When are you really an adult in the USA?

AdulthoodEspecially in light of the gun debate which seeks to require all buyers to be at least 21 years of age, the United States needs a single age it considers a person an adult. Our inconsistent laws on legal adulthood has been and will even now be more of a problem. Why is it that at age 18 a person can enter the military and die for our country but still cannot drink alcohol? Age 21 only seems to allow a person to drink alcohol. If now we are going to require a person be 21 before being able to buy a gun, I think we should just make 21 the age of legal adulthood. This would mean that you have to be 21 to smoke, to drink, to buy a gun, to enter the military, and to vote. WHOA!!!! Roderick.


Did I get your attention? Democrats especially won't like that because they think young people vote more Democrat than Republican. But if we're going consider someone not mature enough to buy a gun until they are 21 then I also don't want them picking our lawmakers. The so called "age of majority" is the age when a person ceases being a "minor" and has become a major; a person who is legally responsible for all of their actions; barring any mental incapacity.

In light of all the other age benchmarks in our society, such as; age of marriage (which is about 16-18 in most states or younger with parental consent), driving age, gambling age, R-rated movie age and such we need to set a consistent age of majority. It became even worse when Obama allowed parents to carry insurance coverage for "children" up to the age of 26. When does a person in the United States really become an adult? Again I do not want minors of ANY kind voting for our politicians. If you are not able to legally make decisions for yourself in ALL matters, then I don't want you making decisions for me by way of your vote. So, I might be okay with raising the legal age to purchase and own a gun if we also raise the voting age. Can I get a second on this motion? And actually, prior to 1970 the voting age WAS 21. Hmmm when did all the crap start really happening in this country????

Interestingly enough, a way around all this is getting married. In most cases, if a person gets married, then they are automatically considered emancipated from being a minor. Yeah riiiiight. So since you could technically get married at age 12 (and possibly younger) with the consent of a parent, we could have 12 year olds voting??? I don't know. Hey person with a law degree help us out. Further, many religions have a different age of adulthood such as 12-13 in Judaism or 15 for males in Islam. (pssst, women are never really adults under Islam) Next comes the age you can hold public office. Why is that different than adulthood? In the USA you have to be at least 35 to run for president. What are we saying here? Are we saying that 21-34 olds are too immature to be president? Then why the heck are they voting for who should be president? Maybe we should raise the voting age to 35 eh??? Bye-bye Democratic Party since we all know that once a person becomes of age and starts paying taxes on things like income, homes and property they quickly stop believing all the class warfare crap that gets young people to vote Democrat. It becomes more about the individual once you're old enough to realize it. Obviously, I'm teasing about raising the age to 35 for voting but I do think 21 is consistent and reasonable in light of all the other rights and responsibilities a person attains at that age.

REFERENCE: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Age_of_majority

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