said two people were killed and five others injured.

“This morning, a man embarked on a terrorist journey,” he said.

The initial investigation has “brought to light a determined, murderous course likely to seriously disturb public order through intimidation or terror”, according to the national anti-terrorist prosecutor’s office (PNAT).

It said that during a search of the suspect’s home, “handwritten documents with religious connotations were found in which the author complains in particular that he lives in a country of non-believers”.

The suspect, who obtained refugee status in 2017, was not known to police or intelligence services in France or Europe, PNAT said.

Macron denounced the attack in a statement on Twitter.

“All the light will be shed on this odious act which casts a shadow over our country which has already been hit hard in recent weeks,” he said.

France is in its third week of a national lockdown over COVID-19, with all but essential businesses ordered to shut and people told to stay at home.

The country has been on terror alert since a wave of deadly jihadist bombings and shootings in Paris in 2015.

In all, 258 people have been killed in France in what have been deemed terrorist attacks.

Coronavirus Model Used to Crash US Economy MASSIVELY OVERSTATED Hospitalizations in 40 States

GatewayPundit - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 18:25

The Gateway Pundit has reported many times that the Coronavirus models being used to predict hospitalizations are complete garbage.

The IHME and Murray models being used to crash the economy have massively overstated the impact of the Coronavirus in 40 different states.

These models are using New York and New Jersey data and applying it to the rest of the US.

Murray predicted last week that Washington state should have needed nearly 2000 beds for these sick patients.

They only have 254 in the hospital.

NY – Murray: 50K beds
Actuals 18K

CA: 4100 vs. 1100

Here are 3 of the biggest targets for #COVID19. Washington was first out of gates. Murray predicts that YESTERDAY WA should have needed nearly 2000 beds for these sick patients.

They only have 254 in the hospital.

Murray: 50K beds
Actuals 18K

CA: 4100 vs. 1100

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020

Florida, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado- again MISS, MISS, MISS, MISS!


Miss, miss, miss, miss.

Even if you factor in data “lag” (which is a real problem)… it’s hard to imagine that MURRAY is getting any of this right overstating things by 3x 4x 5x the number of beds needed.

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020

Connecticut, Delaware, Florida and Georgia – This model is overstating hospitalization by 2.5 times!


If I’m misinterpreting these numbers… someone stop me..
But I don’t think I am… because others have called it out

Caution and “buffer” is good… but to shut down the country when the model missed this badly?!

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020

Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana — the number of ventilators needed is way off!

Murray has updated the model 4 times!

More here.

Notable: Louisiana has been hard hit and they give us a great test case for OTHER data. Murray predicts they would need 800 ventilators (they are using 500) – BUT Murray keeps dropping his number (does he read our tweets!)

He’s updated the model 4 times

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020

Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota – Maine was overstated by 7 times!


So the issue is… if Murray’s “reverse engineering” of deaths into hospital burdens is true… then low ACTUAL hospital burdens implies the death projections are wrong.

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020

Murray model overstated Mississippi hospitalizations by over 2 times along with Montana, North Carolina and North Dakota


What’s that? But he’s getting deaths correct?
The whole idea of the model was to take ACTUAL deaths and project hospital needs. So he updates with actual deaths.
1) he’s almost ALWAYS shallow
2) predicting next day deaths is like hitting the side of a barn.

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020

New Hampshire was overstated by 7 times!


If your state isn’t listed here it’s likely because they don’t publish hospitalizations yet.

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020


Look – stay safe. COVID19 is nasty. The jury is still out on if this peaks in the next few days or goes on the awful run that Murray says it will (34K dead by April 15th)

But I worry that his burden estimates are so bad

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020

Texas hospitalizations overstated by 9 times!


Over half of the deaths we are seeing are in the New York City area. By one account 10% of deaths nationwide were in one borough!?

Something happened there. I have theories… but later.

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020

Wisconsin overstated by 2 times!


Maybe by April 15th the modeling will show that (yay!) all of our social distancing worked!

I hope that is the case… I have other theories. But let’s get this done and hope something is left of the economy when we get to the other side.

— Justin Hart (@justin_hart) April 2, 2020

It gets worse…

The amount of Americans who are reported to have died from the Coronavirus is based on a CDC coding system that will “result in COVID-19 being the underlying cause more often than not.”

A new ICD code was established to keep track of Coronavirus deaths where a confirmed lab test isn’t even required!

Americans want answers!

The post Coronavirus Model Used to Crash US Economy MASSIVELY OVERSTATED Hospitalizations in 40 States appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

President Trump dismisses Democrat ruse of mail-in voting during coronavirus outbreak: “People cheat”

Geller Report - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 18:00

The depraved members of the MSM want a rigged presidential election, because they know that Joe Biden can’t defeat President Trump fairly. Under no circumstances should President Trump allow mail-in voting.

The Democrats are trying to exploit the disease to steal the election.

Crooked Democrats & their media thought they could use the Corona crisis to push their latest voter fraud scam of mail in voting.

President Trump just shot down it down like a boss

“They want mail in vote so they can cheat.. vote in person with VOTER ID” #TrumpPressBriefing

— Melissa A. (@TheRightMelissa) April 3, 2020

‘I think a lot of people cheat’: Trump dismisses expanded mail-in voting during coronavirus outbreak

By Washington Examiner, April 4, 2020:

President Trump said he did not want to see expanded mail-in voting during the coronavirus pandemic because of the potential for fraudulent votes.

“Do you think every state in the country should be prepared for mail-in voting?” ABC’s Jonathan Karl asked Trump during a Friday press conference.

“No, because I think a lot of people cheat with mail-in voting,” the president responded. “And it shouldn’t be mail-in voting. It should be, you go to a booth, and you probably display yourself. You don’t send it in the mail where people pick up all sorts of bad things can happen by the time they sign that, if they sign that, if they sign that, by the time it gets and is tabulated. No. It should not be mailed-in. You should vote at the booth, and you should have voter ID.”

During the press conference, Trump said his administration was recommending that all people wear face coverings in public. The president also suggested that people might stop shaking hands with each other even after the pandemic is over.

So far, there have been over 270,000 confirmed coronavirus cases in the United States, along with nearly 7,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University. Nearly 10,000 people have recovered in the country.

Pro-Life Sidewalk Counselor ARRESTED In North Carolina For Breaking Shelter-In-Place Order

Daily Wire - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 17:45

Pro-life powerhouse David Benham was reportedly arrested Saturday morning while engaging in peaceful “sidewalk counseling” outside of a North Carolina abortion clinic, after officers confronted Benham’s group for breaking “social distancing” orders.

Cities For Life, Benham’s non-profit that connects women who choose life with extensive medical and support services, says they were obeying social distancing orders and, as a charity providing assistance for those in need, Cities for Life is considered an essential service. Indeed, both the state and city stay-at-home orders list Federally recognized public charities that offer social services are essential services.

After receiving a call from one of his sidewalk counselors, Benham told the Daily Wire, he drove to the abortion clinic, where he saw his group surrounded by about fifteen individual police officers.

The law enforcement officers told Benham that, “there’s more than ten people here,” and advised him that if the group did not disperse, they would be arrested.

“We do care about the health crisis,” Benham told the Daily Wire. “We did practice social distancing.” He added that his group chalked the sidewalk so that they could remain ten feet apart from one another, and had plenty of hand sanitizer available.

When the police refused to back off, Benham realized he was going to be arrested, he says, but felt that it was a “moment.”

“You don’t even understand what you just woke up,” Benham says he told the officer, noting that Americans all of the country are concerned about government using the coronavirus crisis to overreach.

The group’s history with the state and city also gave Benham reason to believe Cities for Life was being unfairly targeted: “This is selective enforcement of the law. You are coming after us because we’re standing in front of an abortion clinic.”

Benham catalogued the incident on his Twitter account, and included a video showing him facing off with North Carolina police officers who accused Benham of engaging in “non-essential” activity outside of the abortion clinic, even though the clinic is open and providing abortions.

“This morning, was unlawfully arrested while supporting sidewalk counselors outside an abortion clinic. Many have labeled David a fake Christian and claimed that he endangered lives by being out. These accusations couldn’t further from the truth,” Benham’s account reported Sunday morning.

“David maintained social distancing while exercising all necessary precautions in light of COVID-19,” the Benham Brothers account continued. “This video has the full story. Thank you for your continued support as we fight for life!”

This morning, @daviddbenham was unlawfully arrested while supporting sidewalk counselors outside an abortion clinic. Many have labeled David a fake Christian and claimed that he endangered lives by being out. These accusations couldn’t further from the truth.

— Benham Brothers (@BenhamBrothers) April 5, 2020

David maintained social distancing while exercising all necessary precautions in light of COVID-19.
This video has the full story.
Thank you for your continued support as we fight for life!

— Benham Brothers (@BenhamBrothers) April 5, 2020

The video shows David interacting with a police officer and explaining that, if abortions are allowed to continue inside the clinic, than the work of pro-lifers, ministering to at-risk women, is also essential. He also explains that the sidewalk counselors are maintaining the recommended six foot “social distance” and washing their hands frequently.

“(2) The sidewalk counselors stayed over 6’ apart and there were less than five of them. Yet this officer selectively enforced the law, even though Cities4Life had less than 10 people,” the Benham Brothers reported.

(2) The sidewalk counselors stayed over 6’ apart and there were less than five of them. Yet this officer selectively enforced the law, even though Cities4Life had less than 10 people

— Benham Brothers (@BenhamBrothers) April 4, 2020

The group, he says, helps more than 5,000 women a month choose life.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) rushed to David’s defense, posting the video and noting that, as an attorney, he believes David’s arrest is unconstitutional, given that he was engaging in Constitutionally protected speech and abiding by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines.

“WATCH: My friend David Benham was unconstitutionally arrested today in NC for peacefully providing pregnancy counseling outside an abortion clinic. If NC deems abortion “essential,” then pregnancy care services are as well. This is WRONG; Governor Cooper should be ashamed,” Cruz wrote, referencing North Carolina’s governor, who issued the shelter in place order back on March 27, 2020, but insists that abortion services are “essential” and cannot be disrupted.

“2/x This is an unconstitutional arrest,” Cruz continued. “@BenhamBrothers exercising core First Amendment rights. PEACEFULLY. In a way fully consistent w/ public safety. Because elected Dems are pro-abortion, they are abusing their power—in a one-sided way—to silence pregnancy counselors.”

In a separate thread, Cruz laid out the case against Benham’s arrest.

“Take 2 minutes to WATCH the full video. Have you ever seen an arrest like this? Peaceful. Respectful. Thanking the police officers. Elected Dems are abusing their power for political agenda & face civil liability under 42 USC 1983,” Cruz wrote, referecing the Federal statute under which individuals whose Constitutional rights have been violated may bring a case against public servants.

“42 USC 1983: Every person who, under color of any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, of any State…,” Cruz wrote, citing the provision. “…subjects, or causes to be subjected, any citizen to the deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by the Constitution and laws, shall be liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress…”

David wrote his own account on social media Sunday, as well.

“My boys and I went to support the awesome sidewalk counselors who work with our non- profit, Cities for Life,” David wrote on Twitter. “We offer life-affirming services for at-risk mothers. It’s been an absolute privilege serving over 5,000 vulnerable mothers who felt abortion was their only choice!”

We support taking every precaution during COVID-19,” he added. “This is why we maintained our social distance and stayed under 10 in number. We were not belligerent… We simply stood our ground. MLK once said, ‘A man dies when he refuses to stand up for that which is right.'”

Speaking to the Daily Wire, Benham said he will continue to pursue the case and publicize the incident so that states and cities recognize their power, even in a crisis, cannot be unchecked.

“I am not going to let the government have unlimited power and use this crisis to their advantage,” he said.

Coronavirus’ Achilles’ heel

Geller Report - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 17:30

One day closer to freedom. The media and the Democrats will do everything in their power to prolong this police state. Fight back.

Researchers may have found coronavirus’ Achilles’ heel

By Paula Froelich, NY Post, April 5 2020:

There may be some good news on the coronavirus horizon, as Scripps Research reported it may have found COVID-19’s Achilles heel.

The research shows a specific area of the virus could be “targeted with drugs and other therapies, a finding that also could help with the development of a vaccine,” according to the San Diego Tribune.

The targeted area, according to biologist Ian Wilson, who led the scientific team, “is crucial to spreading the highly contagious virus, and … its composition suggests that it would be vulnerable to drugs.”

The discovery was published Friday in the journal Science and comes as scientists globally are working feverishly to find a vaccine or cure for the pandemic that has devastated global markets and caused more than 63,000 deaths worldwide.

An antibody taken from a SARS patient years earlier was used in the discovery, as researchers realized it had attached itself to a specific part of the virus, and were able to repeat the phenomenon with COVID-19, helping to identify a coronavirus weakness, according to the report.

“That high degree of similarity implies that the site has an important function that would be lost if it mutated significantly,” Scripps Research said in a statement Friday.

Sadly, the weak spot isn’t easy to find.

“We found that this (spot) is usually hidden inside the virus, and only exposed when that part of the virus changes its structure, as it would in natural infection,” Wilson’s colleague, Meng Yuan, said in a statement.

The institute is seeking the public’s help and is looking for COVID-19 survivors who would be willing to donate some of their blood, which would then be screened for potentially useful antibodies.

Holy Hell! Louisville Police are Putting Ankle Monitors on COVID-19 Patients

GatewayPundit - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 17:28

What just happened to our country?

We have elitist bureaucrats taking away more of our freedoms by the day over this coronavirus pandemic.
And we can’t even trust their faulty models — that are forever changing.
And we can’t trust the numbers either!

Now officials in Louisville are placing ankle monitors on coronavirus patients.

Louisville placing ankle monitors on residents exposed to coronavirus who won't stay home

— John Solomon (@jsolomonReports) April 5, 2020

Via Just The News:

Some residents of Louisville, Kentucky’s largest city, have been fitted with GPS tracking bracelets after refusing to stay at home following exposure to the coronavirus. The city is threatening to charge them criminally if they leave their houses before their mandatory isolation has expired.

Local officials have been working to contain the spread of the disease, which has been confirmed in more than 800 residents in Kentucky.

Three residents of a single household in Louisville were ordered to self-quarantine for at least a week after one of the inhabitants tested positive for the disease. When they refused, the city clamped ankle monitors to them in order to track their whereabouts.

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WAYNE ALLYN ROOT: “I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Not Going to Take This Anymore.”

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Wayne Root

By Wayne Allyn Root

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

Remember that line from the famous American movie “Network”? It’s time for a rebellion. Every out of work American and every out of business American business owner needs to open our windows and shout it. Shout it so loud, it reaches President Trump, Congress and every DC Swamp politician from Washington DC to New York to Boston to Beverly Hills, California.

It’s time for this madness to stop. Mr. President, do you understand how many suicides of prominent business owners are piling up?

Here in Las Vegas a business owner closed his business, laid off his 45 employees (with tears in his eyes), then went home and committed suicide. Did you see that in the news?

It’s happening across America.

Do you understand the pain of the employees? No one can even get through to file for unemployment benefits. The web sites are down for days on end. No one ever answers the phones.

Do you understand how many lives are being ruined, how many jobs being killed, how many great businesses will never reopen? The people are getting desperate and despondent. They have no money for food, or rent, or gas, or survival.

We can’t stay closed. We have to open up the US economy. There is no more time for debate. There is no more room for caution. I have ideas and compromise below.

First, these Coronavirus “death counts” have to stop. You’re scaring people half to death. I suggest a new kind of “DEATH COUNT” be put up on the screens, to compete with the Coronavirus death count.

*JOBS KILLED by this complete business shutdown.




A Great Depression will destroy this great nation. And we’re on the way, right now. Unless you get this economy open again.

And why not open America for business again- with tight restrictions. What is happening now makes absolutely no sense. We are “allowed” to shop at big box stores like CostCo, WalMart and Home Depot; health food stores like Whole Foods and Sprouts; grocery stores; pet stores; auto part stores; pawn shops, pot stores, liquor stores, gun stores, and get this- golf courses are open.

If all of that is allowed, why can’t we open all stores and businesses, but with the same sanitary and health precautions and restrictions?

I love and appreciate the UPS drivers and Costco cashiers on the front lines. But if they can work, why can’t the rest of us? Do Costco checkout guys and gals and supermarket cashiers have a big “S” on their chest? If they can face it and survive, why can’t the rest of us?

The liberal Democrat Mayor of Los Angeles Eric Garcetti just recommended everyone wear masks and scarfs. Isn’t this the compromise to get us all back to work?

Here’s the mantra for the day: “Wear a Mask, Get Back to Work!”

We need to open of the US economy, before it’s too late. Before we’re all doomed- not from Coronavirus, but from the fallout of a Great Depression. Here is the compromise. Here are the new rules.

Anyone who wants to stay home, can. If you want to collect welfare, food stamps and unemployment, you can. Anyone at high risk- seniors, the sick, the obese, those with illness- should shelter at home.

But the rest of us (the working people of America) are willing to take the risk, to keep our businesses alive, to save jobs, to save the economy, to prevent a Great Depression, to prevent mass suicides, alcoholism, drug addiction, poverty and misery.

We can all work- just like the Costco employees and supermarket cashiers and the UPS drivers. We can all wear masks. Our customers can wear masks. We can all practice social distancing. Employees can stand 6 feet apart. Stores can limit customers. New customers can only come in when others leave. We can sanitize our workplaces and stores like never before.

It’s time to start organizing a mega call-campaign to President Trump, Congress and to local politicians across this country. It’s time to tell them that the American people want to take precautions, we’ll accept restrictions, but we need to get back to work. Or we’re holding you accountable for ruining our jobs, careers, businesses, dreams, lives.

The pandemic is horrible. But we can’t keep the economy closed. Your caution and fear are killing our lives, more than any pandemic. The politicians are destroying America.

Shout it out loud: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take this anymore!”

Wayne Allyn Root is the host of “The Wayne Allyn Root Show” on Newsmax TV, nightly at 11 PM ET/8 PM Pacific, found on every cable system in USA, plus DirecTV and Dish,

at He is also a nationally syndicated radio host of “Wayne Allyn Root: Raw & Unfiltered” found at

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Surgeon General: This Week Will Be Our ‘Pearl Harbor’ And ‘9/11’ Moment

Daily Wire - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 17:20

U.S. Surgeon General Vice Admiral Jerome Adams delivered a somber warning to Americans on Sunday as the coronavirus outbreak speeds toward its peak, saying the crisis is about to get a whole lot worse.

“This is going to be the hardest and the saddest week of most Americans’ lives, quite frankly,” Adams said on “Fox News Sunday.”

“This is going to be our Pearl Harbor moment, our 9/11 moment. Only, it’s not going to be localized, it’s going to be happening all over the country. And I want America to understand that,” Adams said. “This is going to be a test of our resolve. It’s going to be the test of our lives.  But I am confident that we can come out on the other side, based on the data and based on what I know about the American people.”

As he often does when he appears at the daily White House briefing on the coronavirus, Adams expressed a bit of optimism, too. “I want Americans to understand that as hard as this week is going to be, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if everyone does their part for the next 30 days,” he said.

Adams added that despite what occurred in China and Italy, Americans “have a power to change the trajectory of this epidemic,” noting that the aggressive actions by government officials has helped slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2.

Top officials at the daily White House briefing on Saturday said the next two weeks will be key.  As of Sunday morning, the death toll stood at 8,503 people, with 312,245 testing positive,  according to data kept by Johns Hopkins University Center for Systems Science and Engineering.

But the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) has created a forecasting model that projects future coronavirus cases and deaths in the United States overall, as well as in individual states. While many peak in the next few weeks, some states, like Virginia, will not see their peaks until mid- or late-May.

More than 40 states have issued stay-at-home orders, and Adams said recommendations coming out of Washington, D.C., are clear.

“[I]t’s why we put out these thirty days to stop the spread guidelines. These are essentially our national stay-at-home order,” Adams said. “And we’re working with governors to figure out their needs, their desires.”

Adams also said to the governors who have not yet issued stay-at-home orders that maybe they could consider a short-term directive. “If you can’t give us a month, give us a week … give us what you can.”

In a Sunday interview on CBS, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, also said “this is going to be a bad week.” But he, too, like Adams, expressed some optimism that the U.S. may soon turn the corner “within a week, maybe a little bit more.”

“So on the one hand, things are going to get bad, and we need to be prepared for that,” Fauci said. “It is going to be shocking to some. It certainly is really disturbing to see that. But that’s what’s going to happen before it turns around.”


'Meet The Press' Panel: Who Is In Charge Of The Federal Response To Coronavirus?

RealClear - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 17:07
Kasie Hunt, Helene Cooper and former Gov. Pat McCrory (R-N.C.) join the Meet the Press round table to talk about the next steps for the federal government response to the growing coronavirus outbreak

New England Patriots Owner Robert Kraft delivers 300,000 N95 masks to NYC

Geller Report - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 17:00

Thank you, Robert Kraft!

CANNIZZARO: Rivalries and politics be damned: What Robert Kraft’s coronavirus generosity did that makes him New York family forever via @nypostsports

— NYPost_Cannizzaro (@MarkCannizzaro) April 3, 2020

New England Patriots’ team truck delivers 300,000 N95 masks to NYC after owner Robert Kraft flew them in from China

By The U.S Sun, April 3, 2020:

A NEW England Patriots truck with hundreds of thousands of N95 masks for health workers battling the coronavirus has arrived in New York City to help curb the crisis.

The 300,000-strong delivery was part of a shipment of more than one million masks the NFL team brought over from China in their branded jet.

 A truck belonging to the N.F.L. team the New England Patriots arrives with 300,000 N95 masks

Patriots owner Robert Kraft and his family stumped up around $2 million of the $4 million bill, with Kraft saying he had a duty to help.

New York Post front page, April 4, 2002, thanking the New England Patriots.

“In today’s world, those of us who are fortunate to make a difference have a significant responsibility to do so with all the assets we have available to us,” he said.

Kraft worked with Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker to make the gargantuan delivery of life-saving masks happen.

The majority will be distributed to healthcare workers in the state, but Baker and Kraft agreed to send 300,000 of them to the Javits Center in Manhattan, where there is a severe shortage of the masks.

The governor and the NFL team owner worked with a number of individuals, including China’s ambassador Huang Ping and the state’s COVID-19 Command Center, to make the mission possible, reports local network WCVB Boston.

No days off. Thanks to some serious teamwork, Massachusetts is set to receive over 1 million N95 masks for our front-line workers. Huge thanks to the Krafts and several dedicated partners for making this happen.

— Charlie Baker (@MassGovernor) April 2, 2020

The N95 mask filters out 95 per cent of air particles, meaning it can be the difference between life and death for doctors and nurses who are treating COVID-19 positive patients.

There has been a dire shortage of the masks, with US has scrambling to produce more of the PPE (personal protective equipment), and companies switching production lines to make the masks.

Other businesses have halted selling N95s to free them up for healthcare workers, such as Home Depot, which ordered all its 2,300 stores to stop stocking the face gear.

Jim Clyburn: Coronavirus Stimulus Spending Oversight Committee Will Focus On How Money Is Spent

RealClear - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 17:00
Rep. Jim Clyburn, who will chair the House's new committee to oversee trillions in coronavirus stimulus spending, spoke to CNN's Jake Tapper Sunday morning about what the committee will focus on. "My understanding is that this committee will be forward-looking, we are not going to be looking back on what the president may or may not have done back before this crisis hit," Clyburn said. The crisis is with us." "The American people are now out of work, millions of them out of work, the question is whether or not the money appropriated will go to support the them and their families or whether or not the money will end up in the pockets of a few profiteers," he said. "This is about focusing on how the money is spent, whether or not the people who are getting the money are actually working on behalf of the American people or whether or not they are profiteering."

Dr. Fauci: Please Physically Distance Yourself, "We Are Struggling To Get Virus Under Control"

RealClear - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 16:56
Dr. Anthony Fauci, a key member of the president's coronavirus task force, told CBS's "Face the Nation" that the mitigation quarantine strategy is working, the death toll will continue to rise for a short period of time. "I will not say we have it under control, we are struggling to get it under control," Fauci said. He said the data in the next few weeks would be "shocking to some," but asked Americans to "continue to do the physical separation because we've got to get through this week that's coming up." "Every time I get to that podium in the White House briefing room, I plead with people to take a look at those very simple guidelines of physical separation," he said. "Physically separate. Six feet away. Ten people in a crowd. Avoid movies, theaters, sports events, even in areas where you're not having a big explosion of cases, to the best of your ability, do that."

She Reported She Was Raped By Her Step-Son’s Kidnapper. It Turns Out She Actually Killed The Boy.

Daily Wire - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 16:41

It was January 27 when 11-year-old Gannon Stauch disappeared from his Colorado Springs home. He missed school that day, and his stepmother, Letecia Stauch, reported him missing shortly before 7 p.m. that night

Letecia’s story about what happened the day Gannon disappeared kept changing, and despite her interviews with the media where she denied she had anything to do with the little boy’s disappearance, she was arrested a month after she reported him missing and charged with his murder.

Letecia initially said that Gannon left their home around 3:15 p.m. on the day he disappeared to walk to his friend’s house, but when he didn’t come home for two hours, she reported him missing, The Daily Beast reported. A neighbor would later tell police his home-security video showed Letecia and Gannon leaving their family home that morning and Letecia returning home alone hours later.

Two days after she reported Gannon missing, Letecia told investigators that a man named Eguardo held her at gunpoint, raped her, and apparently hit her on the head so she blacked out the day Gannon disappeared, according to an arrest affidavit first reported by CBS Denver. She suggested this same man abducted Gannon. On the day Leticia made this new claim, she was two hours late to meet with investigators and brought written notes. Investigators asked Leticia to take a sexual assault forensic exam, but she refused. Surveillance video from a neighbor also showed no one entering the Stauch home at the time she claimed to have been attacked. More from CBS Denver:

Between Jan. 25-28, investigators determined Letecia viewed websites associated with searching for a job in Florida and California. Letecia’s Google search history on Jan. 25 includes, “I’m over doing all the work for my step kids and their mom doesn’t help,” and “one day people will wish they treated you differently.”

On her cell phone, investigators said Letecia searched, “are there any free money to move away from bad situation.” On the morning of Jan. 27, investigators said Letecia searched on Google, “my son burned the carpet how do I fix it?”

In her discussion with Al [Gannon’s father], Letecia, without prompt, provided explanations for why blood would be found on Gannon’s bedroom wall along with an alibi for why she was in the area where the particleboard was recovered. Investigators said information about blood evidence in the home and on the particleboard had not been released publicly at that time.

A search of court records in North Carolina reveals Letecia has a criminal past. Investigators said she was convicted after a trial for communicating threats, a misdemeanor. She was also sentenced to 45 days confinement and 18 months of probation for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.

Al Stauch is a member of the National Guard and was deployed between January 25 and 28.

Leticia also gave investigators reasons why Gannon’s blood would be found in the home and garage, saying he cut his foot in the garage on Al’s woodworking tools.

In reality, police wrote in their affidavit, it is believed that hours before she reported him missing, Leticia killed Gannon in his bedroom, stuffed his body into her car, and then waited until the next morning to dump his body off the side of a highway. His remains were found on March 18 – after Leticia was arrested and charged with his murder – under an overpass in Florida, though police are unsure how he ended up there.

At a press conference announcing the charges against Leticia, Al and Gannon’s biological mother, Landen Hiott, expressed a desire for justice to be served.

“Justice will be served because my boy does not deserve this,” Hiott said, according to The Daily Beast. “She will pay 100 percent for this thing that she did,” Hiott added, “because I want to live on this Earth knowing that justice will be served for my little boy.”

Al read a statement during the press conference that said:  “The person who committed this heinous, horrible crime is one that I gave more to anyone else on this planet, and that is a burden that I will carry with me for a very long time.”

Biden: We Need Data On How Coronavirus Is Hurting African Americans And Minority Communities

RealClear - Sun, 04/05/2020 - 16:31
During an interview Sunday on ABC's "This Week," Joe Biden suggested that President Trump needs to do more to combat the coronavirus pandemic, including opening enrollment for Obamacare early and doing research to find out why the virus is impacting African-Americans disproportionately. STEPHANOPOULOS: And your campaign videos have been quite tough on the president. You say his failures, his incompetence are going to cost lives. Is that what's happening now? BIDEN: Well, look, what I have been saying is that he's moving too slow. The virus is not his fault, but the response is his responsibility. Look, there are a few things he can do -- he can immediately fully implement the Defense Production Act, which I and many others called for a long time ago. And he's just getting underway with it. There's still no Defense supply -- Production Act for gloves, masks, all the things first responders need. We should create a bank defense production act. We have got to get those small business loans out. You saw what American Express did -- I mean, excuse me, Bank of America did. They came out and said unless you already have loans with us, unless you already have worked with us, unless you have a credit card with us we're not going to -- even though they're government-guaranteed loans, we're not going to process those loans. We have got to save jobs. We've got to save people's businesses. And they have to exponentially ramp up testing. We have been talking about 4 million tests are going to be available. Look where is all this -- where is it? What's being done? You've got to open up enrollment for Obamacare. A lot of people don't have insurance. This president is trying to take away Obamacare across the board, which will leave people naked to this problem that we're facing. And we have to finally get some data how this Coronavirus is really hurting African-Americans and minority communities. These are things that should be done now, but you need a supply commander in charge of it all. And right out of the White House, right out -- in direct response to the president so we know where to get what we have to get and get it quickly.


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