Alternative To Trump


Who is the alternative to Trump? Who is the 3rd party alternative? Who is the independent alternative? That may be the question people will be asking themselves as the general election approaches.
It is clear that both Republican and Democrat voters are disillusioned by their parties. On the right, you have conservatives that have grown tired of hearing how things will change if only the Republicans gain control of the Senate, or the Congress, or the presidency or the Supreme Court. When they have control of these branches of government, they never seem to implement the promises to their voters.

On the left, the constant class warfare is getting old. The so-called millennials aren't buying the same ole lines. They want their utopia now. Bernie Sanders was becoming the vehicle for that realization until it became obvious that the DNC had already chosen Hillary Clinton to replace Barack Obama; after all, Obama kind of stole the election from Hillary in 2008. According to Democrat establishment politics, it's Hillary's "turn".

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