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Many of CNN’s national security analysts have undisclosed ties to pro-jihad Qatari regime

Geller Report - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 14:00

Now it is all coming out. As I have pointed out for years, the American media elites — the enemedia — are not genuine news agencies, but propagandists for the far-left and apologists for the jihad. And this is one reason why: as it turns out, CNN has for years simply been a press agency for the Hamas-funding government of Qatar. The entire network should be closed down as an outlet for enemy propaganda.

“Many of CNN’s national security analysts have undisclosed ties to oppressive Qatari regime,” by Jordan Schachtel, Conservative Review, April 2, 2019 (thanks to Mark):

Several of the so-called national security experts at CNN that you see on television every night have direct links to the nation of Qatar, a terror-funding, Islamist enclave in the Middle East that has placed itself on the warpath against America’s most important regional allies.

But you would never know about these connections, because none of the CNN regulars disclose their financial and/or institutional ties to Qatar when they appear on the airwaves. And off air, they are also not forthcoming about their Qatar-backed connections. Even when it comes to discussing issues where they have a clear conflict of interest, such as commenting on Israeli, Saudi, or UAE affairs, these CNN contributors have no issue going to bat against Qatar’s rivals, while never mentioning that their editorial freedom is restricted or that they are personally compromised.

These four CNN regulars, two of whom are full-time employees, double as Qatar-tied propagandists, but you would never know it if you only watched CNN.

Ali Soufan

A CNN regular who was prominently featured in the network’s anti-Saudi Arabia documentary, Ali Soufan is the executive director of the Qatar International Academy for Security Studies (QIASS), which is based in Doha and funded by the Qatari regime. Oddly, the leadership roster at the state-controlled Qatari institution is almost identical to his U.S.-based Soufan Group.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Soufan has a “personal relationship” with the top leadership of Qatar.

Soufan, like his Qatar-backed colleagues, frequently rails against the Saudis, Qatar’s top rival, for the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. He has also pushed debunked conspiracy theories about Saudi Arabia hacking into the personal information of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

Mehdi Hasan

CNN regular Mehdi Hasan is a longtime presenter for Al Jazeera, the powerful Doha-controlled state media entity that was the favorite network of deceased al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden. Hasan’s employer pushes out a steady stream of pro-Islamist, anti-Semitic propaganda. As a state-controlled institution, its founding and continuing purpose is the advancement of Qatar’s national interests.

“Mr. Hasan works for al Jazeera, the Qatari-owned media enterprise that advances the interests of the state and its royal family. When he speaks, he’s no less a government spokesman than Kellyanne Conway or Sarah Sanders,” explained David Reaboi of the Security Studies Group in a Washington Times column last week.

“But the government he represents — to millions of unsuspecting American viewers — has long promoted the Muslim Brotherhood, funds the bloodthirsty designated terror group Hamas, has helped al Qaeda and the Taliban fundraise, and is relentlessly hostile to American interests,” he adds.

Juliette Kayyem

Kayyem, a CNN national security analyst, is a board member of the the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS), a front group controlled by Qatar that is an influence operation to secure and defend Qatar’s 2022 World Cup bid. Kayyem has regularly spoken on behalf of the organization and has been a media point of contact for the shadowy group. She has not been forthcoming about the reality that the ICSS is a Doha-controlled institution. A 2015 flyer from the group presents Kayyem as part of a group of “ICSS spokespeople” who can answer questions about a forthcoming two-day summit.

The leader of ICSS — which again, claims to be a sports-promoting outfit — is Mohammed Hanzab, who has a background as an intelligence and defense specialist in the Qatari military. Hanzab previously served as the president of Ali Soufan’s QIASS.

Kayyem regularly takes to the airwaves to bash Qatar’s rivals and has transformed her social media accounts into a one-stop shop for anti-Saudi Arabia talking points. When discussing issues involving Middle East politics, Kayyem does not disclose that she is on the board of a state-run Qatari institution.

Peter Bergen

Unlike the other individuals on this list, lead CNN national security analyst Peter Bergen does not appear to have a direct link to a Qatari state institution. However, Bergen, a regular visitor to the tiny, energy-rich nation, pushes blatant pro-Qatar agitprop when it comes to Middle East affairs.

Writing from Doha in November, in a piece that reads like propaganda from a state-run Qatari news site, Bergen commented that “Qatar looks like a far more natural ally for the United States than the Saudis.”…

Biden, Still Eyeing 2020, Faces New Charges of Improper Touching

LifeZette - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 13:19

Two more women have come forward this week to say that former Vice President Joe Biden touched them, without their permission, in ways that made them uncomfortable — yet some people remain steadfast in their defense of the 76-year-old Democrat.

Two women, Caitlyn Caruso, who is 22, and D. J. Hill, 59, shared their experiences with The New York Times for a piece that was published on Monday.

Caruso claimed that Biden rested his hand on her thigh during an event about sexual assault, of all things, at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas.

Caruso was 19 at the time of the incident.

She said she squirmed in her seat to try to show her discomfort and that Biden also hugged her “just a little bit too long.”

The alleged interaction, she said, was uncomfortable for her partly because she had just talked about her own sexual assault — and she had expected the former vice president to be more cognizant of physical boundaries with others.

“It doesn’t even really cross your mind that such a person would dare perpetuate harm like that,” she told The Times. “These are supposed to be people you can trust.”

Related: Biden Is Accused by Yet Another Woman of Unwanted Touching

Hill, 59, said that in 2012, when she was taking a photograph with Biden, the then-vice president put his hand on her shoulder and moved it down her back — which made her “very uncomfortable.”

Both Lucy Flores, a former Nevada state lawmaker, and Amy Lappos, a former congressional aide to Rep. Jim Himes (D-Conn.), have also accused Biden of unwanted touching.

A spokesperson on Sunday said Biden over the years has “offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort. And not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately,” said Biden. “If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) on Tuesday, during a breakfast event in Washington, D.C., urged the former vice president to be more careful going forward.

“I’ve known Joe Biden a long time. My grandchildren love Joe Biden,” she said. “He’s an affectionate person — to children, to senior citizens, to everyone, that’s just the way he is … But that’s just not the way — join the straight-arm club with me, if you will,” Pelosi added.

Related: Why ‘Joe Biden Being Joe Biden’ Doesn’t Work in the #MeToo Era

“Just pretend you have a cold and I have a cold,” she also said.

Interestingly, some in Hollywood have come to Biden’s immediate defense.

Actress Alyssa Milano basically told everyone to chill about the issue.

And some aren’t too happy with that.

So you had a positive interaction with Biden, thus he’s conducted himself professionally with all women? Wow. Congrats. You just threw the #metoo movement away into the trash. White feminism will side with the patriarchy every single time.

— uranianplutonian ♅♇ (@12thHousePluto) April 2, 2019

Alyssa Milano defending Joe Biden was just the additional 2019 I didn’t know I needed.

— A Girl Has No Name (@avelinewrites) April 3, 2019

Just watch the right videos. Check out "Creepy Joe Biden Moments". I liked him as a VP. IMO he has crossed THAT line too many times. Seeing kids recoil or shove him away and how he gave Mrs. Carter a kiss was convincing. Sorry..Joe has to go.

— Surreal to you (@jonnyindy67) April 3, 2019

#MeToo activist Alyssa Milano stands behind Joe Biden, saying the former vice president is "exactly the leadership we need."

— ABC News (@ABC) April 2, 2019

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Corbyn wrote ‘we must stand up to Zionist lobby’ over ban of Jew-hating blood-libel Muslim cleric from UK

Geller Report - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 13:00

Corbyn is lifting straight from the Goebbels playbook — terrorizing Jews while playing the victim of these beleaguered, peace-loving people. This is no surprise. Corbyn is pro-jihad. An inveterate Jew-hater who has made numerous antisemitic comments, Corbyn has even stood with “Palestinian” jihadis. So why shouldn’t he rail against the “Zionist lobby,” just like his chums in Hizballah?

“Corbyn wrote ‘we must stand up to Zionist lobby’ over blood-libel cleric’s ban,” by Mathilde Frot, Jewish News, April 2, 2019 (thanks to Wendy):

An article believed to have been written by Jeremy Corbyn calls on “Western governments” to confront “the Zionist lobby” following the arrest of controversial cleric Raed Salah.

It appeared in the Morning Star on July 1 2011, after the leader of the Islamic Movement was arrested and detained for entering Britain despite a travel ban.

“[Raed Salah] wishes to remain here long enough to fight for his name,” it says. “The sadness is that his is a voice of Palestinian people that needs to be heard.”

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It continues: “It’s time that Western governments stood up to the zionist lobby which seems to conflate criticism of Israel with antisemitism.”

The article, thought to have been written by Corbyn before he became Labour leader, was discovered by the journalist Iggy Ostanin.

It criticises “the hysteria” that followed coverage of the ban in the Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Telegraph and Jewish Chronicle.

“The hysteria grew but even as late as Monday the Home Secretary seemed incapable of saying whether there was a travel ban on him or not,” it says.

“This bizarre turn of events seems to indicate that the right-wing press has more power than rationality.”

Salah was detained for 21 days during a visit to the UK in 2011 on the orders of Home Secretary Theresa May but later won a partial victory in a claim for damages.

The High Court ruled Salah was wrongly detained for two days during which he was not told the reason for his arrest – but that the rest of his detention had not broken rules.

Salah has been accused of antisemitism and of allegedly making the blood libel that Jews drink the blood of children during a speech in East Jerusalem in February 2007….

Illegal Immigration Issue at Border Is a ‘Category 5 Crisis’

LifeZette - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 12:10

Kirstjen Nielsen, the secretary of Homeland Security, said Tuesday night that President Donald Trump’s administration is treating the illegal immigration crisis at the border as if it were a “Cat 5 hurricane disaster” and “is bringing all of the agencies together. We’re asking everybody to chip in.”

She appeared on Fox News Channel’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” as host Tucker Carlson pointed out that “entire populations from Latin America are [now] moving north. In February, authorities apprehended 76,000 illegal arrivals at the Mexican border, but last month, that number had ballooned to 100,000.”

He also noted that today — as opposed to years ago, when mostly single men tried to cross the border — “if illegal immigrants show up here with children, they’re almost certain to be released into the United States. They will never be deported. Close to 100 percent of children in families that tainted the border last year are still here. It’s a scam.”

“Our current political class,” Carlson added, “has spent years pretending that is not true. [Yet] in villages across Central America, they know it is true. Come to America, bring your kids, free schools, free health care, higher wages — they can’t kick you out … No wonder our immigration is out of control.”

President Trump, during his candidacy, spoke about the problems of illegal immigration and that topic made many in America sit up straight and pay attention.

Related: ‘Mother of All Caravans’ Headed for Border; Trump Will Cut Aid

He’s continuing to “raise the alarm bell,” said Nielsen, “but only now are we starting to see a mainstream press, not on this particular channel, [report] that there is a crisis. And that’s what there is. So … we are sending more migrants back to Mexico to await their immigration proceedings. We are pulling folks from the ports of entry to help interdict those who are choosing to come here illegally. It is a crime … It is a crime to come illegally between ports of entry, to stop them and to provide humanitarian assistance. By the smugglers — they are coming through remote areas … Many of the people coming [here] are economic migrants. They are not truly seeking asylum.”

“We want to help those who are,” she added. “But many of them have been given ‘magic words’ to come in and to get a job and take that job away from Americans. So we are looking to increase rates at E-Verify. We’ve made it easier for employers to comply with it, but we’re looking to do everything we can throughout the system to apply penalties where we can.”

Carlson asked her, “Why wouldn’t your agency write an executive order, present it to the president, and have him sign it and do it tomorrow?”

“Everything is on the table,” she replied. “We’ll do everything we can within our authority … There’s just a debate with Congress, as to whether the executive branch has the authority to do that. We can expand the program, but right now, it’s only authorized in a voluntary way, not a mandatory way … It’s one of many issues we’re looking to work with Congress on. We’ll continue to drive that.”

She noted that closing the border is also still on the table. “We have to stop this flow into our communities. We have to stop the drugs. We have to stop the smuggling and trafficking and gangs. He [Trump] is very serious about it, so yes, I think everything is on table. In the meantime, I remain optimistic in the sense that I refuse to believe that the United States Congress will not act. I just – it’s not a partisan issue.”

Nielsen described the active smuggling activity her agency and others have seen — including the so-called “child recycling” rings.

In this scenario, “smugglers kidnap a child. They give [the child] to an adult to cross the border, present themselves as a family. Once they get in, because, as you know, we can only hold families for 20 days, they send the child back and bring the child back with another family — another fake family, another adult … I cannot be clearer and I don’t think the president can be any clearer; he will take every action within his authority to stop this flow.”

And the country does not yet have the full border wall that “the president continues to advocate for,” she noted.

“I talked to some of the combatant commanders today. We are, in fact, pushing more and more military resources to the border. And that’s what’s required.”

Nielsen added that this issue is one of the biggest crises, “if not the biggest crisis,” that “this country has faced in a decade, truly.”

And that’s why, she added, that “we have announced today that we’re now treating this like a massive CAT 5 hurricane disaster. We are bringing all of the inner agency together. We’re asking everybody to chip in. We need to … surge down as many resources as we can to the border. But Congress needs to look at this as a hurricane too. Right? Where is the supplemental? Where are the additional authorities? … I’m in constant contact with the acting secretary of defense. I talked to some of the combatant commanders today. We are, in fact, pushing more and more military resources to the border. And that’s what’s required.”

The secretary, later in the interview, also mentioned — in response to a question from Carlson — she believes many in Congress are “blinded by politics” on this issue.

She added that the “good news is the president requested and did receive additional resources at the border to interdict drugs. And we are actively implementing this. But to your point, the facts don’t lie. So I don’t believe that they [members of Congress] don’t see it or they don’t understand it. They are just willfully choosing to ignore it, but the more Americans who suffer, [the more] they’re going to have to look at this. I hope they do it sooner than later.”

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Ohio: Muslim Dentist Nessreen Zayed Supports Genocide of Jews Wants to Torture ‘Zionist’ Patients

Geller Report - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 12:00

Even the Nazis didn’t take such unbridled joy from genocidal hate and bigotry as do today’s Muslim Jew-haters. It literally defines them. Zayed is like her fellow medical professional Lara Kollab, the vicious Muslim racist who had a monstrous history of Jew-hatred and racist statements and even BRAGGED about her hatred but wasn’t fired until Canary Mission called attention to her statements. Is Zayed currently employed in the Cincinnati area? Did her employers not vet her? Or did they secretly agree with her?

“Dentist Nessreen Zayed Supports Genocide of Jews & Expresses Desire to Torture ‘Zionist’ Patients,” IsraellyCool, April 2, 2019 (thanks to Mark):

One of my favorite movies of all time is Marathon Man, starring the imposing acting duo of Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman. Perhaps the most iconic scene is when Olivier’s Nazi war criminal Dr Christian Zell, a dentist, tortures Hoffman’s “Babe” Levy, a Jewish graduate student.

It is wholly terrifying. But it’s fiction.

What is even more terrifying is the idea that real-life Cincinnati dentist Nessreen Zayed is out there practicing – because she has expressed a desire to go all Zell on “Zionists.”

She is referring to this video:

Yup, she’s just like Lara Kollab, only without the medical school part.


Sorry, I could not resist.

But what is also no laughing matter is Zayed’s Jew hatred

Which manifests itself beyond hate speech, into support of terrorism against Jews

Make no mistake about it. This dentist is advocating genocide…

Larwyn's Linx: Peter Strzok Lied To Congress About How They Called Trump A ‘Menace’

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From time immemorial nations have fought to protect and sometimes expanded their borders.
Unlike external enemies, the Democrats are working from within to annihilate our borders, boundaries & sovereignty. Even more peculiar, some of our own consider their actions justified.

— Rising serpent (@rising_serpent) April 2, 2019

Schultz Insists He’d Work with Both Parties, Says People Want Leadership They Can Trust

LifeZette - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 01:43

Former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz hasn’t officially announced a White House run, but he told Fox News that if he’d work with both Republicans and Democrats in the White House.

Schultz, who could conceivably run as an independent, told the “Fox News Rundown” podcast in an interview scheduled to air Wednesday and Thursday that whether President Donald Trump gets a second term or a Democrat unseats him, partisanship would continue to inhibit real change.

“If we embrace the status quo,” he said, “we’re going to get more of the same.”

Some prominent Dems say Schultz’s entry in the race would split voters and guarantee Trump a second term.

Schultz went on to say that his vision for the White House would be one where he worked with both Republicans and Democrats, putting party affiliations aside.

“I’m willing to work with both parties. I’m willing to take the best ideas of both parties and bring the American people together.”

Some prominent Dems say Schultz’s entry in the race would split voters and guarantee Trump a second term.

Related: ‘Joe Biden Being Joe Biden’ Doesn’t Work in the #MeToo Era 

If nothing changes, the ex-CEO argued, “It’s going to get worse certainly over the next 18 months. And what I’m saying is, American people are longing, longing … for leadership they can trust and a person who can bring the country together. And I believe if I run for president I can do that.”

Schultz will be featured at a town hall airing on Fox News on Thursday at 6:30 p.m. ET, hosted by Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum.

Paulina Dedaj is a writer-reporter for Fox News. Fox News’ Victor Garcia contributed to this report. This Fox News piece is used by permission.

Read more at Fox News:
Sanders Warns Against Increased Justices and Term Limits on Supreme Court
Warren May Be Too Wonkish to Connect with Voters, Some Say
Magician David Blaine Under Investigation by New York Police Department

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Look who else shelled out for Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh’s stupid ‘Healthy Holly’ books

Twitchy - Wed, 04/03/2019 - 00:29

As Twitchy has reported, Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh is taking a leave of absence while her “Healthy Holly” book scam blows up. It seems the University of Maryland Medical System snatched up 100,000 copies of the mayor’s self-published book series at a cost of $500,000 … while she sat on the UMMS board of directors.

Since then, a lot of the books have been traced to schools, where they were delivered unsolicited and left unopened. ProPublica’s Alec MacGillis has been doing some digging and found out that the books had some other buyers. They must have been really good books.

Another day, another buyer of Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh's Healthy Holly books is exposed: the quasi-public Maryland Automobile Insurance Fund, which made the $7,500 purchase shortly before Pugh successfully sponsored legislation sought by the company.

— Alec MacGillis (@AlecMacGillis) April 2, 2019

Maybe they were just anxious to learn that vegetables are not just green, and exercising is fun.

In case you're keeping score at home, this comes on top of:
1. A $500K purchase by the medical system on whose board Pugh sat.
2. A >$100,000 purchase by Kaiser Permanente, which was seeking a city contract.
3. An $87K purchase by a local nonprofit that won a big city contract.

— Alec MacGillis (@AlecMacGillis) April 2, 2019

We had lost track: we didn’t know about the $100,000 purchase by Kaiser Permanente and the $87,000 purchase by a local nonprofit. Healthy Holly LLC was doing some big business on the side for the mayor.

Actually, to be precise, this $7,500 wasn't even for a purchase of books. It was a "donation" to Pugh's book-publishing entity, Healthy Holly LLC.

— Alec MacGillis (@AlecMacGillis) April 2, 2019

A donation to a for-profit. That's a new one.

— Matt McDermott (@MMMcDermott) April 3, 2019

Exactly. Amazing.

— Alec MacGillis (@AlecMacGillis) April 3, 2019

This may be the greatest quote of all in Healthy Holly coverage: "The big mystery is 'A Healthy Start for Herbie.' We have no recollection from staff of moving them to the warehouse."

— Alec MacGillis (@AlecMacGillis) April 3, 2019

Boy this smells bad even from a distance

— it's just me (@tkcrockett) April 3, 2019

was it delivered in a canvas bag with a dollar sign on it

— Skipjack (@Skipjack0079) April 3, 2019

Who knew children’s book publishing was so lucrative and risk-free? And has anyone ever read a “Healthy Holly” book or do they just pile up in warehouses?


Baltimore’s Democrat mayor taking a leave of absence after her shady children’s book fiasco blew up

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) April 1, 2019

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Jihad-Rep Ilhan Omar Refuses To Condemn Gays Being Stoned To Death

Geller Report - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 22:40

How does the left reconcile this? It doesn’t have to. They are accountable to no one. But they viciously attack those of us who highlight Islamic oppression of gays.

Omar Refuses To Condemn Gays Being Stoned To Death Under Sharia Law, Violence Against Israel From Hamas

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who has called for defunding the entire Department of Homeland Security, expressed outrage over the crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border this week, calling the conditions that illegal aliens were being detained in “abhorrent and inhumane” and a “reflection” of “white nationalism.”

“This is abhorrent and inhumane,” Omar tweeted of the conditions in which a group of detained migrants was being kept. “It’s without a doubt a reflection of what white nationalism is doing to our country. As a country, we have to acknowledge that this is how people are being treated here and decide that we are better and we must do better.”

This is abhorrent and inhumane.

It’s without a doubt a reflection of what white nationalism is doing to our country. As a country, we have to acknowledge that this is how people are being treated here and decide that we are better and we must do better.

— Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) March 28, 2019

Following Omar’s remarks, The Daily Wire reached out to her office via phone and email to get her thoughts on two recent news items.

The first story comes from Brunei, where Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah has said that new Sharia laws that are going into effect are a form of “special guidance” from God, according to Sky News.

The nation is going to introduce death by stoning as a punishment for gay sex and “amputation for those guilty of theft under sharia law, with both penalties to also apply to children once implemented.”

The second story comes out of the Middle East, where the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas recently fired 20 rockets into Israel and destroyed the homes of innocent civilians.

The Daily Wire asked Omar if she could provide comment on either story and if she found either of these acts to be “abhorrent and inhumane.”

The Daily Wire also asked Omar if she would say that these acts are due to radical Islam.

Omar and her office refused to respond to multiple requests for comment.

The Daily Wire again contacted Omar’s office on Friday via phone and email to give them another chance to respond and notified them that a non-response would be considered a “refusal to condemn” these acts. Omar’s office again did not respond to the inquiries.=

Later on Thursday, Omar tweeted from her official Congressional Twitter account a condemnation of “conversion therapy.”

“Conversion ‘therapy’ can lead to: Depression, Self-hatred, Substance abuse, Homelessness, Suicidal behavior,” Omar tweeted. “Survivors have likened it to torture. It’s time to #DefundConversionTherapy.”

Conversion ‘therapy’ can lead to
Substance abuse
Suicidal behavior

Survivors have likened it to torture. It’s time to #DefundConversionTherapy.

— Rep. Ilhan Omar (@Ilhan) March 28, 2019

Omar has been embroiled in an anti-Semitism scandal since the first day she arrived in Washington, D.C.

Omar has been condemned multiple times by her Democratic colleagues for pushing anti-Semitic conspiracy theories used by Nazi Germany and using anti-Semitic tropes. Omar has compared Israel to the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism in media interviews where she also suggested that Israel should not be allowed to exist as a Jewish state. Omar has suggested that her Jewish colleagues devised a plan to silence her by accusing her of being anti-Semitic and suggesting that Omar was expecting one of her Jewish colleagues to have dual loyalties to Israel. Omar also claimed that pro-Israel groups were paying off U.S. politicians to have dual loyalties to Israel.

Omar’s anti-Semitism is so extreme that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer, while not using her name, clearly directed scorn at Omar during speeches at AIPAC this week.

“What weakens us is, instead of engaging in legitimate debate about policies, someone questions the motives of his or her fellow citizens,” Hoyer said in a clear shot at Omar, who had questioned the loyalties of U.S. politicians. “So let’s have debates on policy instead of imputing the loyalty of Israel’s supporters.”

“I stand with Israel, proudly and unapologetically,” Hoyer said. “So when someone accuses American supporters of dual loyalty, I say: accuse me.”

Do her a solid? Ilhan Omar’s hoping Donald Trump can help free an imprisoned Muslim Brotherhood member

Twitchy - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 22:02

We give Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar a hard time around here, but maybe we’ve pegged her all wrong. Maybe she’s really just a good person who wants to help good people:

I recently met with @jkbadawy and @thefreedomi to talk about Hoda Abdelmonem, a political prisoner in Egypt. I hope that Trump brings up her case in his meeting with the regime that has imprisoned her. We must work to #FreeHoda.

— Rep. Ilhan Omar (@Ilhan) April 2, 2019

Ilhan just wants to help out a “political prisoner” … who apparently just so happens to be pretty high up on the Muslim Brotherhood food chain.

I just confirmed: Hoda Abdelmonem is a ***senior female leader**** of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Why is an American congresswoman advocating for an Islamist activist?

— Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel) April 2, 2019

Reuters and The Guardian:

— Jordan Schachtel (@JordanSchachtel) April 2, 2019

This seems … problematic. To say the least.


— Nicole Bowman (@SaltofVaruca) April 2, 2019

NO! America doesn't care one hoot about a member of the terrorist Muslim Brotherhood being imprisoned. Why would you be advocating for her?

— Judith Lankau (@judith_lankau) April 2, 2019

Well, Ilhan does have a soft spot for terrorists

We all know that Hoda is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood. You can stop your “poor victim” routine

— Ian (@Snookman39) April 2, 2019

Shilling for the Muslim Brotherhood again? You are beneath contempt.

— Joe Smith (@JoeSmit34957337) April 2, 2019

Stop supporting Islamist extremists.

— Antonius Miller (@AntoniusMiller) April 2, 2019

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The Anti-Jewish Boycott Scores Victories on Campuses, But University Presidents Refuse to Boycott Israel

Geller Report - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 21:55

But what happens when these students become the presidents of these universities? Will pro-Israel Jewish students be banned? Much of the pro-Israel Jewish establishment (AIPAC in particular) has done an appallingly bad job in advocating for Israel and confronting the anti-Semitic Democrat Party.

Much of the pro-Israel Jewish leadership is just not accustomed to this kind of warfare and is simply at a loss as to how to fight the BDS movement and the Democrat Party.

A strong and well funded pro-Israel organization is desperately needed in the United States. One that knows how to fight a war.

“BDS on Campus Scores Victories but University Presidents Refuse to Boycott Israel,” by Alexander Joffe, SPME, March 28, 2019. 

As the spring semester progresses BDS campus BDS activities have ramped up sharply, albeit with mixed results, with faculty now taking leading roles against university administrations. The continuing antisemitism crisis in Congress, however, shows how the BDS movement has contributed to shifting overall public perceptions, making boycotts and even Israel’s ‘existence’ viable questions instead of absurdities. BDS and its antisemitism have spread widely and have capitalized on the anti-Trump ‘resistance,’ opposition to ‘white supremacy,’ and increasingly, allegations that complaints about antisemitism are ‘Islamophobic.’ The spiral of division in American politics and culture shows no sign of abating.


BDS on campus increased sharply in March. The most consequential move was the decision by a mixed faculty-student body at Pitzer College to end its semester abroad program with the University of Haifa. The campaign was led by faculty members over the objections of the university administration and students. During the lead up to the final vote the voting body limited the number of students who could participate in the vote and excluded a campus media outlet that had been critical of the campaign. Representative Rashida Tlaib also expressed support for the proposal.

In the aftermath, the university president, who had spoken out strongly against the proposal, announced that he would disregard the vote, which produced outrage from BDS supporters. The campaign was clearly designed to create a confrontation between the faculty and the administration, challenging traditions of faculty governance and invoking questions of ‘academic freedom.’

The Pitzer vote is prima facie evidence of intent to discriminate on the basis of ethnic and national origin. Like the case of the University of Michigan faculty who announced they would not write letters of recommendation for students to study in Israel, the Pitzer vote implies that individual faculty members are already discriminating against students covertly.

Salena Zito tears into Keith Olbermann for his call to his followers to make hunter’s life ‘a living hell’

Twitchy - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 21:53

ESPN’s Keith Olbermann apologized — in a really canned way — for naming a “pea-brained scumbag” hunter who shot a white turkey and calling on his followers “to make sure the rest of his life is a living hell.” Olbermann’s apology, however, totally overlooked the “nitwit clown” of a reporter whom he said should be fired for writing the story.

Plus, sports expert Olbermann somehow thought shooting a turkey during turkey season qualified as “trophy hunting.”

That was a week ago, but Salena Zito has written her reaction to the incident in the Washington Examiner, and she’s calling out Olbermann for being just another media elitist.

Imagine for a moment you are sitting at your desk in the newsroom when you find out that some celebrity has called for you to be fired from your job, because you reported a story on a local hunter who had bagged a white turkey.

— SalenaZito (@SalenaZito) April 2, 2019

Olbermann begins the tweet reinforcing the pop-culture brand of the elite that hunters and people from the South are slow and or stupid. He then goes on to show his ignorance of both hunting and journalism, wanting the reporter fired for doing his job.

— SalenaZito (@SalenaZito) April 2, 2019

Zito writes:

Brian Broom, the reporter, engaged in the basic procedures of his own trade. “I had contacted Hunter Waltman after I saw posts on Facebook, interviewed him and he sent me photos. I found some biologists who were quite familiar with turkeys and got their opinions on it, and packaged it all together and put it out here.”

“It had quite a bit of success according to our metrics, then it started slowing down as you would guess, then Tuesday morning someone in our office had noticed that all of a sudden it had more and more concurrent views. We found that it was coming from a tweet.”

His immediate reaction was big traffic meant a lot of readers. That turned swiftly into deep concern for Hunter Waltman when he saw the threat.

So why does Olbermann get away with making bigoted stereotypes of hunters and reporters from Mississippi and threaten them on social media? Why are ESPN and Twitter fine with that? Probably because the people who sit in the boardrooms of ESPN and Twitter think Olbermann’s assessment of Mississippians is basically true.

As a side note, consider that most of the Democrats running for president want to abolish the Electoral College, essentially ensuring that Mississippians will have surrendered their voice to a handful of large urban centers.

I interned for the same company he worked for when I was in college. He was a complete jerk to us while others in similar positions were very kind. I have never forgotten that.

— Bob McGovern (@BobMcGovernJr) April 2, 2019

@KeithOlbermann is a buffoon and has no understanding. I am not sure how he can call himself a journalist. He and many more are the reason I have quit watching @espn

— Dwight (@dwightdr) April 2, 2019

Bless his heart, the poor thing.

— John Patterson (@JohnnyBigodes2) April 2, 2019

To think I used to watch him decades ago and this is his true self. This is a sad state of social media.

— Sunshine (@IamSunshine408) April 2, 2019

It really is nasty form of SNOBBERY that's on display with Olbermann.

Most people I know may disagree with another person's choice/lifestyle, but they don't go out of their way to berate them publicly, threaten their job security, or expose them to mob violence.

— TreePointer (@TreePointer) April 2, 2019

Imagine your servant goes to the grocery store and finds that us mental midget farmers and hunters haven’t wrapped everything in plastic and sent it to the store.

— Allan Pollchik (@pollchik) April 2, 2019

Guessing that Olbermann's free-range organic poultry is killed, gutted, cleaned by someone else then packaged in a tidy styrofoam container with an absorbent pad to collect juices that would make it to yucky looking for him to consume.

— Stephen (@ChartNotes) April 2, 2019

This guy should be fired

— Jacqueline Eckler (@ecklerja) April 2, 2019

Keith Olbermann desperately needs the mirror of self-awareness most Southern hunters acquire in the absence of liberal privilege – but appears to be too slow and stupid to develop it.

— Alex Bendyna (@bendynaa) April 2, 2019

We in the south are rather amused by it all. Progressives attack what they cant understand- just look at Trump. We welcome all here and show nothing but love, but if you mess with us or meddle in our lives, God help your soul, because He'll be the only one that can.

— StrangerThanLife (@ShaolinKungFu81) April 2, 2019

Those who don't understand the appeal of Trump don't understand that, regardless of anything else one might say of him good or bad, he is a rich and successful New Yorker who, as candidate and office holder, seems to truly respect Middle America, its values, and aspirations.

— Stephen Smoot (@S_A_Smoot) April 2, 2019

Thank you for shining a spot light on this. You are correct. Olberman is the living symptom of contempt toward those different from him. The actual targeting of those he does not understand is beyond despicable.

— Heidi Cordeiro (@HeidiSCordeiro) April 2, 2019


'That should do it'! Here's how ESPN's reportedly handling Keith Olbermann's campaign to make hunter's life 'a living hell'

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) March 27, 2019

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California Muslim threatened to kill Trump-supporting pastor ‘in the name of Allah,’ feds say

Geller Report - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 21:00

If it’s in the name of Allah, then the enemedia’s silence is assured, and if the targets include a pastor, churches or President Trump, then they quietly rub their hooves in glee.

California man threatened to kill Trump-supporting pastor ‘in the name of Allah,’ feds say

‘I will burn down Christian churches … this is a threat’

By: The Blaze, April 2, 2019:

Federal investigators revealed that a California man has been indicted for mailing threatening messages, including to Pastor Robert Jeffress, who the man threatened to kill “in the name of Allah.”

Jeffress is pastor of First Baptist Church Dallas, but is perhaps best known for being an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump.

According to The Dallas Morning News, 32-year-old Darnell Ray Owens mailed a letter to First Baptist Church Dallas last year threatening to assassinate Jeffress.

“I will assassinate your pastor in the name of Allah,” the letter reportedly said. “I will burn down Christian churches … this is a threat.”

An employee at the church opened the letter, which also contained an unknown white powder substance. Emergency officials quarantined the employee, later discovering the substance was nontoxic. The incident forced the church to take additional security precautions because the church was preparing for children’s vacation Bible school at the time, the Morning News reported.

However, federal investigators say Jeffress’ was not Owens’ sole target. In fact, Owens is accused of mailing at least 45 similar letters, including to police departments, LGBT groups, and Christian groups.

A grand jury returned a seven-count indictment against Owens last week on charges of threat or hoax involving a biological weapon and identity theft, which investigators charged him with for using fraudulent return addresses on his letters, according to the Sacramento Bee.

Owens faces five years in federal prison for each count involving a threat or hoax and two years in prison for each count of identity theft.


Italy: Muslim migrant says “I chose to kill that young man because he looked happy. I couldn’t stand his happiness.”

Geller Report - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 20:30

The definition of pure evil.

Italy: Muslim migrant says “I chose to kill that young man because he looked happy. I couldn’t stand his happiness.”

by Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, April 2, 2019:

“The suspect, who showed investigators to where a kitchen knife that is thought to have been the murder weapon was, said he was depressed after splitting up with his ex wife. ‘The worst thing was knowing that my four-year-old boy was calling a friend of my ex partner daddy,’ Machaouat was quoted as saying.”

The Qur’an offers believers a way to cure their depression: jihad. “Fight them; Allah will punish them by your hands and will disgrace them and give you victory over them and satisfy the breasts of a believing people and remove the fury in the believers’ hearts.” — Qur’an 9:14-15

And happiness is un-Islamic anyway: “Allah did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” — Ayatollah Khomeini

“Murderer killed victim for ‘being happy,’” ANSA, April 1, 2019 (thanks to David):

(ANSA) – Turin, April 1 – Prosecutors said Monday that a suspect has confessed to murdering Stefano Leo…

The suspect, Said Machaouat, a 27-year-old Italian with Moroccan roots, turned himself in at the weekend. “I chose to kill that young man because he looked happy. And I couldn’t stand his happiness,” Machaouat said, according to the prosecutors.

…Machaouat was quoted as telling prosecutors Ciro Santoriello and Enzo Bucarelli that “I wanted to kill a lad like me, to take away all his prospects, his children, his friends and relatives”. The suspect, who showed investigators to where a kitchen knife that is thought to have been the murder weapon was, said he was depressed after splitting up with his ex wife. “The worst thing was knowing that my four-year-old boy was calling a friend of my ex partner daddy,” Machaouat was quoted as saying.

Muslim women’s rights activist condemns Western feminists for wearing the hijab in “solidarity,” saying: “Calling the compulsory headscarf my country’s culture is INSULTING”

Geller Report - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 20:08

The left-wing driven suppression of the true women’s rights battle of the 21st century is a stain that will haunt them for decades, centuries to come.

This ad was banned in Dallas.

Iranian women’s rights activist condemns Western feminists for wearing the hijab in ‘solidarity’, saying: ‘Calling the compulsory headscarf my country’s culture is INSULTING’

  • Masih Alinejad said female visitors to Iran were leaving activists ‘on their own’
  • She rejected the argument that visitors should wear the hijab ‘out of respect’
  • The issue has been thrown into new focus in the wake of the Christchurch attack

By Tim Stickings for Mail Online, 1 April 2019

A women’s rights activist in Iran has said it is ‘insulting’ for Western visitors to wear the hijab in an attempt at solidarity.

Masih Alinejad, who has spearheaded Iranian women’s struggle against the head covering, said female dignitaries from Europe had left her fellow campaigners ‘on their own’ by choosing to wear the hijab when they visited Iran.

Rejecting the argument that visitors should wear the hijab out of ‘respect for the culture of Iran’, she said they were ‘sending a message that men are more equal than women’.

Ms Alinejad, the founder of the White Wednesdays movement which saw many women remove their headscarves in protest, said she was battling against a ‘discriminatory law’.
Embedded video

Masih Alinejad, pictured, said it was ‘insulting’ for Western visitors to wear the hijab in an attempt at solidarity
She said: ‘Iranian women, they fight against the compulsory hijab and they are alone, they are on their own.
‘There were three female politicians from the Netherlands – they went to Iran the same day when one of the women of the White Wednesdays movement put her headscarf on a stick and waved it in public, she got arrested.
‘The same day there were three female politicians from the Netherlands in Iran obeying compulsory hijab law without challenging it.
‘The female politicians from Sweden – they were very well-known when they started to publish a picture to mock President Trump’s Cabinet.
‘I was like, I love this picture, it’s a good way to criticise a male-dominated Cabinet.
‘But what happened, the same feminists went to Iran. The same ministers in Iran, they obeyed compulsory hijab laws in front of the President.
‘I said to myself, when it comes to America, they are trying to say men and women are equal. But when it comes to [Iran] they are trying to send another message, that men are more equal than women.

Swedish deputy PM Isabella Lovin signs a climate change bill flanked by seven other women in February 2017 in a picture seen as a rebuke to Donald Trump’s male-heavy Cabinet

Swedish minister Ann Linde faced criticism when she subsequently went to Iran and wore a headscarf (pictured)
‘So the female politicians who go and visit Iran, the tourists, athletes, actresses – all of them, when they go to my beautiful country they say that this is a cultural issue, we wear it out of respect to the culture of Iran.
‘Let me be clear with you: calling a discriminatory law a part of our culture – this is an insult to a nation.’

Ms Alinejad (pictured) said she was battling against a ‘discriminatory law’
The issue was thrown into fresh focus last month when New Zealand women including PM Jacinda Ardern wore the headscarf in the wake of the Christchurch terror attack.
The New Zealand women earned applause in some quarters but others voiced concern, saying it was not ’empowering’ to wear the hijab.
Ms Alinejad said she admired Ms Ardern’s ‘compassion’ for the Muslim community but said it ‘broke her heart’ to see her wearing the hijab.
‘I also felt that you are using one of the most visible symbols of oppression for Muslim women in many countries for solidarity,’ she said.
The Swedish picture she mentioned showed eight women at the signing of a climate change law, mocking a similar photo of Trump’s male-heavy administration.

Trade minister Ann Linde faced a backlash just weeks later when she wore a headscarf on a visit to Iran.
Her ‘My Stealthy Freedom’ movement is fighting Iran’s Islamic law, which requires women to wear a headscarf and long clothes that cover the arms and legs.

She also launched the social media hashtag White Wednesdays, encouraging women to flout regulations posting pictures and videos of themselves without the hijabs online on the third day of the week.

The Islamic dress code, in place since the 1979 revolution, considers veiling obligatory for any female above 13 in Iran and says they should cover themselves from head to toe while disavowing any figure-hugging dress.
Breaking the rules can result in fines of up to 500,000 rials (£17) and up to two months in prison.

Earlier this year Ms Alinejad shared footage which appeared to show Iranian an being sprayed in the face with tear gas after going outside without a hijab.

Iran arrested more than 7,000 people in 2018 after launching a wide-scale crackdown on protests during what is being called ‘a year of shame’ for the country.

Students, journalists, environmental activists, factory workers, lawyers, women’s rights activists, minority rights activists and trade unionists were all cuffed during the campaign of repression, according to Amnesty International.

Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez keep lying about socialism

Geller Report - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 19:46

Bernie Sanders is perhaps the most dangerous presidential candidate of our lifetime. However, the mainstream media is allowing Sanders to lie unchallenged because of its hatred for Trump. If the Republicans continue to not aggressively attack Bernie Sanders for his insane policies, he could win in 2020.

Related: Democrats Are Ignoring Their Frontrunner – Bernie Sanders.

“Sanders, Ocasio-Cortez keep lying about socialism,” by Justin Haskins, Fox News, April 1, 2019:

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., have amassed a huge following among millennials by propagating the myth that the only way to solve society’s problems is to seize wealth and property away from law-abiding citizens so that the federal government has significantly more power over all of our lives.

However, history has proven repeatedly that the collective ownership and management of property eventually leads to death, destruction, coercion, and tyranny. More than 167 million people have been killed, exiled, or imprisoned by socialist and communist regimes in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. That’s comparable to more than 50,000 attacks as deadly as those that occurred on September 11, 2001.

Whenever socialism is tried, it fails miserably – whether it’s in China, Nazi Germany, North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, or Zimbabwe. Yet, despite the mountains of evidence against collectively owning and managing property, Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez continue to allege that anyone who argues against socialism is nothing more than an untrustworthy right-wing propagandist and that all people like Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez really want is to tweak the current system to make things better for the poor.

Sarah Sanders on Security Clearances: What Democrats Are Doing ‘Is Dangerous’

LifeZette - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 19:32

Speaking on the Fox News Channel program “America’s Newsroom” on Tuesday, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders addressed reports that the White House overturned 25 denied security clearances — and that congressional Democrats now want to dig further into the issue.

“You know I can’t get into a discussion on individual security clearances,” said Sanders. “What I can tell you is that Democrats are acting in bad faith throughout this process. They’re asking for personal confidential information that they know they have absolutely no right to see.”

“We have worked with Democrats,” she added. “We’ve been cooperative in this process. We have shown them security process documents over the course of the last couple of weeks. We’ve invited them to the White House to sit down with government officials here in the administration to discuss that process. And we’ve been cooperative on that front, but we’re not going to put the three million people who are full-time employees of the federal government that hold security clearances personal information at risk because Democrats want to pretend and play games instead of do their jobs.”

A whistleblower at the White House, speaking to the House Oversight Committee, raised concerns about the security clearance process recently — and how a number of clearances supposedly were approved despite some issues, including foreign influence and drug use.

On Tuesday, House Democrats voted to subpoena the individual.

Sanders added pointedly on the issue, “Unlike Democrats, we want to protect people’s personal confidential information. Let’s not forget, three million Americans have security clearances that work for the government — and by exploiting one, you’re exploiting all of their personal information. And I think Democrats know that. And I think what they’re doing is dangerous and I think what they’re doing is sad and shameful. And America deserves much better than that.”

Fox News host Laura Ingraham brought up the security clearance issue during a Monday night interview on “The Ingraham Angle” with Jared Kushner, White House senior adviser and President Donald Trump’s son-in-law.

“I can’t comment [on] the White House’s process,” Kushner told her, “but what I can say is that over the last two years that I’ve been here, I’ve been accused of all different types of things. All of those things have turned out to be false,” he added, mentioning as well that there were “a lot of crazy accusations that we colluded with Russia.”

Ingraham asked him if he thought he posed a “grave national security concern” to the country.

Kushner just praised the “phenomenal people” he works with at the White House and within the administration.

There has been “particular scrutiny over Kushner’s security clearance in recent months,” Mediaite reported — and according to a report in The New York Times, Trump ordered that Kushner get a top-secret security clearance, “overruling concerns flagged by intelligence officials and the White House’s top lawyer.”

"She wasn’t looking to go public. But her back was to the wall and she did what she had to do.” My story about a longtime White House employee who blew the whistle on questionable security clearance practices

— Katie Rogers (@katierogers) April 2, 2019

JUST IN: White House lashes out at "dangerous" and "shameful" probe into security clearance process

— The Hill (@thehill) April 2, 2019

Sanders also addressed the crisis at the southern border during her Fox News “America’s Newsroom” interview on Tuesday.

She said that Mexico is “stepping up and taking a greater sense of responsibility in this process. That’s a great thing. We need them to continue to do that so that we aren’t forced to take drastic action, like closing the ports of entry at our border because we simply have no choice.”

“Look, everyone wants to talk about the cost of doing that. That is certainly, again, not something we want to happen. The president’s the one that is responsible for the last two years of economic growth, economic boom, and the number of jobs that we have in this country.”

“We don’t want to see that hurt — but at the same time, the president’s number-one responsibility is to protect American life. Democrats may not care about that.”

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Director of National Intelligence James Clapper: “Obama ordered Russia probe”

Geller Report - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 18:29

Further proof of high crimes. An investigation of Obama, Hillary and their co-conspirators is long overdue. It’s not revenge, it’s rule of law.

President Obama was so dirty, he figured an investigation of anyone would yield something, anything. The fact is that Obama plotted to undermine free and fair elections at the absolute highest level of government.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper

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Joe Biden Is Accused by Yet Another Woman of Unwanted Touching

LifeZette - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 18:21

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been accused by a second woman, Amy Lappos, of unwanted touching.

Biden allegedly pulled Lappos in close, first grabbing her neck, and rubbed her nose with his own.

The accusation comes as Biden is mulling a run for the White House.

Lappos made the accusation through The Hartford Courant in Connecticut. The incident allegedly took place during a fundraiser in 2009 in Greenwich, Connecticut.

At the time, Biden was serving in office as the vice president.

However, Lappos said the incident wasn’t “sexual.” She did think, at the time, that Biden was going to kiss her.

Related: Why ‘Joe Biden Being Joe Biden’ Doesn’t Work in the #MeToo Era

Lappos was then an aide to Congressman Jim Himes. The accusation marks the second accusation of inappropriate touching in recent days.

In a statement released on Sunday, Biden said, “In my many years on the campaign trail and in public life, I have offered countless handshakes, hugs, expressions of affection, support and comfort. And not once — never — did I believe I acted inappropriately. If it is suggested I did so, I will listen respectfully. But it was never my intention.”

Amy Lappos said #Biden reached out with both hands, grabbed her by the neck and the side of the face, rubbed noses and talked to her.

— WTNH News 8 (@WTNH) April 1, 2019

Sources close to Biden have been reporting that the accusations won’t derail his potential presidential campaign run.

However, the accusations could damage his prospects. Biden has long been the frontrunner in the Iowa polls, but voters may reject a candidate who is dealing with accusations of inappropriate touching.

Then again, President Donald Trump was able to secure the highest office after facing numerous accusations of sexual assault. Trump was also recorded making lewd sexual comments, remarks his supporters dismissed as locker-room talk.

Related: Biden Responds, Says He Doesn’t Recall a Woman Being Uncomfortable

At some point in April, Biden is expected to announce whether he will run for office.

Amy Lappos believes that not only should Biden step aside — but that all male candidates should as well.

Brian Brinker is a political consultant and has an M.A. in global affairs from American University. This OpsLens piece is used by permission.

Read more at OpLens:
Medal of Honor Recipients Honored in Netflix Docudrama
Andrew Gillum: Cops Who Draw Guns Have Already Gone Too Far
Politicization of Tragedy: A Go-To Tactic of the Anti-Gun Left

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Disgusting: Reuters headline is despicable, deceitful disinformation

Geller Report - Tue, 04/02/2019 - 17:44

Let me be clear, all clitordectimes (female genital mutilation) are  abhorrent no matter who the perpetrators are. But this Reuters headline  is deceitful, defamatory, and deliberately misleading in the cause of Islam. This is sharia propaganda spread by one of the world’s leading ‘news’ organizations.  Hundreds of millions of Muslim girls have their vaginas mutilated in order to remove future sexual pleasure. 96% of girls in Egypt, for example, have been sexually mutilated. Imams sanction this misogynist practice – not just in Muslim countries but here too in leading mosques.The AMJA (Muslim Jurists of America) Fatwa Committee issued a fatwa claiming clitorectomies are an honor and obligation for American Muslimas. Indonesia’s largest Muslim organization claims female genital mutilation is a “human right”.

Clitorectomies are “an Islamic obligation”.

Leading U.S. Muslim jurist: Female genital mutilation an “honor” in Islam

“Circumcision is obligatory (O: for both men and women. For men it consists of removing the prepuce from the penis, and for women, removing the prepuce (Ar. Bazr) of the clitoris.” Sacred Islamic  Reliance: page 59, Umdat al-Salik  (“Reliance of the Traveler”), the classical manual of Islamic jurisprudence certified by Egypt’s  Al-Azhar University,Sunni Islam’s most prestigious university.

More than half a million girls and women from diaspora communities in the United States have undergone or are at risk of FGM, according to U.S. government data, mostly Muslim woman. But this story indicts evangelicals Christians in  what we find out as we scroll down is a 40 year old case. No where in the entire article about female genital mutilation does it mention imams, Islam – the main driver of this barbaric practice or that Muslim doctors in the US and UK have been indicted for performing this savagery. No less than three Muslim doctors have been arrested in Michigan for performing female genital mutilations.

At least some Muslims justify it based on religious freedom and, in at least one state in which anti-FGM legislation is currently working its way through the legislative process, one legislator reports receiving a phone call from a Muslim constituent urging her to oppose the legislation as ‘a conspiracy against the Muslim community.’ ”(more here.)

Can you imagine ever seeing a headline that shouted: “US woman says strict Muslim parents subjected her to female genital mutilation.” Google it. Nothing. Ever.

FGM involves partial or total removal of the clitoris causing injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons. It has no health benefits for girls and women, and removes all possibility of sexual pleasure. It is the worst kind of misogyny. Procedures can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later cysts, infections, as well as complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths.

The enemedia always goes out of its way to cover for and scrub Islam from any connection with this misogynistic Islamic practice. Authorities will never be able to address the problem adequately because they’re too busy going out their way to say that it is not Islamic in practice Female genital mutilation (FGM) or clitoridectomy is an Islamic tradition, rampant in the Muslim world. Dissemblers and deceivers claim that FGM is cultural phenomenon, not religious. FGM is an Islamic cultural phenomenon. FGM is found only within and adjacent to Muslim communities (source: Gerry Mackie, “Ending Footbinding and Infibulation: A Convention Account”, American Sociological Review.)

200 Million Girls Have Undergone FGM, 70 Million More Than Previously Thought

And don’t think it doesn’t affect American society. Just last year the American Academy of Pediatrics issued a policy statement recommending that doctors perform this “ritual nick” (we exposed it on the net and it was withdrawn after the ensuing public outcry). Many Muslims in America support clitoridectomies and justify them as religious freedom. In one state in which anti-FGM legislation is currently working its way through the legislative process, one legislator reports receiving a phone call from a Muslim constituent urging her to oppose the legislation as ‘a conspiracy against the Muslim community’” (more here).

“In fact, genital disfigurement has become so common in America’s immigrant communities that the Department of Justice has taken to printing Arabic brochures for immigrants, encouraging them not to disfigure young girls by removing their sexual organs.”

Unlike male circumcision, female genital mutilation has no health benefits for girls and women.

Female genital mutilation (FGM) involves partial or total removal of the clitoris, causing injury to the female genital organs for non-medical reasons.

Female genital mutilation procedure has no health benefits for girls and women. It removes all possibility of sexual pleasure. It is the worst kind of misogyny.

Procedures can cause severe bleeding and problems urinating, and later cysts, infections, as well as complications in childbirth and increased risk of newborn deaths.
More than 200 million girls and women alive today have been cut in 30 countries in Africa, the Middle East and Asia, where FGM is concentrated.

FGM is mostly carried out on young girls between infancy and age 15.

FGM is a violation of the human rights of girls and women.

This procedure has one purpose and one purpose only, to remove the female’s most sensitive erogenous zone and the source of human female sexual pleasure. Chalk it up to another of Islam’s contributions to [in]humanity.

Related: How the American media covers [up] Islamic practice of female genital mutilation (FGM)

FGM in hadith:

There are many hadiths on circumcision, some of which will be presented here along with the commentary of some scholars:

From Abi-Hurayra, who attributed it to the Prophet: “Five (acts of) al-fitrah [Islamic law or way of nature] are circumcision, shaving pubic hair, plucking armpit hair, trimming fingernails, and clipping the mustache.” Also from Abi-Hurayra: “The Messenger of Allah said, ‘Abraham was circumcised when he was 80 years old’.”’ Allah said: “So We have taught thee the inspired (Message), Follow the ways of Abraham the True in Faith” [Qur’an 16:123]. Also recorded in a hadith is the saying of (Muhammad) to a man who converted to Islam: “Remove your infidel hair and be circumcised.”

Muhammad also said regarding circumcision: “If you touch the two circumcisions, you must wash.” Here is evidence that women were circumcised, and therefore any of the hadiths on circumcision which do not specify men or women, can be assumed to apply to both.

From Sa’id bin Jabir: “Ibn ‘Abbas was asked, “How old were you when the Prophet (PBUH) died?” He replied, “At that time I had been circumcised. People (in those days) did not circumcise men until they reached puberty.” From the hadith of Umm ‘Atiyah–who used to circumcise girls–the Messenger of Allah said to her, “Reduce it, but do not remove too much, because it is more beautiful to behold and better for her husband.” This is the most explicit evidence in the hadiths of Muhammad for female circumcision being legitimate and even recommended. From Ibn ‘Abbas, attributing it to the Prophet: “Circumcision is sunnah for men and an honor for women.” This was narrated by al-Bayhaqi, and its attribution is weak.

Ibn al-Mundhir narrated from Abi-Barza: “We asked the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) about an uncircumcised man making pilgrimage to the Ka’aba. He replied, ‘No, not until he’s circumcised’.” This was considered a weak hadith by Ibn al-Mundhir and others.

There’s no doubt that among these hadiths there are those which are sound but do not explicitly command or urge women to become circumcised. There are also those which are met with disagreement by scholars, and these hadiths are more explicit in confirming the legitimacy of female circumcision. But the hadiths on the laws of al-fitrah which mention circumcision–and these are sound–do not mean that it is done on men only and not women. It is certain that circumcision includes both men and women, as is clearly stated in the hadith about touching the two circumcisions.

Below are words from scholars on the ruling on circumcision:

The Hanafis: Al-Zayla’i said: “The general ruling is that circumcision is sunnah, and is one of the trademarks of Islam. In fact, if the people of Egypt or some land decided to abandon its practice, the Imam would make war against them, for it cannot be abandoned except by necessity… Female circumcision is not sunnah, but it is an honor for men because it is more pleasing during sex” [ellipses in original].

The Malikites: From al-Kharshi’s brief summary of Khalil: “Its ruling (i.e. circumcision) is that it is sunnah for men, and it cuts off the foreskin. It is recommended for women, and is called khifad [reduction].”

The Shafi’ites: From [Asna al-Mutalib]: “Circumcision is obligatory (at puberty). The reasoning for this is the saying of the Almighty: “So We have taught thee the inspired (Message), Follow the ways of Abraham the True in Faith” [Qur’an 16:123]. In Abraham’s religion, circumcision was present. Also in the two Sahihs: “He was circumcised when he was eighty years old.” In Sahih Ibn Hibban, and in al-Hakim it was said 120 years, and it was also said 70 years. Also it was narrated by Abu-Dawud: “(The Prophet) (PBUH) ordered a man who converted to Islam to be circumcised.” They said that since he cut off a member which could not be replaced, it had to be obligatory like cutting off the hand. Since the man was injured during the process, he feared it. If it were not obligatory for him, then it would not have been permissible. This is unlike the circumcision of little boys, crazy people, and those who cannot endure it, because the first are too young to be required to do anything, and the last are harmed by it.” Al-Nawawi said in al-Majmu’: “Circumcision is obligatory for our men and women. This was stated by many of the salaf, as al-Khatabi relates. Ahmad was one of those who said it was obligatory. Malik and Abu-Hanifa said that it was sunnah for everyone. This was related by al-Rafi’i. He also related that (circumcision) is obligatory for men and sunnah for women. These were the two approaches of Shadhan, and of the sound and famous school of thought which was penned by al-Shafi’i, in which the multitude of scholars declared that circumcision is obligatory for men and women.”

The Hanbalis: From Ibn Muflih’s Furu’ [body of rules and regulations for man’s behavior]: “(According to Ahmad), circumcision is obligatory on all but women, for whom it is recommended. Our Shaykh said, ‘It is obligatory because cleanliness and prayer are obligatory’.” Ibn Qudama said: “Circumcision is a duty for men, and for women it is an honor, but it is not obligatory. This has been stated by many scholars.” Ahmad said: “The man is more difficult, because if the man is not circumcised, then the skin dangles over the [penis] and cannot be cleaned. But the woman is easier.”

The al-Mawsu’a al-Fiqhia (“The Encyclopedia of Jurisprudence”) summarizes scholars’ opinions on circumcision as follows:

“The ruling on circumcision: Scholars differ on circumcision as follows: First, the Hanafis and Malikites–and very rarely the Shafi’ites–hold to the opinion of what Ahmad said, that circumcision is sunnah for men but not a duty. It is one of the acts of al-fitrah, and one of the rituals of Islam. If the people of a particular land decided together to abandon its practice, the Imam would make war against them, just like if they abandoned the call to prayer. This also represents what the Malikites think about circumcision of women. Hanafis and Hanbalis consider female circumcision to be an honor and not sunnah. It is said by some Hanafis that it is also sunnah for [women], and some say that it is recommended. … Second, the Shafi’ites and Hanbalis, as is also stated by Sahnoun from the Malikites, believe that circumcision is a duty for both men and women. … Third, this is written by Ibn Qudama in al-Mughni, that circumcision is a duty for men, and for women it is an honor but not a duty” [ellipses in original].


It appears that for male circumcision the most correct view is that it is obligatory, owing to the saying of Muhammad to the man who converted to Islam: “Remove your infidel hair and be circumcised.” This was obligatory–there was no alternative.

Regarding women, perhaps the most correct view is that it is recommended, however there is consensus that it is (at least) legitimate. Muhammad also endorsed it, as was narrated in the hadith of Umm ‘Atiyah, who used to circumcise girls. He said to her: “Reduce it, but do not remove too much, because it is more beautiful to behold and better for her husband.” He also said, “If you touch the two circumcisions, you must wash.” This shows that female circumcision was prevalent during his day, and he did not repudiate it. Nor did he stipulate anything else regarding female circumcision.

Perhaps the saying that it is (only) recommended is due to the pain women must go through to carry out the acts of al-fitrah, such as circumcision, as stated in the sound hadith. But as we mentioned, this is not evidence of it being confined only to men. The term circumcision was used for both men and women during Muhammad’s time. But it is clear that performing circumcision must be preferable to not performing it, especially when one considers that circumcision includes both pain and revealing one’s nakedness. Thus if there was no benefit to it, the Messenger of Allah would not have agreed to it. However there is still no evidence for making it obligatory. The fact that the Messenger of Allah agreed to it despite the pain and discovering one’s nakedness is not evidence for making it obligatory. Instead, this is evidence for preferring the action over not doing it, as we stated. (Muhammad’s) command to Umm ‘Atiyah is not a command to all women to (be circumcised), but rather he was regulating its practice. He was not telling her not to do it, he was telling her not to go too far and injure the women.

His command to the man who converted to Islam does not apply to women. Even though the principle is that “women are men’s sisters”, and women are often included when addressing men and vice versa, that only applies when there is no reason to differentiate between them. Here the issue is different for men and women. The man’s foreskin could trap urine at the end of it and affect his cleanliness. The issue is not the same for women. Therefore it is appropriate for this to be stressed more for men, and this is apparent in the words of scholars and the works of the ummah.

I have summed up the words of Muhammad and of scholars to show that circumcision is legitimate, and that the principal issue in the study is the limits of circumcision.



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