Voting Third Party


Voting for Trump

So you want there to be a day when a 3rd party candidate wins the White House. You are tired of the two party system and believe it's the same no matter which party wins, right? You think you might vote for Gary Johnson or Jill Stein or maybe write someone in. Well, here is the time you've been waiting for. TRUMP IS THE THIRD PARTY CANDIDATE you've always wanted. So why aren't you voting for him? Ah, now your head fills with sentences like, "Trump is no different than Hillary". You know it's not true. You know that both parties want him stopped. You know the media is all in for Hillary Clinton. So, again; why aren't you finally going to vote for the candidate you've been waiting for all your life? Oh, you don't agree with his policies or you believe the bull that says he is a racist and a bigot? I mean, what else would you expect from the political system than an attempt to slander and destroy a 3rd party candidate. Donald Trump can't be allowed to disrupt the gig the Democrats and Republicans have had going all these years. Trump has to be stopped at all cost. They need you to think of him as a repulsive, bumbling idiot. Were they successful in deterring you from the third party candidate?


Maybe rather than a 3rd party candidate, you're really waiting for the perfect candidate. What will that look like? What percentage of your views must they reflect to be considered perfect? You know Trump will topple all the elite little politicians, no matter whether he is "perfect" or not. So why not vote for him for that reason alone? He will be paving the way for the next third party candidate or independent or libertarian or write-in candidate. His election will break down more barriers than the so-called "first woman president" in Hillary ever would. There is plenty of time for the first XYZ president but first let's have the first non-party president. We want a president that is first and foremost for the country and all of its people before parties and back room deals with life long politicians. Sounds pretty perfect to me.

Once Trump gets in, the doors are wide open for the next generation of 3rd party candidates. No more of this claim of "wasted votes". But you have to make it happen. You have to vote not just for the next 4 years or next 8 years but the next century. In this information age, we ought not be limited to the carefully crafted stage-craft of the Democrats and Republicans. Remember how the media was shocked how Trump was doing things and STILL winning and gaining supporters? They were amazed that he wasn't using their typical political play books and thought he would go down in flames. Now's our chance to show the politicians we will no longer be manipulated. Vote Trump, the 3rd party president of 2016 and beyond!