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Before Candy Crush

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Before games like Candy Crush, Farmville, Angry Birds and such mindless offerings there were games that actually challenged people. Very few people anymore may play PC games like Risk, Age of Empires, and Empire Earth, but these games really challenge the mind. These games are like Chess on steroids. You command your army, build your society and culture and even choose your religion and government system. In fact, if so-called leaders like Barack Obama played some of these games, maybe they would learn a little something. These games are packed with history...but living history that allows you to immerse yourself in it. But maybe that's the point of games like Candy Crush; they are mindless and casual. You can come back to it at any time. You need not immerse yourself into it. You can play a quick game while waiting for something else to happen.

However, I still like to play a good multi-day game of AoE or EE sometime; especially with or against a human player. The problem is, players of such games are becoming less and less. I had taught my daughter to play these games since she was 3 years old. Give it a try.

I am also like candy crush game.I have beat 158 levels without any hints.But now i need some useful candy crush hints and tips to beat the next levels.

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