American Independence is World Independence

Happy We-kicked-monarchism's-butt-day!

American FlagAmerica's independence day is not just another country's independence from some colonial "mother country". America was not some subordinate fiefdom that had been passed around from king-to-king throughout time. The American Experiment was a time and place where and of people who wanted to be free; free from the centuries long dictatorships of monarchical oversight.
The American Revolution was always inevitable because here is a place where all the "rebels" and individualists of the world would come to get away from the dictators and fascists, and mob-ruling elitists of the world.


With all the current political talk of the United States of America needing to be "more like Europe" or like some other country, it is very important to note that until the American Revolution, almost all of Europe and the world were under kings and queens or some form of monarchy. But the Americans; the former Rebels of the world didn't want to re-create and "be like" the rest of the world. We decided to create a new kind of country where the rights of the individual superseded the dictates of the State AND of the mob.

The Founders of USA were careful to consider all the things that went wrong with countries in the past, including republics and democracies (such as Greece and Rome). The Founders wanted to try to safe-guard the fledgling country from the pitfalls of history. They attempted to put roadblocks, limits, balances, and checks on government AND mobs so that neither could easily encroach on the rights of the individual. So, in this respect America changed the rules on how a country is constituted. From the Declaration of Independence to the Bill of Rights to the Constitution; everything was formulated to protect the individual from the State AND from the mob. The Founders understood that countries fail whenever the State or the mob has too much power. Countries fail when corruption overtakes it; either corruption through leaders or the people (mob). The rule of law via the rights of the individual must stand guard against corruption from all.


Actually, it was the rest of the world that at the time was trying to become more like the U.S. The French Revolution was an example how Frenchmen tried to mimic the movement Americans started yet France misunderstood that the American Revolution wasn't about class warfare; it was about the individual fighting all the powers that attempted to dehumanize and even classify the human into some group the the powers that be could attempt to control.

Eventually, most monarchies around the world were overthrown or relegated to mere traditional figureheads with no real say into the lives of individuals. This happened in the former colonial powers and then in their possessions until even most of the colonies became independent or gained at least a measure of autonomy.


But even with all the safe-guards put into place by USA's Founders, it seems we have been for a long time reverting to the same fate of the countries that came before us. We are told not to question the fiducia of the State (such as institutions like the FBI). We're told "of course" it has our best interests in mind. We are told that the systems in place are beyond reproach even though many of these systems, institutions and departments were never part of the original vision of the Founders and are often at odds with the vision. So, we are told that vision "could not have foreseen the need" for these new and often anti-American systems, institutions, and departments. We are told, we need these things to exist and any thought of repealing or dismantling them is "treason".

But the reversion isn't just an acquiesce to the State but to the mob which tells us either directly or through the State or through the "celebrity-class" that we must give up our individual freedoms. We must accommodate those outside of the country and idea of America. We must even "fundamentally transform" the USA into something else other than its original intent. We must become more like the rest of the world YET AGAIN. We must overlay ourselves with socialism for the good of the mob. This is what we are being told from just about every facet of society. We even elect avowed socialists to rule over us. We seem to be reverting to a time before our revolution.


It is not merely a political campaign slogan, nor is this phrase and concept the property of one man. Making America great again is the idea of returning to the founding principles of freedom, liberty, and justice for all. No one is to be seen as a skin color or a gender, or a practitioner of this or that religion. Each American CITIZEN is to be seen as an unique INDIVIDUAL with the same rights. But FIRST, the person NEEDS to be an American citizen. American rights are not automatically "world rights". America was formed only AFTER the rebels who came here worked the land, built cities, fought dictators, established a country with borders, and declared basic human rights protected for everyone who is a CITIZEN of this place and idea we call the United States.

You do NOT get to claim that protection if you are NOT a citizen. You do NOT get to claim to be a citizen just because you set foot inside our borders any more than you can claim to be a member of my family simply because you enter my house. You do NOT have right to my possessions because you enter my house; especially if you have unlawfully broken in. You do NOT get automatic amnesty or refugee status or asylum. I, as the "citizen" of my home get to say when and how you may become a member of my family and partake of the benefits of my home.

This is what is meant by "make America great again". It does NOT mean "return to a racist time" in America, in fact that history and ideology has been the work of the Democratic Party which now pretends to be the champion of the "underclass" -- a concept of any "class" is at its heart; anti-American. (see: link) We want America to be America again. A place for individuals. A place for equality of the individual, NOT division into classes that require special benefits or protections from other "classes". Remember this on the 4th of July!

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