Everyone VS You

Are you your own person or are you defined by your membership with some group?


We want to think of ourselves as independent individuals, to be judged or assessed on our own merits, but if we present our group affiliation before anything else then that is how people will see us. If we first tell people about our race or our nationality or our religion then that is who we are before we are an individual human. Further, when it comes to your identity as an individual you will not only have those attributes you purposely project but other people will impose definitions on you. How do you present yourself as a true individual?
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What Your Facebook Activity Says About You

Does your Facebook activity reveal what type of person you are?

Facebook reveals

What if by clicking that like button you are saying more about yourself than you know? In fact you are. University of Cambridge researcher Michal Kosinski used his Psychometrics studies to develop an analytic of a person's Facebook activity. From your likes he can predict your gender, your femininity or masculinity level, marital status among other things.
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Four Years After Trump

Will America, or more specifically Democrats survive four years of Trump? Yes, yes you will.

Surviving Trump

During every party change of the American presidency, the losing party seems so distraught as unable to go on, but with Donald Trump's election a new manifestation of grief from leftists seems to be showing. They seem unable to come to terms that not only did he win, but he is doing exactly what he said he'd do.
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To the Land of the Infidels: U.S. Immigration Issue

Why do people who hate the ideas of America, capitalism and freedom get upset when they are banned from coming to America?


During the first week of U.S. president Donald Trump's administration he issued an entry ban for people from several predominantly Muslim countries where ISIS and other Islamic terrorists have been known to originate. This caused quite a backlash from American Democrats and other anti-American leftists.
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