After Election Scenarios



During almost every American presidential election, the opponent attempts to depict a doomsday scenario if the other person is elected. But in the case of the 2016 campaign some of these scare tactics may actually be close to the truth. We have the most establishment candidate in Hillary Clinton; with her 30+ years in political office to which most people would claim she always meant to culminate in becoming president. Since Clinton will probably be too old to run again, this is her last chance. She will be pulling out all stops. Then we have Donald Trump, perhaps the "anti-candidate" in that he hasn't run a traditional campaign yet has reaped record support. Some people see his unscripted speeches as the reckless rantings of a neophyte who has no business in government whereas his supporters will say this is exactly why they support him. But what will happen when one of these two people is actually elected on November 8, 2016 and sworn in on January 20, 2017?


Trump supporters do not accept it and believe she rigged the election with fake votes. They could do everything from grumble for a few months to staging protests to violence; although most "Republicans" do not have a history of violent protest especially since most have too much to lose (jobs and homes) to spend the kind of time and energy involved in a sustained protest or violent action. So. scenario #1 has Hillary Clinton simply continuing Barack Obama's two terms.


In this scenario, Hillary realizing that this is her final hurrah pushes the most leftist agenda she can. She attempts to implement socialized healthcare, aggressive gun restrictions and other anti-American programs. This riles up the Trump supporters so much that violent protests occur despite their typical peaceful history. Perhaps there is even an attempted assassination. At any rate, this further divides Americans; to the point of civil war? Who knows.


Due to Hillary's poor health or to potential impeachment, her administration is cut short and her Vice President Tim Kaine has to step in. His obvious incompetence and his less ideological approaches anger loyal Hillary supporters. His administration lasts only the 4 years and ends miserably.


Hostile nations; be it Russia or groups like ISIS see Hillary as a weak and ineffective leader and constantly perform provocative acts. Hillary, unlike Obama is more likely to respond but her military acumen is the typical inconsistent Democrat betrayal and ends up in a world war event. So while Hillary had planned all these sweeping progressive policies, she is bogged down trying to fight for the very existence of the USA.


Even upon the news of November 8-9th Trump victory, riots break out all over, mainly by "Black Lives Matter" type actors who burn and loot yet claim it is a protest. Trump can either attempt to quell the violence or ignore it and hope it settles down. If it does settle down, Trump does prove to be the effective and unique business-minded leader many hoped he would be. Like Ronald Reagan who was hated by both the establishment Republicans and the Democrats, Trump implements policies that even his detractors have to admit are beneficial and successful. He either does or doesn't fully implement his keynote platforms such as the border wall, vetted immigration, and cooperation with Russia and other nations to defeat ISIS but is still seen as a success.


Trump attempts to implement many of his campaign promises but encounters hostile resistance from Congress and the Supreme Court. He either pushes it through or is unable. His entire presidency is marked with blunders and this kind of obstruction. Some nations will not interact with Trump because he insults them or because they do not want to legitimize what the U.S. media had worked so hard to depict as an illegitimate candidate. Trump leaves after 4 years of less than stellar accomplishments.


From day one of his presidency, Trump is embroiled in violent resistance. Like Clinton Scenario #2 attempts are made on his life. He has to spend a large part of his presidency simply trying to quell all the uprisings. Outside forces take advantage of the unrest and do violence against America. The potentiality for civil war or world war is high.


Trump masterfully forges a new era with Russia where we jointly combat Muhammad imitator aggression around the world. He works on weeding out the criminal collusion and corruption within the IRS, FBI, and DOJ. In short he does "make America great again" without compromising her standing in the world and perfectly sets up Mike Pence to take over as a truly conservative president ( see: phase 1).


Obviously, any combination of these scenario could happen among many of the unpredictable events such as what happened on George W. Bush's watch. But most likely, neither Trump nor Clinton will serve 2 terms. Not because they wouldn't like to, but because they will be 73-75 years old at the start of their second term. It is unlikely they would be able to muster support unless they are very healthly and full of vigor at that age. Clinton certainly doesn't show promise in that area.

My personal hope, is that whomever is elected, we the people can stay focused on what makes America unique; our devotion to the RIGHTS of the individual rather than the down-shouting and imposition of a mob calling itself a "democracy". If we can stay focused on why the founders of these United States considered the individual paramount to both the mob and the government, perhaps we can maintain enough of our freedoms to reassert at a later time.