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Shrews' skulls SHRINK by 20% in the winter

Daily Mail - 2 hours 49 min ago
Dubbed Dehnel’s phenomenon, researchers from the Max Planck Institute for Ornithology in Germany found that shrew head size changes with the seasons.

Melania to participate in an anti-bullying event

Daily Mail - 2 hours 49 min ago
First lady Melania Trump is headed to the Detroit suburbs Monday to speak to middle school students and participate in a 'No One Eats Alone' anti-bullying event.

Woman's first motorbike lesson goes horribly wrong

Daily Mail - 2 hours 49 min ago
The video, filmed by a passerby in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, shows a woman sitting on a bike as a man in army uniform holds on to the back. The woman then hits the throttle and zooms off.

Burger King customer starts throwing punches at man

Daily Mail - 2 hours 54 min ago
An unidentified man (pictured on the left in the black T-shirt) was filmed punching a random man (right in the white) in the face at a Burger King at 3400 Fredericksburg Rd in San Antonio.

‘They hate Trump like the plague’: NYT Contractor Reveals Anti-Trump Bias

Info Wars - 2 hours 57 min ago
'They're like f*ck Trump, f*ck Trump...yeah, they all hate him,' say contractor.

Lindsey Vonn lists Los Angeles home for $3.8million

Daily Mail - 2 hours 58 min ago
Lindsey Vonn has listed her four-bedroom home in the Beverly Grove neighborhood of Los Angeles for $3.795million.

Video shows humpback whale breach feet from snorkelers

Daily Mail - 3 hours 1 min ago
A spectacular video has emerged from French Polynesia of a humpback whale leaping out of the water just a few feet away from some snorkelers who filmed the dramatic scene.

Rhino turns the tables on a suspected hunter by charging

Daily Mail - 3 hours 2 min ago
The incident happened in Etosha National Park after suspect Luteni Muharukua and other alleged poachers illegally entered the wildlife area in hopes of killing rhinos for their horns.

McCain Attacks POTUS: Calls Trump ‘Draft Dodger’

Info Wars - 3 hours 3 min ago
“Every American should serve”

Lazy delivery woman tosses an Amazon package onto porch 

Daily Mail - 3 hours 14 min ago
Yet another Amazon delivery person has been caught on camera carelessly tossing a package onto a customer's doorstep instead of walking a few extra feet.

PIERS MORGAN: Mr President pick up the phone and apologize

Daily Mail - 3 hours 14 min ago
STOP, Mr President. For God’s sake, STOP. My heart sank when I saw Donald Trump’s tweet in response to grieving war widow Myeshia Johnson’s emotional interview this morning.

Dissatisfied with your job? Maybe you should move closer

Daily Mail - 3 hours 17 min ago
Every extra minute of commuting time reduces job satisfaction, increases strain and worsens mental health, according to research led by the University of the West of England (stock image).

McCain Still Working To Save ObamaCare

Info Wars - 3 hours 19 min ago
The establishment won't let Trump kill Obamacare without a fight.

Blue light home treatment reduces psoriasis symptoms

Daily Mail - 3 hours 24 min ago
Researchers from University Hospital of Aachen in Germany discovered Philips BlueControl was shown to decrease skin thickness, redness and scaling.

Woman catches her boyfriend and best friend kissing

Daily Mail - 3 hours 31 min ago
Kelsey (right) asked her boyfriend Sam to hit on her friend Britney (both pictured left) as part of an experiment staged by a YouTube channel, which specializes in couples who suspect infidelity.

Stone: Why I Urged Trump to Release JFK Assassination Files

Info Wars - 3 hours 32 min ago
Documents reveal Deep State's role in assassination

NKorea Threat ‘Critical’: Japan Tells U.S.

Info Wars - 3 hours 32 min ago
Comes as Air Force sends B-52s on 24-hour alert.

Some e-cigarettes ARE a gateway to tobacco

Daily Mail - 3 hours 33 min ago
Experts from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, studied nicotine levels in e-cigarettes and if they cause a dependency on tobacco. Teens were more likely to use tobacco if the e-cig had nicotine.

Photo of Puerto Rico surgeons operating by cellphone light

Daily Mail - 3 hours 36 min ago
Former governor of Puerto Rico, Alejandro Garcia Padilla, tweeted a photo of a surgery being performed by cell phone light in Puerto Rico on Thursday, one month after Hurricane Maria.

Poor heart health is driving the racial health gap

Daily Mail - 3 hours 37 min ago
The average white American lives to 79 years old, compared to 75.5 years for the average black American. Scientists at Northwestern say a lack of care and prevention in blacks is partly to blame.


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