Roderick Edwards Suspends Campaign

Campaign suspended

I Roderick Edwards am officially announcing the suspension of my campaign for president of the United States. When I started this effort in October 2014, before any major candidate had declared, I had proclaimed a very detailed and clear platform which included many of the aspects now being advocated by the Republican front-runner, Donald Trump. Further, I always understood this effort to be more theoretical than possible, since it is unlikely an independent write-in candidate could ever garner enough support, even though as I stated my views were already what the front-runner is now advocating and what many people support.

At this juncture, if I were running as a Republican I would be expected to unite around the Republican candidate for the Party's sake. But as an independent I am free to endorse or not endorse whomever I like. Since as I've pointed out, most of my initial positions are also being advocated by Trump, it seems logical that I would endorse Trump. At the mere mention of this potentiality, I've had friends both on the left and on the right chide me that by doing so I would forfeit my "moral authority". To these friends, Trump represents a lesser evil that is too evil or at least too unqualified to support. While in the past, these friends and people like them may have held their noses and voted for the candidate that at least shares a majority of their positions, it seems Trump is seen as either too damaged or not serious enough for this course of action.

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