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Apollo 11 bag laced with moon dust sells for $1.8 million

Daily Mail - 31 min 51 sec ago
A bag containing traces of moon dust sold for $1.8 million at an auction on Thursday following a galactic court battle. The pre-sale estimate was $2 million to $4 million.

SUV plows through pedestrians on Upper East Side street

Daily Mail - 33 min 36 sec ago
The incident took place on the Upper East Side at East 64th Street on Madison Avenue shortly before 6pm.

Dog belonging to man killed in wreck found ten days later

Daily Mail - 35 min 13 sec ago
Nellie, a pit bull who belonged to 57-year-old William F. Schlesinger of Arlington, Virginia, had a broken rear leg and was covered in bug bites when she was found on Thursday.

Russia Soyuz rocket filmed by Dove satellite

Daily Mail - 35 min 47 sec ago
Stunning satellite footage shows the moment a Soyuz rocket carried Planet Labs’ fleet of Flock 2K satellites to orbit to join the ever-growing ‘Dove constellation’ monitoring Earth from miles above.

Chris Christie could appoint himself to fill Senate seat

Daily Mail - 39 min 14 sec ago
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie could appoint himself to the Senate on a temporary basis, depending on what happens in the federal corruption trial of Sen. Robert Menendez.

Galaxy Note 8 will launch on August 23rd

Daily Mail - 39 min 50 sec ago
Samsung has sent out invitations for a launch event for its Galaxy Note 8, on August 23 in New York City - just weeks before Apple is expected to launch the iPhone 8.

Two of six African teens who went missing from robotics competition are in Canada, D.C. police say (Washington Post)

Memeorandum - 41 min 25 sec ago

Washington Post:
Two of six African teens who went missing from robotics competition are in Canada, D.C. police say … Two of the six teenage members of the Burundi robotics team who went missing from Washington this week have crossed into Canada and are safe, D.C. police said on Thursday.

Seline Ayala arrested for carrying liquid meth worth $2m

Daily Mail - 42 min 46 sec ago
Seline Ayala, 23,  was driving in Austin, Texas, when a K-9 dog sniffed out 75 pounds of  liquid crystal methamphetamine in jugs labelled 'Purple Power'. Police officers had stopped her for speeding.

NYC sex offender admitted to touching woman's chest jailed

Daily Mail - 44 min 20 sec ago
Yoel Oberlander, 36, a registered sex offender who admitted that he improperly touched a sleeping woman aboard a flight from Israel to the U.S. has been sentenced to 13 months in prison.

Threat on Heller: BOLO for suspect released in ObamaCare note

Hot Air - 45 min 17 sec ago

Yesterday, Las Vegas police released this video from surveillance cameras at Senator Dean Heller’s office, where a note was left threatening to kill Heller if he voted to repeal ObamaCare. They’re asking for the public’s assistance in tracking down the suspect in the illegal entry, described as “a white male adult, between 50 to 60 years old, gray beard, heavy set, wearing a black baseball hat, short sleeve collared shirt and shorts.” The police now specify that they consider him a person of interest not just for the illegal entry, but specifically for the threat:

During the preliminary investigation by patrol officers, a threatening note addressed to Senator Heller was discovered near the door to his office. Officers took a report for Threatening or Obscene Letters or Writing (NRS 207.180). The LVMPD has an on-going investigation into this incident.

Interestingly, this is considered a misdemeanor under the statute specified here. If stupidity was a scalable crime, though, sticking a threat on a public official’s door where surveillance cameras would absolutely be installed would be a felony.

On Monday, media outlets in Las Vegas and elsewhere reported a break-in at Heller’s office, with few details. Only a couple of outlets provided original reporting of a threat left in the office from the burglar. Not long after, Jon Ralston got the inside information on the nature of the threat, and the reason this crime may be a bigger deal than the media interest indicates:

A note taped to Sen. Dean Heller’s Senate office was from someone asserting that he would lose his health care if the key senator voted for the repeal bill and that he would die if that happened and would take Heller with him, a law enforcement source said.

Metro Police has declined to disclose the contents of the note, which was taped to Heller’s office door at the Sunset Road office. But I have learned it apparently came from someone who wants Heller to vote against the current health care measure.

Despite some reports, Heller’s office was not burglarized, but the suspect appears to have gained access illegally to the complex.

Jon, whose reputation in Nevada politics and reporting is sterling, provided that update not long after the story broke. Interestingly, it didn’t seem to make a lot of impact on the national media. We picked it up, as did Townhall (our sister site), the Daily Caller, Business Insider, Newsmax, and The Hill. Otherwise, it’s flown under the radar. CNN’s Chris Cillizza reported on a barely veiled political threat to Heller from Donald Trump over his ObamaCare repeal position (which was certainly both newsworthy and amusing), but CNN still hasn’t reported on an actual threat to Heller.  Would such a threat against a senator who planned to vote to preserve ObamaCare have been similarly ignored? Or would it have gotten national coverage?

Tipsters can call the Las Vegas police at 702-385-5555, but only if they have pertinent information to relay. The police will neither be interested in nor impressed by callers with legal analysis of the case or Heller’s politics. Trust me on this.

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Norovirus confirmed in diner who ate at Chipotle

Daily Mail - 46 min ago
A person who reported eating at a Chipotle in Sterling, Virginia, has tested positive for norovirus after health officials identified 60 who fell ill eating at the location.

'Is this still off-camera?' Press mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders for bringing visual aids to audio-only briefing (David Edwards/Raw Story)

Memeorandum - 46 min 11 sec ago

David Edwards / Raw Story:
‘Is this still off-camera?’  Press mocks Sarah Huckabee Sanders for bringing visual aids to audio-only briefing  —  White House Deputy Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday befuddled members of the press corps when she shared visual aids at a briefing where video cameras had been banned by the Trump administration.

Lawyer blasts court ruling allowing abortion for 12-year-old who was raped (Mike Cason/

Memeorandum - 46 min 11 sec ago

Mike Cason /
Lawyer blasts court ruling allowing abortion for 12-year-old who was raped  —  Lawyer slams ruling allowing abortion for 12-year-old rape victim  —  A former state court official and a counselor for pregnant women today criticized an Alabama court ruling allowing a 12-year-old girl who was raped …

Hubble images of Mars photobombed by a death star

Daily Mail - 48 min 58 sec ago
When NASA astronomers analysed the latest Hubble images, they noticed a strange 'star' which turned out to be the 'death star' moon Phobos.

Obama drew up plan for Russian election day cyber attack

Daily Mail - 49 min 13 sec ago
President Obama's administration produced a 15-page plan in October to put in place in case of an election day cyber attack, courtesy of the Russians.

Billionaire GOP donor out of politics calls Trump 'abortion of a human' (Matt Dixon/Politico)

Memeorandum - 51 min 19 sec ago

Matt Dixon / Politico:
Billionaire GOP donor out of politics calls Trump ‘abortion of a human’  —  TALLAHASSEE — Billionaire health care mogul and GOP megadonor Mike Fernandez has one message to Republicans who don't stand up to President Donald Trump: Grow a pair.  —  “All the Republicans who hide behind the flag …

New Jersey fisherman tries to save 2nd man, but both drown

Daily Mail - 55 min 57 sec ago
Police said no foul play is suspected after two brother believed to be fishing drowned in Crystal Lake at South Vineland Park in New Jersey on Wednesday night.

Viral Beauty Trends: Tampon Nails and Cereal Hair Color

Daily Mail - 56 min 19 sec ago
Nipple nail art is so last week. FEMAIL rounds up the latest beauty trends taking social media by storm including 'tampon' manicures (pictured) and cereal-colored hair.

Apple's new Clips app has Disney and Pixar characters

Daily Mail - 56 min 30 sec ago
Apple's clips app, which lets users create and easily edit shareable videos, has released an update that allows users to add animated Disney and Pixar character overlays to their videos.


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