2nd Amendment/Gun Rights/Gun Control


The three main rights of every American are:

  1. Life
  2. Liberty
  3. Pursuit of Happiness

These rights are declared in the American Declaration of Independence. But they are not merely fanciful catchphrases of a bygone era. The original phrasing actually was "the preservation of life". Innate in preserving one's life is the protecting of self. All the other rights of a person mean nothing if they are dead. So, if they waive or defer to someone else the right and responsibility of protecting their life, they have in essence forfeited all their other rights. By this, I do not infer that a person should never rely on the protection of the police or military but that ultimate responsibility for preserving one's life, liberty and happiness lies with the individual.

To this end, I not only fully support the right of individuals to defend themselves with firearms, but I understand it as a fundamental principle to secure all of our other rights; inalienable or otherwise.


Having clearly outlined my support for the 2nd Amendment, it is important that I detail any possible limitations I might have on gun rights. First, let us squelch the argument that people have the right to defend themselves but not the right to firearms. As firearms are the prevailing method of defense, with firearms being the very basic tool used in all industries of defense; it is undeniable that firearms should be included in the "preservation of life". Not to mention the fact it is clearly outlined in the 2A. The Framers were not shortsighted in establishing the right to bear arms, but instead were quite ahead of their time.

Does this mean an individual should be able to use any sort of firearm in this protection. Well, according to the way 2A is written, yes. However, our government already limits some kinds of firearms. Perhaps we should consider police departments as a guide to the types of firearms allowed to be owned by the public. After all, whether people want to admit it or not, the 2A was not written merely for the protection against criminals but against government tyranny. God help us if it ever came to that in America, even though history is otherwise littered with governments that disarmed then attacked segments of their population.


The people who should lose their rights, even to protect themselves are those who have shown themselves disrespectful of other people's rights. When a criminal is defined by his or her desire to take the life, liberty or pursuit of happiness of others; then that person should lose their rights. Felons should not have the ability to own firearms and if caught in possession of such, should face harsh penalties. But law abiding Americans should never fear confiscation of their firearms.


The old saying, "an armed population is a polite population" holds true. If a criminal understands that at any moment his potential victim or bystanders would gun him down, he may be less likely to act out. Going further, as president I would work to make it illegal for any state to deny open-carry across state lines. The right to bear arms is a FEDERAL amendment and should not be superseded by local laws. A person should be able to travel in continental USA in possession of the legal firearm for self protection.

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