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Updated: 50 min 17 sec ago

German Olympian slammed for skating to Schindler's List

55 min 32 sec ago
The film became a trending topic on Twitter as users accused 21-year-old Nicole Schott of insensitivity and tastelessness over her music choice.

Minnie Driver criticizes Matt Damon for mansplanning abuse

56 min 54 sec ago
She also spoke about the comments made by her ex and Good Will Hunting co-star Matt Damon, who last year suggested that there should be a degree of severity assigned to acts of misconduct.

First National Bank to halt production of NRA credit card

1 hour 3 min ago
The nation's largest privately-owned bank holding company will stop producing credit cards for the National Rifle Association in response to customer feedback, a spokesman said Thursday.

US figure skating has worst showing in modern history

1 hour 20 min ago
It was a rough day for the US women's Olympic figure skating team when Mirai Nagasu (left), Bradie Tennell (top right) and Karen Chen (bottom right) botched their free skating routines.

Ratings slip 'causes tension at NBC over Lester Holt'

1 hour 29 min ago
The slip in NBC's ratings have caused tension at the network and even Lester Holt's (pictured during the Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang) position at NBC Nightly News is reportedly in jeopardy.

Fifth-grader volunteers to block door in a shooter drill

1 hour 54 min ago
Tanai Benard, from Houston, recounts how Dez, 10, told her his school held an active shooter drill, and shared what he had learned he should do in the emergency.

Trump tweets claim that CNN's town hall was scripted

1 hour 56 min ago
President Donald Trump slammed CNN Thursday night in a tweet that included a claim that Parkland shooting survivor, Colton Haab 'quit' the network's town hall over a 'scripted question'.

Trump says raise age for buying semi-auto rifles

2 hours 2 min ago
Trump's statements on Thursday bucked his loyal supporters in the National Rifle Association amid America's public reckoning over gun violence.

Woman performs a musical cover letter in viral video

2 hours 27 min ago
Page Kemna, a talented singer, wrote a song including a list of her talents which has been viewed over 800,000 times on LinkedIn.

Bart Whitaker escapes execution in Texas

2 hours 30 min ago
Republican Governor Greg Abbott on Thursday commuted the execution of Thomas Bartlett 'Bart' Whitaker, 38, to a sentence of life in prison, just hours before he was scheduled to die.

South Carolina woman who gouged her eyes was high on meth

2 hours 36 min ago
Kaylee Muthart, 20, had been using meth for about six months when she freaked out on February 6 in Anderson, South Carolina, her mother said in a new interview published on Thursday.

Same-sex couple in Texas turned down as foster parents

3 hours 1 min ago
A federal lawsuit filed in DC on Tuesday claims federal contractors told a same-sex couple in Texas that foster parents for refugee minors must 'mirror the holy family' and they would not 'qualify.'

Father arrested for nearly decapitating his toddler son

3 hours 1 min ago
Rolando Ortiz (right), 37, is accused of nearly decapitating his two-year-old son Mateo Garcia Aguayo (left) after the boy's body was found in a trash bag in their Chicago home on Wednesday.

The common household plant that could kill your family pet

3 hours 57 min ago
These plants are common additions to households across Australia, but one vet has warned the seemingly innocent plants can be deadly for pets.

Three men found dead outside elite high school

4 hours 15 min ago
The bodies of three men, who may have died from drug overdoses, were found near a school in San Francisco. A security guard at The Urban School (pictured) discovered the bodies Thursday morning.

Top wedding trends of 2018 revealed

4 hours 38 min ago
According to Pinterest's wedding trend report for 2018, couples are turning tradition on its head and opting for quirky add-ons, casual attire and unique ceremonies on the big day.

Vonn scatters grandfather's ashes near downhill course

5 hours 38 sec ago
The American ski great, 33, had been skiing in honor of her grandfather, who died in November, while in PeyongChang, and had his initials written in the side of her helmet.

Drinking trendy fruit teas can ruin your smile

5 hours 4 min ago
Dentists at King's College London's Dental Institute have warned that the acid in fruit teas can erode our teeth, wearing away enamel and raising the risk of needing a filling or crown.

New York socialite wanted in Russia sentenced to 11 years

5 hours 8 min ago
US citizen Janna Bullock, 49, and her ex-husband Kuznetsov, as well as claimed accomplices, allegedly fraudulently moved regional funds to offshore firms to finance an extravagant lifestyle.

Father, 51, 'imprisoned and raped his twin daughters'

5 hours 35 min ago
Jerry Lee Curry (pictured), 51, was charged on Tuesday for allegedly raping, starving, beating and chaining up his twin daughters for long periods of time in their Minneapolis home.