The XLSUPERTOOL was developed following 20+ years of Microsoft Excel usage. The tool contains many useful functions and concepts not standard with Excel. The tool is designed for Stand-alone or Add-in use.
Version 20171207=Download zip file


To allow for a portable stand-alone or a simple self-installing add-in that gives the user tools such as Excel bookmarks, multiple tab closer, tab divider and sorter and over 50 other tools in one place.


I have been using Excel since the late 1990s. The development of XLSUPERTOOL comes from years in industries such as Quality Control, Logistics (Freight Forwarding), and Publishing. The tools contained within are some of the most commonly needed tools I would have to constantly re-create. Now, here they are in one easy to access tool.


All OFFICIAL VERSIONS (that you would download from this site) are said to be free from virus/spyware/adware.
All of the code is open and viewable.

  • 20171128 Fixed datadivider & tabificator to allow as separate workbooks; truncate tab names to 30 characters. Massmailer error trapping for illegal file names.
  • 20171129 Added Count by Color to Eazy Buttons, counts cell or text colors in selection.
  • 20171207 Re-described Decimals as Displayed to Do as Displayed, since also allows for removing time from date:time format.


While I have made an effort to design the tool in a way that should operate in an expected manner, use of the tools comes without warranty and is "as is". By downloading and using this tool, the user holds Roderick Edwards and rodericke.com free from any liability.


  1. Download and open the zipfile (it only contains an Excel workbook in the .xlsb format).
  2. Enable Content/Macros/Editing (if prompted).
  3. STAND-ALONE use, simple click the LAUNCH button and follow on screen instructions.
  4. -------------

  5. ADD-IN use, select from Add-in #1 or #2 in the dropdown box in D13.
  6. Close all other workbooks you may have open.
  7. Add-in #1 places simply single tab ribbon/menu within Excel's own menu system (By Home/Insert/Page Layout...)
  8. Add-in #2 places full featured tab ribbon/menu allowing direct access to specific tools as needed.
  9. Once you decide which Add-in type you want, click LAUNCH. Will attempt to create .xlam file in your Add-in folder and enable.
  10. You should now see XLSuperTool menu/ribbon tab with every instance of Excel you open.
  11. If you don't see the new XLSuperTool menu/ribbon after install, go to FILE/OPTIONS/ADD-INS, select XLSuperTool, press GO, then check XLSuperTool, OK


The Stand-alone and Add-in# versions allow user access to the built-in "Designer" tab which allows the user to add their own macros/subroutines to the tool's user-interface.

RODERICKE IS FOR HIRE: rodericke.com/excel

DOWNLOAD link below -- zipfile with single xlsb file. Less than 600KB

Downloadable file: 

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