Adoption: The Roderick Edwards Autobiography Series



The Adoptee Series was a difficult series to write and perhaps an even more difficult series to read as it lays out raw truths and emotions, we humans are conditioned to keep private. This is a 3-book series about a human that was left for dead at the hospital at birth. After a number of operations, he survives and is adopted by a family at age 4 but that family falls apart within 3 years due to divorce and he is once again all alone, raising his two non-biological younger siblings. While there is more content in between, we fast forward to when he becomes age 50 and the government has changed the laws to allow him to access his birth records if either his biological parents are deceased, or they agree to release the information. What happens next opens an entire new world of possibilities. Not all adoptee reunion stories go so well and maybe neither has this one depending on your perspective or how you were personally impacted.

Get this series and better understand what adoption does to a person; how it makes them feel disconnected from the rest of humanity, no matter how loving the adoptive parents. Learn about the "fog" that happens as adoptees come to terms with their true heritage. Finally, join as the adoptee finds his way in this new reality, reconciling adoptive family with birth family. Figuring out where he fits in.


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