Cleaning up America


If I were elected president, on day one I'd call a news conference and with all the cameras rolling, I'd personally scrub the Oval Office down with Lysol. And then say, READ Cleaning up America about Cleaning up America

Edge of Anarchy: Iargalon

Beyond the Sunset

When people talk about freedom, what is meant? Do we mean we want to do whatever we want? Isn't that really anarchy? A lawlessness. That is the setup for this article on the hypothetical nation called Iargalon. What if there was a country with virtually no government, where the people could settle on a piece of land and be left unmolested by laws imposed upon them by others. But how would this be possible? Doesn't every society need order. Without rules, without government with the power to maintain order wouldn't there be chaos?


Imagine this Iargalon with a minimal government with a main responsibility of merely the national defense of the country. This centralized government would have virtually no ability to tax. No ability to dictate a national agenda. The key to all of this would be a society built on respect for personal contract; Caveat Emptor. -- buyer beware. This would mean that each person is ultimately responsible for making sure the contracts they enter into are for mutual benefit. On this principle, whatever government there was, it would hold people to their contracts. Obviously this would need to be a society where people were noble and honorable. But are humans by nature, noble and honorable? Are we instead, by nature greedy and self-serving? Isn't this why we implement government; so as to impose on other people things that force them to behave noble and honorable...or at least how we interpret noble and honorable?


So, you have this Iargalon where the people come together to form a more perfect union. They elect a government of officers from among the people; not career politicians but people who will return to their daily lives as farmers, tradesmen, and business people after they serve their limited terms. There would be no class of people such as politicians. To raise a military, for the common defense of the nation, would require local militias that would be called and rotated at all times for the maintaining of a standing army. This conscription would be necessary, modeled much after the IDF Regular Service, and would require all able-bodied, able-minded persons of a specified age range to serve at rotating and limited time in the military. The idea of career military service should also be resisted in this new nation. READ Edge of Anarchy: Iargalon about Edge of Anarchy: Iargalon

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