The XLSUPERTOOL was developed following 20+ years of Microsoft Excel usage. The tool contains many useful functions and concepts not standard with Excel. Some of the tools include:

  1. Bookmark most commonly used files.
  2. Easily close lots of open workbooks at the same time.
  3. Sort sheets ascending or descending order.
  4. Compare changes between 2 sheets.
  5. Convert decimals to what is actually shown.
  6. Increase or decrease a cell or range by %
  7. Easily combine a range of data into one cell (concatenate)

Version 20170601=Download zip file

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Many people may wonder why I didn't just develop an Excel add-in or user-defined "personal". The trouble with those concepts is that they are not very portable. You may add all kinds of nifty add-ins to your Excel but if the recipient doesn't have the same add-ins, things break fast.


I have been using Excel since the late 1990s. The development of XLSUPERTOOL comes from years in industries such as Quality Control, Logistics (Freight Forwarding), and Publishing. The tools contained within are some of the most commonly needed tools I would have to constantly re-create. Now, here they are in one easy to access tool.


All OFFICIAL VERSIONS (that you would download from this site) are said to be free from virus/spyware/adware.
All of the code is open and viewable. The various official versions will all be listed here.
Subsequent versions will have the ability to "import saved configurations" from previous versions.


While I have made an effort to design the tool in a way that should operate in an expected manner, use of the tools comes without warranty and is "as is". By downloading and using this tool, the user holds Roderick Edwards and rodericke.com free from any liability.

RODERICKE IS FOR HIRE: rodericke.com/excel


  1. Bookmarks=Save/Edit/Open/Close groups of Excel files
  2. Calculated Field Fixer=Fix formulas for multiple calculated fields/pivot tables within a workbook
  3. Calendar=Insert date in cell. Create calendar sheet
  4. Chart Copy=Copy Excel Charts from one workbook to another (as chart or static image)
  5. Chart Mimic=Mimic chart sizes and positions
  6. Closer=Close open workbooks with save/no save option
  7. Comparer (Complex)=Compare two workbooks differences. Must have same sheet names.
  8. Comparer (Simple)=Compare two workbooks differences. Uses UID reference for matching.
  9. Converter=Convert various measurements (weight, mass, time)
  10. Copy/Move Processor=Copy/Move data between X,Y, or Z sheets if data not on X,Y, or Z
  11. Currency Converter=Apply exchange rate to selected cells, adds comment
  12. Custom Views=Save/Edit/Apply Custom View
  13. Data Divider=Divide & email targeted data from a workbook (Outlook & Lotus Notes)
  14. Dims Calculator=Calculate dimensions (LxWxH)
  15. FAK Estimator=Estimate Freight Classes
  16. Increase/Decrease=Increase or decrease a cell or range by % or amount
  17. Massmail=Email groups targeted files with subject and body (Outlook & Lotus Note)
  18. Prefixer-Suffixer=Add text or numbers to the start or end of list of data
  19. SortTabs=Sort tabs/sheets in ascending or descending order
  20. Tab Combiner=Combine tabs from a workbook into a single sheet, new workbook
  21. Tab Divider=Divide tabs from a workbook into new workbook(s)
  22. Tabificator=Create new tabs from entries in a column
  23. WM Converter=Convert weight and measure with CBM factor feature (1CBM=X)


  1. %=Determine the % of allotment for a range of numbers. Formula =x/sum of range
  2. Allotment (KG and CBM)=Determine the % of allotment for kgs, cbm. Useful for consolidated shipments. Formula = average(kgs/tot kgs,cbm/tot cbm)
  3. Case Changer=Change text case to Upper, Lower, Title/Proper, or Sentence
  4. CellCleaner=Removes leading/trailing spaces and replaces carriage returns with ", "
  5. CellDetails=Return details of the selected cell
  6. Chart Colorizer=Colorize charts based on color of pivot table cells
  7. ColumnChooser=Create new workbook from selected columns of another workbook
  8. ColumnCopy=Copy data from a third column of two columns that match
  9. ColumnMatch=Match items from one column to another
  10. Concatenator=Concatenate ranges into single cell. Allows for space, comma or carriage return delimited
  11. Conditional Color Scaler=Gradient colorize values from largest to smaller or visa-versa
  12. CountbyColorColumns=Count specified color in a range of contiguous columns, output result on specified row
  13. CountbyColorRows=Count specified color in a range of cells (range of rows and columns)
  14. Date Difference=Determine the days between a range of start and end dates
  15. DecimalAsDisplayed=Convert decimal number to what decimal number is being displayed
  16. Encrypt-Decrypter=Encrypt or decrypt cells of text or values
  17. ForceText=Force range to be text (for +11 digit numbers that display as 221E+12)
  18. Goto=Go to TOP, BOTTOM, LEFT, RIGHT of worksheet
  19. Header-Footer-Margin Copy=Copy activesheet header, footer, margin, to all visible sheets in same workbook as activesheet. (Hide sheets to exclude).
  20. Hyperlink UID=Hyperlink unique references from one sheet to another so that you can click and go to matching reference.
  21. Last Column/Row=Determine last populated column or row of a worksheet
  22. Mileage-Kilometer Tool=Determine the mileage or kilometers between a list of points (Only Excel 2013+)
  23. Pivot Fixer=Clean up pivot table lists (More tools to come)
  24. RepeatFill=Fill next row with text of previous row, unless already populated
  25. ReverseString=Reverse a delimited/divided string (such as Rod, Edwards to Edwards, Rod)
  26. SyncedColumnCopy=Copy data from mutiple columns of upto 2 sheets onto a RESULT sheet, but not copying over existing data on RESULT sheet.
  27. UnhideAll=Unhide all sheets at once
  28. Volume Converter=Convert column of mixed volumes to single volume (CBM-to-CBF & CBF -to-CBM only)
  29. Weight Converter=Convert column of mixed weights to single weight (KGS-to-LBS and LBS-to-KGS only)
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