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House Slave Democrats

House Slave

WARNING!!! If the title of this article already offends you or makes you think I'm a racist then you should probably not read any further. You most likely have been conditioned by your indoctrination called "education" to be unable to handle real and factual content. Maybe try CNN or Buzzfeed. Thanks.


During the time of African slavery in America, there was often a difference between the slave that worked in the master's house and those that worked in the fields; thus their distinction as "house slaves" and "field slaves". The field slave eventually came to resent the house slave because the house slave typically was treated better by the master. The master would often dress the house slave in better clothes and keep the house slave's hygiene at a better level, after all if they're going to be in the house with the master and his family and guests the house slave can't be stinking up the place. The house slave sometimes even had sleeping quarters inside the house instead of with the field slaves. The master would even speak more kindly to the house slave. (Don't believe me? Look it up) READ House Slave Democrats about House Slave Democrats

Excel Help: Formulas and VBA

What if there was an Excel Tool that did most of the things you try to do each day? Comparing two columns to figure out which is different. Or close all your open workbooks, saving some and not others? How about increasing a range of cells by a certain percentage markup? Using my 20+ years with Excel proficiency I have developed a free Excel tool that I share with users. It's free because I want to help people who like me search for solutions from people rather than companies. You can get my XLSuperTool at this link. But what if you need more detailed help with your Excel spreadsheet or workbook project? I have helped people from all sorts of industries; Logistics, freight forwarding, banking and finance, personal fitness, warehousing, and sales. See experience. Since 2007, I have had a presence on MrExcel which is a very helpful forum for quick Excel-based questions. READ Excel Help: Formulas and VBA about Excel Help: Formulas and VBA

All the Great Walls

Border Wall

With all the talk of building a wall between the United States of America and Mexico maybe it is proper to take a look at all the Great Walls of history; because despite all the critics who say walls are divisive or counter productive, walls in history were built to preserve and protect a culture from destruction. Most cities had walls until the invention of gun powder and other explosives made it pointless since walls could easily be breached. Perhaps this is what will happen to the U.S.-Mexico wall which will in turn require laws as what will happen to someone who attempts to destroy parts of the wall. Since, presumably the entire wall will be built within the U.S. so that both sides of the wall will be within the U.S., a person attacking the wall would be doing so by attacking U.S. territory. Could they be tried as terrorists?

READ All the Great Walls about All the Great Walls

Who Are You? Genetics Made Easy

DNA Genetics

Beyond mere genealogical records we now live in a time when the human genome has been mapped. Much of that effort has now become available and useful to us average folks in the form of genetic research services.
As an adoptee with no familial information, I don't only not know my immediate ancestry but unlike many people I can't even say things like "I'm 50% Irish". Oh woe is me that I cannot join the ranks of hyphenated Americans :-) Seriously though, I purchased a DNA kit from for just $99, did the spitting in the tube thing and mailed in my sample. Now I wait 6-8 weeks to finally know if as I suspect I am a very short Viking jarl! Or what if I find out I'm mainly Latino or of African decent? Will I then need to conform to the political-social norms of hating all white people? Joking, joking....keep reading. READ Who Are You? Genetics Made Easy about Who Are You? Genetics Made Easy

What to Expect in 2017

2017 Expectations

Some people are nervous after the contentious 2016 presidential election. They are worried and fearful for 2017. Who wouldn't be considering how the media and some politicians have crafted a narrative of Donald Trump as a racist, misogynist, xenophobic, homophobic mad man hell bent on destruction? But what is the truth? The truth is, Trump like most of his pro-American supporters is pragmatic. Unlike both the Democratic and Republican parties his concerns aren't the promotion of long held party ideologies but rather a basic concern of making America great again for everyone.

This isn't supposed to be a ra-ra cheer article for Trump but rather a reassurance to those who may have bought into all the fake news out there that implies we are on the brink of apocalypse. Your daily life will go on. You will love your family and friends. You will spend time laughing and having good times. The world will continue as it has before; with the occasional tragedy or the possibility of violence from violent people. The difference is, we will have someone who didn't run for president to make money or build a "legacy" (since Trump already had those things and in fact has probably diminished those aspects of his life by running for president). And during all the border wall building and international negotiations and tough talk against over priced elements of our government, perhaps your life will improve. You may find more employment opportunities. You may see crime decrease. You may see human relations improve because less effort will be spent on dividing people by race or class. READ What to Expect in 2017 about What to Expect in 2017

Is USA a Democracy or a Republic?

America is a Republic

The question of whether the United States of America is a democracy or a republic is not a semantical or irrelevant question. For at least the last 20 years I have heard many politicians from all parties claiming America is a "democracy". They often advocate for "preserving or protecting our democracy". The differences between these two types of governments is stark. Any American politician calling the USA any sort of democracy should be immediately disqualified from public office. Further, the Founders themselves spoke plainly about differences between a democracy and a republic and why they chose one over the other.
REPUBLIC READ Is USA a Democracy or a Republic? about Is USA a Democracy or a Republic?

Unity vs Equality

Come Together

The American Constitution is an unique document because it was forged not by a bunch of old dead whites guys imposing their views on a new nation, but rather it is the culmination of all of humanity's best ideas. The framers of the Constitution of the United States drew upon the history of the world and what had been a reoccurring issue with previous governments; the problem of tyranny. Tyranny can and did come in the form of monarchies, dictatorships and mobs. The challenge before the Founders of the USA was how to fashion a Constitution that would be effective at keeping tyranny in check. One thing that they realized is that the rights of the individual must be paramount to everything. The individual must be more important than the State and the mob. This is the reason America is a Republic and NOT a Democracy...even though politicians such as Hillary Clinton in her "concession" speech keep calling America a "Constitutional Democracy". The Framers built the right and protection of the individual into everything; our Bill of Rights, our judicial system, even our Electoral College concept when electing our president -- otherwise the mob would always win.. READ Unity vs Equality about Unity vs Equality

The REAL Civil Rights Act

Civil Rights

Republican politicians must not know history very well, otherwise they would point out that the first and real civil rights act didn't happen in 1964 but rather in 1866. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 secured the rights for former African slaves and was fully titled: An Act to protect all Persons in the United States in their Civil Rights, and furnish the Means of their vindication. The act read in part:

All persons within the jurisdiction of the United States shall have the same right in every State and Territory to make and enforce contracts, to sue, be parties, give evidence, and to the full and equal benefit of all laws and proceedings for the security of persons and property as is enjoyed by white citizens, and shall be subject to like punishment, pains, penalties, taxes, licenses, and exactions of every kind, and to no other.

At first black Americans understood the significance of this act; so much so that the first 21 black congressmen were ALL Republicans. READ The REAL Civil Rights Act about The REAL Civil Rights Act

The Last Day: The Sequel?

Last Day

What if Mel Gibson made a sequel to his movie "The Passion of Christ"? What if there was a movie that told us the rest of the story AFTER Jesus came out of the grave and AFTER He ascended to Heaven in the clouds. What happened between the time He left and the last disciple was martyred? Have you ever heard that story? As Christians, we've all heard of Paul's traveling around setting up various churches. We might have even read of the apostles' deaths in books like Foxes' Book of Martyrs. But Jesus ascended about 30-33AD. What happened to the Temple where He taught and spent so much time with His followers?

In 2002, I wrote movie script about the time between the years 68-70AD; the years leading up to the destruction of the Herodian Temple where Jesus and the disciples gathered. The account is told through the eyes of Ittai, the son of a temple priest. So, if you've never read movie script, get some popcorn, turn down the lights and all the other distractions and try to envision the story as it unfolds. Watch in horror as a desperate mother eats her own child to survive (true account) to how Titus, the Roman general begs the Jews to surrender so he won't have to destroy their beautiful temple.

READ The Last Day: The Sequel? about The Last Day: The Sequel?

ONE: Exploration of Individualism

Finally published my first microbook via Amazon on Kindle. Please consider reviewing it for me.

Explore the history and development of individualism and why it is such an oddity among cultures. Learn how individualism has impacted everything from religion to government. Understand why individualism often manifests as rebellion or even psychosis.
A perfect introduction for a person from a collective or socialistic country.
Building the case why individualism is the ultimate evolution of human societies, this book will take the reader from tribal construct to the State and finally to the singular persona.
Every page is packed with thought provoking insights into the mental, emotional, and cultural processes required to develop into a truly individualistic expression. READ ONE: Exploration of Individualism about ONE: Exploration of Individualism

Morals Without Religion

Moral Compass

Morals; the things we consider good or bad and right or wrong are typically determined by a person's religion or at least by their culture which is usually impacted by religious heritage. Even in virtual atheistic countries, where morals might more aptly be called social ethics the determination is based on long held traditions that are at least partly based in the country's religious past. For example, the ethics and virtues of China draw greatly from Confucianism, Daoism and other pre-Communist religions. While no one would specifically cite that they are following the moral teachings of Confucius, the path leads directly back to these religious roots. But what if a person purposely set out to live a life not determined by the moral underpinnings of the society's main religious traditions? What if for example a person in America decided to figure out what is moral without referencing America's Christian traditions? Would such a person become an immoral bane on civilization? In fact. many people in America do not consciously consider Christianity in determining their morals even though most of human cultures around the world tend to hold to at least 6 of the 10 Commandments: READ Morals Without Religion about Morals Without Religion

Change Versus Improvement


For the last 25 years I have been involved one way or another in process improvement. This means I have been tasked to look at an existing way something is done and figure out how to do it "better". But what does it mean to make something better? By what standard or measure is it better than before? In this regard, I get a bit annoyed when I hear people, especially politicians talking about "change and how it's needed or desirable. Who says? We rarely ask if the change is making things better and what better means. So, drawing on my years of process improvement experience I have come to a realization how we should answer this question. First, change is not necessarily improvement. An exploded bomb certainly can change a landscape but does it improve it?

Another realization I came to a few years ago was that the concepts of "good" and "bad" are too subjective. Instead, something is either positive or negative; binary. This fits perfectly with the fact I have been programming in various programming languages for 30 years. But further, how do we determine if something is positive or negative? I have reasoned that whatever is most positive for the most people for the most time is positive and what is most negative for the most people for the most time is negative. READ Change Versus Improvement about Change Versus Improvement

Eternal Conscious Life; What will we remember in Heaven?

Spark of memory

So many articles are written about hell and whether a person will be conscious or aware of any potential torment. This is often defined as eternal conscious torment or ECT. Other people make the case for annihilationism; where the soul or spirit (depending who you ask) is destroyed in an instant and the person will have no memory or awareness of what occurred. But what happens to a "saved" person after death? Will they remember their earthly life when in Heaven? If they can remember their earthly life, doesn't that mean they will remember sinning and how to sin? How could this be if there isn't supposed to be sin in Heaven? (Rev 21:27)

Does the Bible speak to what happens in Heaven to our earthly awareness? READ Eternal Conscious Life; What will we remember in Heaven? about Eternal Conscious Life; What will we remember in Heaven?

Why A Conservative Constitutionalist Can't Get Elected


People like Mark Levin, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz have been urging for a "conservative" and a "constitutionalist" candidate to become president. What they mean by these terms is that they want someone who conserves, or preserves the traditional American principles and upholds the U.S. Constitution. Many, many Americans agree with these goals but there is a major problem; there aren't enough people in America that understand what traditional American principles are. There aren't enough people in America that understand that the Constitution isn't merely a bunch of outdated rules written by dead white guys that need fundamentally transformed. Perhaps, Levin and his colleagues would say this is more the reason we need to elect a conservative, constitutional president; so that he or she can begin to teach Americans what it means to be American. But that's not how it works. These things happen in phases. READ Why A Conservative Constitutionalist Can't Get Elected about Why A Conservative Constitutionalist Can't Get Elected

Excel as a Database

Excel as database

So you want to use Excel to act like a database, after all a database is mainly a list of lists right? Well, most databases such as SQL databases are very complex and almost convoluted in how they relate to data via primary keys and such. Did I lose you? Okay, then back to Excel, something you and I both can understand right? I've been using Excel for over 20 years and have now designed an easy to use process to make Excel behave like a simple database. Granted, this wasn't really feasible in the past as not until Excel version 2007 could you store more than 65,536 rows of data on each tab. Now you can store 1,048,576 rows. Now we're talking!!! READ Excel as a Database about Excel as a Database

Are You Next? Police Shootings

All lives matter

The idea that police officers all across America are targeting black people (African-Americans if you prefer) is a false narrative. Although Barack Obama said on July 7, 2016 that "The data shows black folks are more vulnerable to these kinds of incidents" He went on to cite figures of how black Americans are more likely to be arrested for this or that crime. What he didn't point out is that for whatever reason, black Americans commit a higher ratio of crimes. For instance, the recent instance of black man Alton Sterling apparently being shot point blank while two officers were trying to detain him. The narrative that is put forth by the media is that Sterling was an innocent man, minding his own business as he was targeted by police simply because he was black. But the reality is that just like in the cases of Michael Brown and others, these men are not innocent. Sterling was a registered sex offender. "He was previously arrested for aggravated battery, criminal damage to property, unauthorized entry and domestic abuse battery, records show. In 2009, he was sentenced to five years in prison for marijuana possession and for carrying an illegal weapon with a controlled dangerous substance." -- source While this isn't justification for his killing, it demonstrates that "innocent" black men AREN'T being gunned down by police. Many of these case are inevitable either by police or other criminals. The lives of these people are on a path of destruction despite the color of their skin.

So, when someone acts like they could easily be "next" to be shot by police; we must ask them why? Are you a criminal with a long criminal past? Did you just recently rob a store like Mike Brown? Will you fight back and resist arrest if the police are called out because of reports that you (a career criminal) have a gun? Yeah, you WILL BE NEXT if you do these kind of things. READ Are You Next? Police Shootings about Are You Next? Police Shootings

American Stereotype


Whether it is accurate or not, most countries have stereotypes of its culture. Mexico may be of sombreros and tacos. France may be of berets and wine. Russia may be of ushankas and vodka. Most of these stereotypes were solidified before the 20th century. So, what is the American stereotype? It cannot be merely of the cowboy hat and beer since that Western culture was only one later societal tradition. In Eastern America, men would often be known to wear top hats or powdered wigs and drink cider, beer, and whiskey. At some point, Americans were associated with "mom and apple pie" as a symbol of wholesomeness. In more recent times, perhaps Americans are stereotyped as fat, lazy, hamburger and pizza eating gun fanatics.

Maybe this is part of the problem Americans face. We have no real cultural identity. What does it mean to dress like an American? While Europe is made up of many distinct little countries, America is a large melting pot or salad bowl of cultures until there is no distinct stereotypical fashion, food, or drink associated with Americans. People from other cultures therefore often look down on Americans for not understanding their own identity-culture; such as how Hispanics may feel a camaraderie that non-Hispanics don't have. But is this really a flaw in Americanism? Culture identities based on race or region are often archaic and limiting, if not actually insulting. Why should someone of Spanish or Portuguese descent automatically be saddled with all the concerns and actions of every other person of the same descent? Further, it is ironic when many of the people advocating Hispanic this or that are actually descendants of aboriginal cultures that were victimized and raped by the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors. So, in effect, these "Hispanics" are lauding and championing the very Spanish and Portuguese cultures that destroyed and enslaved their ancestors. READ American Stereotype about American Stereotype

Why I Call Some People Leftist And Why It Matters

Left wing or Right wing

Labels and classifications are used in life as shorthand. Are they 100% accurate? Not always but they do capture the basic concept. For example, sometimes a group of people are classified as "people with disabilities". What is a disability? How limiting must it be to be classified as a disability? What if the person doesn't think they are disabled? Further, the word Christian. Who does that encompass? The Roman Catholic Church once considered all non-Roman Catholics to be non-Christians. READ Why I Call Some People Leftist And Why It Matters about Why I Call Some People Leftist And Why It Matters

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