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Michael Bloomberg still doesn't seem to understand how journalism works (Kathy Kiely/Washington Post)

Memeorandum - 1 hour 58 min ago

Kathy Kiely / Washington Post:
Michael Bloomberg still doesn't seem to understand how journalism works  —  The former New York mayor says he might end political coverage at his news service if he runs for president.  —  Kathy Kiely is the Lee Hills chair in free press studies at the Missouri School of Journalism.

Trump's top choice for chief of staff not taking job; other candidates in running

TownHall - 2 hours 3 min ago
Nick Ayers, Donald Trump's top choice to be his next chief of staff, is no longer in the running and the U.S. president is now considering at least two other candidates, sources familiar with the matter said on Sunday, the latest sign of a chaotic White H

Begich: Firsthand Account of Recent Alaska Quake & What The BIG One Will Be Like

Info Wars - 2 hours 3 min ago
Find out how you can prepare for a major disaster such as an earthquake.

Comedian yanked off stage at Columbia speaks out: ‘Student leaders were wrong to cut my mic’

TownHall - 2 hours 3 min ago
'You cannot affect change if you are not challenged.'

Snowboarder falls flat on his face into fresh powder as he leaps off a cliff

Daily Mail - 2 hours 4 min ago
This is the heart-stopping moment a snowboarder falls face flat onto fresh snow as he dives from a steep cliff in Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada.

Evidence linking Trump to campaign finance crimes is not there, top lawyer says

TownHall - 2 hours 5 min ago
An expert campaign finance lawyer said in an interview published Monday that he is not impressed with the Department of Justice's evidence that effectively links President Trump to campaign finance violations after the recent release of the Michael Cohen

Police investigate video of officers slamming, punching...

Daily Mail - 2 hours 7 min ago
Jarrus Ransom, 32, was arrested in Louisville Sunday on charges of drug possession, tampering with evidence and resisting arrest after a traffic stop that exploded into violence.

Stelter: Nauert Is ‘Not Qualified’ for UN Ambassador Job

TownHall - 2 hours 8 min ago
CNN's "Reliable Sources" anchor Brian Stelter said on Sunday that President Donald Trump's pick to replace U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is not qualified for the job.

Trump's White House chief of staff: Who's in the running to replace John Kelly?

TownHall - 2 hours 8 min ago
Here’s a look at seven men rumored to be under consideration as the next White House chief of staff.

U.S. top court spurns Louisiana, Kansas on Planned Parenthood cuts

TownHall - 2 hours 10 min ago
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday rejected appeals by Louisiana and Kansas seeking to end their public funding to women's healthcare and abortion provider Planned Parenthood through the Medicaid program, with President Donald Trump's appointee Brett Kavana

Scientists brew REAL lava and blow it up to better understand volcanoes 

Daily Mail - 2 hours 11 min ago
Researchers from University at Buffalo ran 12 experiments in the lab using 10-gallon vats of homemade lava to test what happens when molten rock and water meet.

NASA 'hits jackpot' in mission to bring back a sample from an asteroid as Bennu contains water

Daily Mail - 2 hours 12 min ago
NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft has found water locked deep inside the asteroid Bennu. It arrived at the asteroid last week, and NASA hopes to bring a sample back to Earth.  

Kansas police officers buy boy a pair of boots he tried to steal from Walmart

Daily Mail - 2 hours 12 min ago
Roleland Park officers Braden Suffield and Shanan Snepp were called to the Walmart. They were told the boy lived in a group home and shoplifted the boots to help him get a job.

The science behind how catnip drives cats crazy - and how it could be used to help cancer patients

Daily Mail - 2 hours 13 min ago
New research has given scientists a big clue about how catnip produces its intoxicating chemical. And they believe that catnip, once reserved for cats, could one day help humans fight cancer.

Trump calls hush money payments a 'simple private transaction'

TownHall - 2 hours 13 min ago
Donald Trump on Monday defended hush money payments reported by his former lawyer, responding a day after Democratic lawmakers said the U.S. president could face impeachment and jail time if the transactions are proven to violate campaign finance laws.

CNN Host to Hickenlooper: ‘As a White Guy’ Is 2020 Really the Right Time to Run for President?

TownHall - 2 hours 13 min ago
CNN host Alisyn Camerota asked Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper (D.) if 2020 is the right time for him as a "white guy" to run for president.

Steyer on Climate Change: ‘The Time for Politeness Is Over’

TownHall - 2 hours 14 min ago
Billionaire Democratic funder and 2020 presidential hopeful Tom Steyer annoucened over the weekend that when it comes to fighting climate change, "the time for politeness is over."

James Comey Admits He Knew Democrats Financed 'Pee' Dossier Before FISA Warrant Signoff

Breitbart - 2 hours 15 min ago
In testimony, former FBI Director James Comey says that prior to signing a FISA application to obtain a warrant to conduct surveillance on Carter Page, a former adviser to President Trump’s 2016 campaign, Comey was aware that the dossier authored by former British spy Christopher Steele was financed by Democrats who opposed President Donald Trump.


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