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Beverly Hills Hotel pool manager tells secrets of celebs

Daily Mail - 35 min 19 sec ago
As the pool manager at the $1095-a-night luxury hotel, Svend Peterson became a celebrity confidante and a familiar face in showbiz circles;

Melania Trump wears edgy military-inspired suit

Daily Mail - 36 min 8 sec ago
The First Lady joined President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday to meet with Argentine President Mauricio Macri and his wife Juliana Awada.

A Calmer Mexico Sees Trump Anew: as a 'Bluffer' at the Poker Table (New York Times)

Memeorandum - 36 min 25 sec ago

New York Times:
A Calmer Mexico Sees Trump Anew: as a ‘Bluffer’ at the Poker Table  —  MEXICO CITY — There was a time when Donald J. Trump — first as a candidate and then as president — could rile Mexico without really trying.  —  His threats to build a border wall and make Mexicans pay …

Moment British cancer sufferer kicked off BA flight

Daily Mail - 37 min 6 sec ago
This is the dramatic moment a British cancer and diabetes sufferer Kwame Bantu, 65, was thrown off a BA flight by police after trying to stretch his legs in business class.

Trump screams and yells at unfavorable TV coverage

Daily Mail - 37 min 38 sec ago
The president's obsession with his image has aides looking for ways to keep the free-wheeling president occupied beyond the regular work day.

Former Disney star Michael Mantenuto commits suicide

Daily Mail - 37 min 49 sec ago
The actor and avid hockey player was best known for the 2004 Disney movie Miracle with Kurt Russell. He played Jack O'Callahan. The coroner confirmed he shot himself.

Biden slams men who take part in sexist 'locker room' talk

Daily Mail - 39 min 50 sec ago
The former vice-president gave a talk at George Mason University as part of his It's On Us campaign to end sexual assault, during which 13 Reasons Why star Alisha Boe (inset) also spoke.

Alabama Spanish teacher and husband hosted 'boozy' party

Daily Mail - 39 min 53 sec ago
A Spanish teacher in Alabama, Kimberly Smith (left), is in hot water after authorities say she hosted a boozy post-prom bash for underage students at her home last month.

White House in North Korean crosshairs in video mock-up

Daily Mail - 40 min 1 sec ago
The propaganda film shows the White House in Pyongyang's crosshairs before an animation shows a missile descending on Washington DC.

Cummings Releases Three New Docs on Flynn Pentagon Explicitly ... (Committee on Oversight ...)

Memeorandum - 41 min 21 sec ago

Committee on Oversight and Government Reform:
Cummings Releases Three New Docs on Flynn Pentagon Explicitly Warned Flynn Not to Accept Foreign Government Payments; Newly Unclassified Letter Confirms Flynn Did Not Report Foreign Payments; Defense Department IG Launches Its Own Investigation Washington, D.C. (Apr. 27, 2017)—Today …

Mothers of kids with fetal alcohol syndrome speak out

Daily Mail - 41 min 48 sec ago
Many believe having a child with fetal alcohol syndrome means you were an alcoholic. Six mothers prove (three of them pictured) that is just the opposite as they struggle to raise their children.

Florida couple 'live-streamed sex abuse of kids on Skype'

Daily Mail - 42 min 53 sec ago
Palm Coast, Florida couple Paul Dykes Jr., 20, and Erin Vickers, 22, face a combined 78 charges related to the sexual abuse of young children.

Amtrak announces major work on Penn Station, delays feared

Daily Mail - 45 min 8 sec ago
The upgrade project announced Thursday comes after a rash of breakdowns and two derailments in the past five weeks, creating scenes of chaos at the major New York rail hub.

Scott Gottlieb clears Senate hurdle as Trump's FDA nominee

UPI - 45 min 20 sec ago
Scott Gottlieb, President Donald Trump's nominee to lead the Food and Drug Administration, cleared a key Senate hurdle and is on track for confirmation.

Pro golfer Grayson Murray sends creepy tweet to teenager

Daily Mail - 45 min 59 sec ago
Grayson Murray, who has recently pushed for golfers to be more open on social media, was responding to a young female fan on Twitter on Wednesday night when things took a creepy turn.

300-year-old statue of Jesus nods its head in Mexico

Daily Mail - 46 min 10 sec ago
This is the moment a crucified Christ statute (pictured) allegedly moves its head during a mass service in the western Mexican state of Jalisco. The video has gone viral.

United dragging report: 'Our review shows that many things went wrong that day' (Lori Aratani/Washington Post)

Memeorandum - 46 min 19 sec ago

Lori Aratani / Washington Post:
United dragging report: ‘Our review shows that many things went wrong that day’  —  In a new report, United Airlines admits several mistakes were made before, during and after a man was violently dragged off a flight earlier this month, including calling in law enforcement to resolve an incident …

Postcard from Diana Prince on Themyscira (Tracie Dawson/ESPN)

Memeorandum - 46 min 19 sec ago

Tracie Dawson / ESPN:
Postcard from Diana Prince on Themyscira  —  Picture a riot of blue cliffs, a coastal strip enemies brand as myth and mirage, for  —  what place, once seen, has ever been but a small blip on man's lusty conquistador  —  radar?  Right.  Just think of any gimcrack bar in Nevada headlining GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS

One State Is Inching Closer To Putting Lethal Weapons On Police Drones

Newsy - 49 min 25 sec ago

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Police in Connecticut might soon be able to use drones equipped with lethal weapons.

The state's House of Representatives is moving on a bill that would make using weaponized drones a crime — that is, unless you're a cop.

Law enforcement officers could legally equip drones with things like tear gas, as well as more lethal stuff, like explosives and other weapons.

Not all officers could pilot them, and those who do would have extensive training before they could take the controls. In most cases, officers would also need a warrant before using a drone.

Critics argue Connecticut could set a dangerous precedent if the bill becomes law. Civil liberties groups argue weaponized drones can be misused and lead to increased instances of excessive force.

SEE MORE: The Same Drone You Own Could Be Used As A Weapon In Conflict Zones

But supporters of arming the aerial objects say this is the future of policing. They argue it's better to put rules in place now before drone technology expands.

In 2015, North Dakota made it legal to put non-lethal weapons on police drones. But, if the Connecticut bill passes, it would be the first state to allow deadly weapons on the flying devices.


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