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Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai Suing City Of Cambridge For Attack On Free Speech

Info Wars - 5 hours 54 min ago
Congressional candidate stands up for First Amendment.

Trump warns Iran it will 'have big problems' if it pursues nukes

Daily Mail - 5 hours 55 min ago
Trump railed against Barack Obama's administration for signing onto the pact as he held court with French President Emmanuel Macron in the Oval Office.

Hilarious pictures show what happens when employees that just can’t be bothered

Daily Mail - 5 hours 55 min ago
The collection of snaps posted by internet users from around the world show the creative solutions devised by employees to save time and money.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announce musicians for royal wedding

Daily Mail - 5 hours 56 min ago
Guests at St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle will hear performances by artists including Christian gospel group The Kingdom Choir and cello prodigy Sheku Kanneh-Mason, 19.

Amazon Can Now Deliver Packages To Your Car

Newsy - 5 hours 56 min ago

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Some Amazon Prime members can now get packages delivered to their car. Yeah, you heard that right. 

Here's how it works: Users download the Amazon Key app. They then connect their car's remote unlocking system to the app — which is how delivery drivers access the vehicle.   

Users can receive packages anywhere they normally park their car, like home or work, so long as it's within two blocks of the delivery address. Amazon then authorizes the driver to unlock the vehicle. The car is relocked after delivery, and the customer receives notifications every step of the way.  

Amazon Key was introduced last year as an in-home delivery service that allows drivers to place packages inside Prime members' homes.

The in-car delivery service is available to users with eligible vehicles in 37 markets.

Having great meetings and discussions with my friend, President @EmmanuelMacron of France. We are in the midst of meetings on Iran, Syria and Trade. We will be holding a joint press conference shortly, here at the @WhiteHouse.

Trump Twitter - 5 hours 56 min ago

Having great meetings and discussions with my friend, President of France. We are in the midst of meetings on Iran, Syria and Trade. We will be holding a joint press conference shortly, here at the . 🇺🇸🇫🇷

‘Leave him ALONE!’ Dana Loesch WALLOPS vile gun-grabber for calling Kyle Kashuv a terrorist

Twitchy - 5 hours 57 min ago

Yesterday Twitchy reported that Kyle Kashuv had been called out of class because a tweet he had posted of himself with his dad at the gun range from the weekend supposedly upset his classmates. Kashuv was all but interrogated by a school resource officer, a security officer, and even an officer from Broward County about the tweet; imagine if they had cared this much about the actual shooter.

They kept calling him the ‘Second Amendment Kid.’

Welp, Dana shared this story with a very brief comment:

Just, wow.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 24, 2018

Just wow indeed.

She followed up:

Education is the antidote to ignorance. Kudos to @KyleKashuv ’s dad for taking his son to the range for lessons on responsible use.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 24, 2018

‘Nuff said.

Or was it?

@KyleKashuv and his father are purposely posting these pictures on social media to stoke fear & create divisions with these kids! He’s acting like a terrorist taunting these kids with military grade weapons! Maybe Kyle should be home schooled so he play with his guns all day!

— Vince Carr (@vcarr2000) April 24, 2018

You’ve gotta wonder what sort of low-life thinks it’s ok to call a kid a terrorist on Twitter.


They aren’t “military grade” and it is abhorrent that you compared a young man to a terrorist due to your own inexcusable ignorance. Leave him alone.

— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) April 24, 2018


Dude, walk away.

Or poor Dana, haven’t you not been watching the news? You can’t even going to waffle house without being shot by an A.R. 15! Whatever the rifle is designed to kill people. He goaded his schoolmates with those pics! I would definitely have Kyle on a watchlist!

— Vince Carr (@vcarr2000) April 24, 2018

"I would deffinitely have Kyle on a watch list". Good thing youre not in charge of such things otherwise our law enforcement would be using its resources to investigate all these threatening individuals visiting gun ranges.

— Paper Ass Gasket (@PaincakesNbacon) April 24, 2018

Like your enormous ego would ever let you be seen in a Waffle House. Go get a mocha and let the adults worry about real life. #2A

— Independent Mark (@malavemark) April 24, 2018

Stay delusional, Jazz Hands.

— Pio (@PiosGBP) April 24, 2018

Go home dude. She just dropped a truth bomb you.

— TK (@trentking0611) April 24, 2018

Using this tweet JUST for the gif.

he did not. stop the nonsense you are hysterical

— GetLosti (@HadItWitYou) April 24, 2018

Vince seems angry and hysterical.

Perhaps he should be on a watch list too.


DA-YUM! ‘The Young JERK’ Cenk Uygur gets a RUDE awakening after UGLY attack on Kanye West

TFG -> Blue-check continues blaming Ben Shapiro for mosque shooting, @neontaster and others SCHOOL

BUZZKILL Shannon Watts proves she STILL has a stick firmly in her backside, shames Jay Feely for prom photo

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Prince Harry and Prince William put Diana's outfits on display

Daily Mail - 5 hours 58 min ago
EXCLUSIVE: The three iconic outfits – featured here exclusively by MailOnline - have been personally loaned by her sons, William and Harry, for an exhibition at Kensington Palace.

Researchers find some of the deadliest fish in the world hide SWITCHBLADES in their face

Daily Mail - 5 hours 59 min ago
Researchers from the University of Kansas have discovered that some species of stonefish have a nightmarish switchblade mechanism, located just below the eye, with one on each cheek.

Pruitt to unveil controversial 'transparency' rule limiting what research EPA can use (Washington Post)

Memeorandum - 6 hours 5 sec ago

Washington Post:
Pruitt to unveil controversial ‘transparency’ rule limiting what research EPA can use … This post has been updated.  —  Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt is expected to propose a rule Tuesday that would establish new standards for what science could be used …

Motorcyclists block the road to help an elderly woman cross the street in heartwarming video

Daily Mail - 6 hours 2 min ago
In a heart-warming video posted on Sunday, three bikers stop traffic to give an older woman plenty of time to cross the street in Phoenix, Arizona.

Amazon Wants to Unlock Your Car to Leave Packages Inside

Info Wars - 6 hours 4 min ago
New service follows program that allows couriers to enter and leave packages in homes

Trump berates reporter who asks if he's going to pardon Michael Cohen

Daily Mail - 6 hours 4 min ago
A day earlier, the White House seemed unwilling to rule out a future pardon for Cohen, who is facing a criminal probe over hush-money payments to women who claim to have bedded the president.

Russian 'doomsday machine' nuke could wipe out coastal infrastructure with 300ft tsunamis

Daily Mail - 6 hours 5 min ago
Experts say a 50 megaton underwater nuclear bomb would be able to create tsunami waves reaching more than 320ft - Russia's Status-6 submarine drone is reportedly able to carry a 100 megaton bomb.

Ex-Delaware State Senate candidate killed in murder-suicide with another woman

Daily Mail - 6 hours 8 min ago
Meredith Chapman was found dead Monday along with an unnamed woman inside a home in Radnor Township, Pennsylvania, where she had recently moved for a new job at Villanova University.

More from the British war on knives

Hot Air - 6 hours 8 min ago

We talked about the British movement toward knife control previously, but since they’re clearly getting serious about it there’s plenty of material to cover. London is busy prosecuting people found to be carrying any sort of scary looking, sharpened blades and they’ve got plenty of reasons to be concerned. Over at Reason, J.D. Tuccille has a lengthy examination of this phenomenon and touches on a couple of important points.

First, there’s the question of the murder rate in London which recently surpassed that of New York City. Plenty of pundits have made note of this fact and used it to point out that the lawless will find a way to break laws even if there aren’t many guns around. But as the author points out, this may be a brief blip on the radar. London’s murder rate has actually been fairly constant over a period of centuries while the Big Apple has historically bested them, even when there were no gun control laws in either city to speak of. It’s only recently that New York’s murder rate has plummeted.

Commentators note that this may be a blip and that New York City’s murder rate for 2017 stood at more than double that for London. In fact, London’s murder rate really hasn’t risen much—instead, New York’s has dropped dramatically. But that still represents a big shift. In her 2002 Guns and Violence: The English Experience, historian Joyce Lee Malcolm noted that “New York City’s homicide rate has been at least five times higher than London’s for two hundred years. For most of that time, there were no serious firearm restrictions in either city.”

New Yorkers didn’t need firearms to exceed the bloodlust of their trans-Atlantic rivals. Even if you removed crimes committed with guns from the comparison, “New Yorkers still managed to outstab and outkick Liverpudlians by a multiple of 3 and Londoners by a multiple of 5.6″ over those two centuries,” wrote the late Eric H. Monkkonen in Murder in New York City, published in 2000.

With or without guns, New Yorkers were just more inclined to kill more of their fellow humans than London’s denizens. That makes the recent shift all the more favorable for New York. But the chief driver, as Tuccille points out, is that the two cities are going in opposite directions when it comes to gang violence. London’s gang culture is on the rise while New York has finally managed to wrestle their gang problem down to more manageable levels.

But what will London do about their increasing (or at least perceived) knife problem? In a strange parallel to parts of the United States, there are “solutions” being put forward from both the public and private sectors. The police will be doing more “stop and frisk” operations, while private retailers are going to stop selling… kitchen knives.

Not to be outdone, his predecessor, Boris Johnson, currently Foreign Secretary, called for increased use of stop-and-search powers by police. “You have got to stop them, you have got to search them and you have got to take the knives out of their possession.”

Poundland (the British equivalent of a dollar store) announced last week that it will no longer sell kitchen knives in any of its 850 stores. Similar stores are being slapped with fines for selling knives to minors.

British politicians propose banning home delivery of knives and police promote street-corner bins for the surrender of knives while also conducting stings against knife vendors. Their goal is to “target not only those who carry and use knives, but also the supply, access and importation of weapons.”

Tuccille comments on the pointless nature of all this. The Brits have managed to almost entirely disarm their law abiding citizens, but gun ownership among gang members (and the corresponding rate of gun homicides) is on the rise. And if you can’t manage to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, how in the world do you propose to curtail their access to bits of metal which can be sharpened on a suitable stone?

What the Brits are doing right now is definitely going to have an impact… on people trying to cook dinner. Meanwhile, those looking to go out and kill somebody will find a way to do it as they always have. Perhaps rather than disarming your lawful citizens and blaming the tools used by criminals, you need to address the cultural issues which make gang activity more common. But that would make too much sense, I suppose.

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Ohio police officer brings apology cake for firefighter she tased on accident

Daily Mail - 6 hours 8 min ago
Hamilton Township Officer Darcy Workman apologized for tasing firefighter Rickey Wagoner, so she made him a cake iced with an unusual message: 'Sorry I tased you.'


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