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Colorado hikers help save dog trapped in old mining shaft

Daily Mail - 4 hours 4 min ago
Preston Gladd (right), his girlfriend Portia Scovern, and their friend worked together to save an adorable pooch who had been trapped inside an old mining shaft for about 10 days in Colorado.

Egyptian air force says strikes arms convoy at Libya border

TownHall - 4 hours 4 min ago
CAIRO (Reuters) - The Egyptian military said on Monday its air force hit eight four-wheel-drive vehicles carrying arms and explosives at Egypt's western border with Libya, killing the militants on board. A military statement gave no details o

Terrifying moment freshwater crocodile bursts out of pool 

Daily Mail - 4 hours 4 min ago
A wildlife ranger in North Queensland has filmed the terrifying moment a giant freshwater crocodile launches out of shallow water.

Could 'Silicon Samantha' sex robots have children?

Daily Mail - 4 hours 5 min ago
Sergi Santos and his wife work together at their laboratory in Barcelona to create the sex dolls, which cost around £2,700 (€3,000) a piece, and claim Samantha has improved their marriage.

Darkness: life in Puerto Rico without electricity (Yochi Dreazen/Vox)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 5 min ago

Yochi Dreazen / Vox:
Darkness: life in Puerto Rico without electricity  —  Puerto Rico's misery won't end without power.  The problem is that it isn't getting any.  —  ADJUNTAS, Puerto Rico — In the final frantic days before Hurricane Maria devastated this small town in the mountains of central Puerto Rico …

Senators Stunned to Discover We Have 1,000 Troops in Niger (Betsy Woodruff/The Daily Beast)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 5 min ago

Betsy Woodruff / The Daily Beast:
Senators Stunned to Discover We Have 1,000 Troops in Niger … The death of four U.S. Special Operations Forces troops in Niger has generated a raucous conversation about how presidents should comfort bereft Gold Star families.  —  But, quietly, it's fueling a more difficult debate than whether …

"It made me cry." Fallen soldier's widow calls out Trump - and he immediately attacks her (Eric Boehlert/Shareblue Media)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 5 min ago

Eric Boehlert / Shareblue Media:
“It made me cry.”  Fallen soldier's widow calls out Trump — and he immediately attacks her  —  “Why would we fabricate something like that?” asks Myeshia Johnson, as she denounces Trump's lies about his call to the family of a fallen soldier.  —  Branding Donald Trump a liar on national television …

Why the Athletic Wants to Pillage Newspapers (Kevin Draper/New York Times)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 5 min ago

Kevin Draper / New York Times:
Why the Athletic Wants to Pillage Newspapers  —  By the time you finish reading this article, the upstart sports news outlet called The Athletic probably will have hired another well known sportswriter from your local newspaper.  In a couple of years, once The Athletic has completed its breakneck expansion …

Fox accused of racism after dressing child as watermelon

Daily Mail - 4 hours 6 min ago
Fox & Friends is being slammed by social media users as racist for airing a segment showing a child from a minority community dressed as a watermelon slice on Sunday.

Weinstein accuser Ashley Judd to be interviewed by ABC News

TownHall - 4 hours 7 min ago
NEW YORK (AP) — ABC News says Ashley Judd will sit down with anchor Diane Sawyer for her first television interview since the actress-activist went public with allegations against movie executive Harvey Weinstein.The interview will air Thursday

“THIS IS BULLSH*T!”: Bill O’Reilly BLASTS Sexual Harrassment Claims In Newly Released Audio

GatewayPundit - 4 hours 8 min ago

Bill O’Reilly unloaded on the latest sexual harrestment allegations, where the New York Times reported on Saturday that the former Fox News host paid network contributor Lis Wiehl $32 million to settle the charges.

“It’s horrible what I went through, horrible what my family went through.” Bill O’Reilly to the New York Times.

“We have physical proof that this is bullsh*t!”

Video credit: CNN

In an explosive statement, O’Reilly’s attorney says the New York Times relied on stolen documents to file its report.

O’Reilly’s attorney Mark Fabiani issued the following statement on the report:

Once again, The New York Times has maliciously smeared Bill O’Reilly, this time even failing to print a sworn affidavit from his former lawyer, Lis Wiehl, repudiating all allegations against Bill O’Reilly. The Times ignored that evidence, sworn under oath, and chose to rely on unsubstantiated allegations, anonymous sources and incomplete leaked or stolen documents.

The Times report alleged O’Reilly forced Wiehl into a non-consensual  sexual relationship and sent her sexually explicit material.

O’Reilly denied the allegations to the New York Times, stating “I have never mistreated anyone.” The former Fox News went on to suggest such allegations were “politically and financially motivated.”

“The settlement — a staggering figure for a sexual harassment case — was made in January, according to the news report, just before O’Reilly signed a new four-year contract that would pay him $25 million annually to continue as host of his top-rated prime-time program “The O’Reilly Factor,”” reports The New York Times.

The Chicago Tribune reports:

A representative of Fox News parent 21st Century Fox confirmed the settlement, but said it had not been aware of the financial terms at the time.

“When the company renewed Bill O’Reilly‘s contract in February, it knew that a sexual harassment lawsuit had been threatened against him by Lis Wiehl, but was informed by Mr. O’Reilly that he had settled the matter personally, on financial terms that he and Ms. Wiehl had agreed were confidential and not disclosed to the company,” the representative told the Los Angeles Times.

[…]O’Reilly’s new deal included a stipulation that any further sexual harassment allegations made against him could lead to his termination.

The Murdoch family fired Bill O’Reilly in April – the top personality on cable news for the past 15 years.

The New York Times posted this tweet later on Saturday.

.@BillOReilly’s statement falsely says our story didn’t mention affidavit Lise Wiehl signed. Here are both references cc:@markfabiani

— Michael S. Schmidt (@nytmike) October 21, 2017

The post “THIS IS BULLSH*T!”: Bill O’Reilly BLASTS Sexual Harrassment Claims In Newly Released Audio appeared first on The Gateway Pundit.

Trump spars with widow of slain soldier about condolence call (Louis Nelson/Politico)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 11 min ago

Louis Nelson / Politico:
Trump spars with widow of slain soldier about condolence call  —  Myeshia Johnson, the widow of a soldier killed earlier this month in Niger, said Monday that a condolence call from President Donald Trump “made me cry even worse,” prompting Trump to immediately push back against part of her emotional account via Twitter.

Could cucumbers lead to a cure for Alzheimer's?

Daily Mail - 4 hours 11 min ago
Scientists at Dundee and Oxford universities believe they have created a 'magic bullet' by using a virus that normally affects the vegetable in their quest for a cure against several conditions.

Mom of four 'murdered son, 2, in their California home'

Daily Mail - 4 hours 12 min ago
California mom Crystal Greene has been arrested after her son died at a home on the 10300 block of Wintergreen Road (pictured) in Pinon Hills, San Bernardino. Doctors say he had 'injuries'.

GOP Challenger: Arrest Maxine Waters For “Take Trump Out” Threat

Info Wars - 4 hours 14 min ago
Fox News contributor warns threat could inspire people to "assassinate Republicans".

Republicans could deny million-dollar earners a rate cut

Daily Mail - 4 hours 15 min ago
House Republicans meeting this week on a major tax cut could change the outline they have already announced to deny a rate cut for taxpayers earning more than $1 million a year.

First on CNN: Security costs skyrocket at 'lightning rod' EPA (CNN)

Memeorandum - 4 hours 16 min ago

First on CNN: Security costs skyrocket at ‘lightning rod’ EPA  —  STORY HIGHLIGHTS  —  Washington (CNN)The Environmental Protection Agency is beefing up security measures surrounding Administrator Scott Pruitt to an unprecedented level, CNN has learned, as members of Congress are asking if the costs are a …

FBI informant 'tried to order a hit and escape jail'

Daily Mail - 4 hours 16 min ago
Scott Kimball, of Colorado, is facing one count of solicitation of first-degree murder and one count of attempted escape, according to an arrest warrant filed last week.

Merrill Lynch fined $45.5M for failing to report transactions

UPI - 4 hours 16 min ago
Bank of America's Merrill Lynch was fined $45.5 million by Britain for failing to report two years worth of exchange-traded derivatives transactions.


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