Rule Number 13 in Action


13 Rules

Rule #13 reads: “Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Cut off the support network and isolate the target from sympathy. Go after people and not institutions; people hurt faster than institutions."

This is the last rule from the book Rules for Radicals; a game plan book used by many in the Democratic Party to attack their opponents. Do you recognize this tactic in action? Let's break down this rule into its components and see if we can understand how this rule is used against people by the Democratic Party. (Source:

  • 13A = Pick the Target, focus on a person
  • 13B = Freeze it, do not allow the person to explain themselves
  • 13C = Personalize it, equate the target person with the issue
  • 13D = Cut off the support network, target friends and allies of the person
  • 13E = Isolate the target from sympathy, dehumanize the person so no one will have compassion
  • 13F = Go after people not institutions, target individuals not issues or groups
  • 13G = People hurt faster than institutions, individuals tend to relent/give up faster than groups

First, we see how unethical this approach is. Targeting people rather than the issues or topics they represent is an age old tactic of attacking the messenger instead of the message.


Contemporaneously we can see how the Democrats and their supporters including the mainstream media use this and the other 12 rules to attack anyone that opposes them but more specifically at this time, to attack Donald Trump. This is obvious in how they have tried to freeze Trump as any caricature they can create; "orange buffoon", "reality TV star", "racist rich guy", "sexist", "warmonger", "uneducated", "illegitimate" or whatever label they can affix.

Right now, the Democratic Party and the media are engaged in trying to implement 13D-E. They are trying their hardest to cut off the support network of Trump. They are trying to bully people into abandoning him. They summon their allies in Hollywood and the music industry to not perform or attend his inauguration. If someone dares to perform or attend, the Democrats will pummel them like they did to Jennifer Holliday, Andrea Bocelli, Garth Brooks, and others until they relent. These stars even received death threats from Democrats. By cutting off the support network, the Democrats can make a claim that "no one supports Trump" when the reality is people may be either afraid or not up to all the hassle they will encounter from the fascist Democrats. (Source:

The Democrats put 13E into action by attempting to dehumanize Trump. They first tried this by artists putting naked sculptures of Trump in major cities. This is an age old tactic that invaders would use to demoralize their enemies. They would strip their enemies down naked to destroy their dignity and self-worth among their people. Democrats are employing this same disgraceful behavior with Trump. (Source:

Dehumanizing your enemies is a method used to as rule 13E says; isolate the target from sympathy. The people in the slave trade used this tactic when they dehumanized their slaves as sub-human or "savages". The Nazis used it against their enemies making it easier to justify gassing them or burning them. They were considered not worth the sympathy. Since most humans will have compassion even for the suffering of an enemy, fascists, like the Democratic Party MUST first dehumanize their enemies so that you are less likely to show sympathy.

Note how 13F-G encourages the destruction of an individual. This is the reason the Democratic Party's tactics are often called the "politics of personal destruction". (See:


Once a person realizes what is being done to them by the Democratic Party, they can begin to fight back. First, you must tell your friends and allies what to expect. They need to realize that Democrats and their media helpers will try to get your friends and allies to either abandon you or say unflattering things about you. They don't care if it's true or not, they just want to use the occasion to say, "See, even his own friends don't like him because of XYZ". This has the effect of not only cutting you off from your network but of making sure it doesn't grow.

You must also be careful not to waver. If your cause is right and just, stick with it. Trump's rallying cry for example has been to "Make America Great Again". He has NEVER wavered by saying something like, "Well, it is already great under Obama. I'm just going to try to make it better". The leftists socialists want you to relent or backpedal. Once you do they can depict you as either not serious, or a fraud or tell your supporters you are going back on your word. Ironically enough, the Democratic Party will often try to get you to waver by acting like they want to agree with you if only you'll meet them half way. Realize they have no intention of helping you. They want to destroy you.

Study these rules and share them with your friends and allies. Show examples of how the Democratic Party has used these tactics for decades. Don't let the Democrats claim they don't use these rules. After all, Hillary Clinton actually wrote her college thesis on Saul Alinsky. (Source: Alinsky's rules are still a very, very major part of the "community organizer/agitator" model of the Democratic Party.

The better you understand why and how Democrats operate, the better you can combat them. The Democratic Party is anti-American. It wants to as Barack Obama said; "fundamentally transform" America into something it was never intended to be. The Democratic Party will create false history or try to deflect history so as to advance its anti-American agenda. After all, the Democratic Party literally is the party that created the KKK, Planned Parenthood, and white only institutionalized discrimination against black Americans for over 150 years. Yet, the Democrats lie and tell people they are a "new" party. They claim there was a role reversal where somehow they aren't racists any more. They will claim they are for "minorities" all the while keeping people in that fabricated status so that the Democrats can manipulate them for votes every four years. I mean, if you no longer allow yourself to be classified as a "minority" then why would you need the Democratic Party to keep promising to "help" you?
For more on this see:


Nothing is more frightening than finding out what you have been taught or what you thought was truth is really a LIE. The Democratic Party is NOT the party of the oppressed or downtrodden. Rather, the Democrats have ALWAYS been the oppressors that will attack and attempt to destroy anyone that dares disagree with them. The Alinsky rules alone prove that but when you add the FACT that the Democratic Party literally created the very group they try to pin on other people; THE KKK, you begin to see something isn't right about their claims. And when they attempt to say they have changed; think about the Nazi Party. Knowing the history of the Nazis, if they ever claimed they are "new" and no longer hate Jews would that change their origins??? In the same way, why should anyone let the Democratic Party off for their history? They have not changed. In fact, the Civil Rights Act of 1964 would have been unnecessary had the Democrats simply obeyed the Civil Rights Act of 1866 which ALREADY gave black Americans their FULL RIGHTS. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 which was opposed mainly by Democrats merely undid the 150 years of discrimination the Democrats imposed on black Americans. Do you get that??? The Democratic Party is trying to take credit for undoing the very thing they did to black Americans in the first place!!! Outrageous!

Even Malcolm X, which would have no love for white people, said that any black person voting for the Democratic Party is a "traitor to their race" because Malcolm X understood that the Dixiecrats and the Democrats are the same. They are STILL manipulating people for their votes.

Look, I know this information is difficult to accept because so many of us were taught that the Democrats are the champions of the little guy. But it just isn't true. The history and evidence shows that the only reason the Democratic Party pretended to support black Americans AFTER 1964 was to get their votes. Democratic president Lyndon Banes Johnson even said at the time that by making it look the Democrats passed the 1964 Civil Rights Act, that he'd "have them niggers voting Democrat for the next 200 years" (Source:

You can't continue to ignore that had the Democratic Party been outlawed after the Civil War, then there would never have been a KKK. There never would have been white only bathrooms and such. There never would have been dogs attacking and water hoses used on black Americans in the 1960s. The entire Civil Rights Movement was a movement against the policies and actions of the Democratic Party. It was THEIR party that was doing this to black Americans. After all, shortly after the Civil War until the 1930s, ALL the of 21 black congressmen were ALL Republicans. The 1930s marked the years when the Democratic Party started to make false promises of "help" for black Americans. It is also the beginning of the family break up of black Americans as they became more and more dependent on government programs. (Source:

I hope you have looked into the sources I have provided that prove what I am saying. You will find that the Democrats will not provide sources. Instead they will return to rule #13 They will attempt to cut off my networks. They will attempt to isolate me from any sympathy you might display. They will claim they are a "different" Democratic Party without providing any time frame when this change supposedly happened. I am NOT trying to advocate for the Republican Party but rather trying to show you the reader that you should not be manipulated by the historically racist Democrats and their unethical rules of engagement.